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I guess my advice would be to finish out school and then find a way to move back there and start at the bottom and keep working at it. You may or may not know this but many people on this site (including some of our moderators) have done the same thing. We've got duty managers at the WDW parks, Universal supervisors, trainers, etc. Even people like three of the guys who were on our Australia trip who started as front line positions at Universal worked their way up, and eventually moved to Singapore to help build that park, open that park, and now they run it.


And they started out as nothing more than ride ops.


I would venture to say that most people who wind up in the amusement industry (or the entertainment business in general) probably didn't go to school for the role they fell into. Not to say I'm suggesting that your schooling may wind up invalid, but just be prepared for the industry to take you in some unexpected directions, if you do intend to keep with it.


You may find yourself going to school for engineering, as an example, and then wind up at a park writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for ride safety. Not a bad gig, and you work with a lot of ride manufacturers and park designers, but different that what you may expect. Hell, maybe you are going to school for graphic design and you could end up doing a parks web presence and that could always include doing logos and designs for rides! You never know....


--Robb "I certainly didn't expect to end up running a fan site, shooting video, or doing travel planning!" Alvey

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^ Dude, that kid wrote me a very alarming PM the other day...


B.A.B wrote:I so sorry for bugging you right now. But next weekend I am going to Kings Island and am going to take an trip report and just wanted to see like do I ask the ride operators "May I bring my camera on the ride" or "I am from TPR and I am taking an Trip Report,can I bring my camera on the ride please".


To which I responded:


If you do that, they will tell you no, and you will be banned from TPR. You *HAVE* to follow the park rules!!!!!


He wrote back:


I was just asking to see if I was,some people on chat told me I was allowed to so I came to ask you. I haven't took any pictures any rides in my life trust me,I obey park rules. Just wanted to ask an question just to make sure.


WTF?!?! Who would have told someone that???

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Here's my current list of Matt's Headache Posters:





Coupon (whiny bitch)


the legendarymatthew (history of being a PITA)


There's one or two more I can't think of off the top of my head.


I too was diagnosed with ADD at age 18. Supposedly you outgrow it (I think I have). I could go on for hours about the diagnosis of it, and if it's really real. At least in my case.

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ADD's not too bad... so long as I keep it in control- If not, it's nasty; Robb, you think I'm annoying now? It gets pretty awful- as in: I can't think straight. (Yeah, go ahead. You all are THINKING the joke.)


It's these 14 year old kids who think they know MORE than me that really piss me off. Please. i was playing RCT II before your parents had too much to drink and made that horrible mistake of not stopping at CVS that night.

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To all our recently-turned-teenager players -

I started playing RCT long before the deed was done, kiddies.


It's not that I don't put enough detail into my foliage. It's just that I have better things to do than spend every moment of my days off playing that game.


Better things - like looking at porn on an iPad while riding Space Mountain.

If you go on TPR chat a lot, you'll remember I referred to that during a "what's better than normal sex" conversation a month or so ago.

Edited by A.J.
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A.J. did a great job with the other banners, I think.


'me' edit: Robb/Matt- I know the policy on multiple accounts- but I think I'd like to add Crazy Park Manager as a 'member' of TPR for the purpose of promoting TPR Challenges, etc.

Edited by QueerRudie
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