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  1. Disneyland - Not yet Walt Disney World - 1996 Tokyo Disneyland Resort - Not yet ️ Disneyland Paris - Not yet Hong Kong Disneyland - Not yet ️ Shanghai Disneyland - Not yet
  2. Never. When was the last time you attended an American football game?
  3. I think they should have overhauled DisneyQuest instead, but I'm not sure how much of that opinion is owed to ① not being an NBA fan ② being underwhelmed by NBA City at Universal.
  4. Never. o_o When was the last time you rode a coaster that is currently (2019-03-25) demolished or SBNO?
  5. It's pretty great, but not my favorite vaporwave album; that's “One Hundred Mornings” by Windows彡96.
  6. SimCity (2013). What is the worst meal you've ever eaten?
  7. The upgrades coming to Epcot make me go . I just wish Japan were getting a ride, too.
  8. The Living Daylights. Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?
  9. I'm in the same boat, doubly so the whole resort, triply so after also watching TheTimTracker's video TR.
  10. How well, if at all, do you think riders of size would be able to fit?
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