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  1. Thinking about heading to the park next weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. Anyone have any insight as to what crowds to expect? I’m thinking Sunday will be lighter, but what’s the average wait on Saturday? I may do the Preview night (2.5 hours), and then come back all day Sunday.
  2. Hi all, I was just curious if anyone knew how many of these Nanocoasters were available. I plan on collecting as many as I possibly can and just saw that they were sending out Hersheypark coasters. Does anyone have a list of all of the Nanocoasters that have been made? Please comment below if you have one/have seen one that is not in the list I will create below! Thank you! Nanocoasters Fahrenheit-HersheyPark Skyrush-HersheyPark Wildcat-Hersheypark Lightning Run-Kentucky Kingdom Storm Chaser-Kentucky Kingdom Kentucky Flyer-Kentucky Kingdom Yukon Striker-Canada’s Wonderland The Legend-Holiday World The Raven-Holiday World Copperhead Strike-Carowinds Thunder Road-Carowinds Steel Curtain-Kennywood Wonder Woman-Six Flags Fiesta Texas Goliath-Six Flags Magic Mountain X2-Six Flags Magic Mountain Tatsu-Six Flags Magic Mountain The Beast-Kings Island Intimidator 305-Kings Dominion Iron Rattler-Six Flags Fiesta Texas Twisted Cyclone-Six Flags Over Georgia Twisted Timbers-Kings Dominion Thunderbird-Holiday World The Voyage-Holiday World Kraken-Seaworld Orlando Sheikra-Busch Gardens Tampa Apollo’s Chariot-Busch Gardens Williamsburg Steel Vengeance-Cedar Point Fury 325-Carowinds Blue Streak-Cedar Point Rougarou-Cedar Point Millennium Force-Cedar Point Banshee-Kings Island Mystic Timbers-Kings Island Top Thrill Dragster-Cedar Point Kingda Ka-Six Flags Great Adventure Cyclone-Coney Island Diamondback-Kings Island Valravn-Cedar Point Maverick-Cedar Point Raptor-Cedar Point Steel Force-Dorney Park Mamba-Worlds of Fun Magnum XL 200-Cedar Point
  3. I'm heading to Cedar Point for the first time this summer. I am 6'7", but am very skinny, what rides should I expect to have trouble on. I've been to KD and didn't have trouble with any of their rides. Just wondering if CP was different in their strictness?
  4. I'll be sure to add these to my list in the Google Street View thread! Awesome find!
  5. Do you need platinum for Joker? I heard that swirling around but I'm unable to confirm it anywhere. Yes, the Joker is only available for reservation on the platinum level of the Flash Pass.
  6. I'm 6'4 and I've never once been checked. They have a height stick over by the ride fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo but they don't really pay any attention. As someone who is 6'6", I went into my first trip to Six Flags New England with high hopes that my height wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, I was unable to ride Superman, Goliath, Mind Eraser (thank god), and Gotham City Gauntlet(?). Not sure why I wasn't able to go on Gauntlet, but I always will abide by the rules and would hate to cause a scene at the ride and slow down operations. Nevertheless, Wicked Cyclone was a really really well-put-together ride, with, in my opinion, a perfect blend of elements(great job RMC!) All in all, still a good day trip even though I was not able to ride Superman.
  7. No worries Larry, I think what he meant by there being 2 Coke Freestyles, is that there are two machines in the same building. Only one location next to the main fountain.
  8. Going to Dorney this weekend for the first time in awhile! A couple of questions: 1) Is Possessed going to be open (I remember liking this ride a lot when it first opened) 2) What are the crowds going to be like?
  9. I really like the idea of this thread! I don't have the time right now to make up my list, as that would include a lot of internal conflict. Nevertheless, I would be extremely surprised if El Toro wasn't on someone's list
  10. Oh god, not this roller coaster again. I'm a pretty tall guy and this ride destroyed my knees when it was on the Jersey Shore!
  11. Thanks for pulling this thread out of the grave, I totally forgot about it! Also I have added all of the new parks that people have posted. Thanks.
  12. Intimidator 305's trim brake after the snappy turn. The ride would give so much more airtime, had the trim not be there.
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