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[RCT3] Universal Arizona resort!


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Man i Hate tripple posting but this is about what's coming for universal citywalk and i'm here to tell you what's coming for phase I of Universal citywalk arizona



- Pizza hut-k.f.c. express - Hot topic

- Bubba gump restraunt - Gamestop AMC-Imax

- Bubba gump

- Guess


And i can guess opening day for Citywalk is in 2 year's and a unknown project from universal creative


That's all for Universal citywalk news and soon there will be some photo's on Jp and Phase II at universal arizona themepark


as for now Toodo-loo



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I did an IP lookup on Universalgeek, and there are no other users that have been banned that use his (?) specific IP.


Anyone have any more info on this? I'm not one for blatant accusations.

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I did have to ban somebody in the past over this- as there was clearly stealing of works- but I don't recall who it was myself. (It was well over six months ago, though.)


Apparantly, he has stolen other peoples' works from there, but whether or not he's the same guy I don't know. I'd ask SoCal for more info on this- as an accusation without too much behind a link is not a good start, I think.

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He lambasted the chat about it as well. He's lucky that I'm in a not-caring mood, or I would have spun his claim right around and banned him for his accusations in the public forum and chat.


I let him know that we're looking into it via PM. Personally, I'll be happy to believe him if he backs his claim with legitimate proof.


Also, I reeeeeeeeeeeally want that Universal Arizona thread gone...


If you wrote down the reason in the notes column and know approximately when you issued the ban, I'm sure we can find it through process of elimination.

Edited by A.J.
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Found him -




Unfortunately, it doesn't look like rct3geek11 and Universalgeek share the same IP, so we can't prove that they are the same user. Or, it could be my inexperience with the moderation system. Someone take a look and tell me if I'm right or wrong.

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Yuuup. It's him.


When I find there are similarities in one's name to another (I.E. Rct3Geek/UniversalGeek)- look at their IPs- they may be different- however, both were in Lake Havasu, AZ- and not far from each other. The same thing occured the first time around- he changed IPs, so he came back.


Problem solved- and I'll be shipping up the mess to the modforum now...



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