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  1. In 1926, an entrepreneur named Raymond Elmore opened up a small park in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania named Luna Park, intended to compete against other parks in Pennsylvania. The park was pretty compact, with a few attractions, including a circus, giant slide, swimming pool, ferris wheel, bumper cars, and carousel. However, the star attraction of the park was easily Luna Coaster, a PTC wooden coaster. Although not as exciting as some of the company's other endeavors (such as Thunderhawk at Dorney Park), the coaster was generally considered to be a nice ride for families. 2 years after the park opened, in 1928, a cotton candy stand opened next to Luna Coaster. This may not seem like big news, but it was the only addition to be added to the park after opening day. In 1929, the economy infamously crashed, leading to what we now know as the Great Depression. Luna Park was already struggling with attendance due to other parks in Pennsylvania like Kennywood, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and most recently, Knoebels. As a result, the park closed two of it's attractions: the horse petting zoo and the swimming pool. More bad news would come soon, as in 1930, Raymond Elmore was diagnosed with cancer, and left the park's staff. Following that, the circus was closed down in 1931, leaving only five attractions left in operation. Even Lock Haven's own residents started to resent the park at this point, preferring to take the hour-long drive to Knoebels, which they viewed as superior. Sadly, on May 18th, 1933, Raymond Elmore lost his battle with cancer, and he died in the hospital. Only four days later, Luna Park's staff made the hard decision to close the park. The park was closed in the middle of the day, causing a large line to be formed near the exit, filled with disgruntled patrons who had gone to the park out of dedication or saving money. A few months after the park closed, two teenaged arsonists burned down part of Luna Coaster's layout, damaging the airtime hills. One of them was caught and sent to juvenile detention; however, the other was never caught. The future seemed bleak for the small park, with vines overtaking the rides and vandals sneaking into the park to vandalize attractions or take them apart. However, in 1970, Dallas Elmore, the grandson of Raymond Elmore, formulated a plan. A plan which would make Luna Park more relevant than it ever had been. This is the story of Luna Gardens, from it's opening in the '70s to the present day. A/N: Yes, Snyder Lake is cancelled. I might reveal my plans for the park in a future post, but for now, I hope you enjoy the prologue to Luna Gardens.
  2. R.I.P. Venomous: 1987 - 2009 Also, RMC RUMBLER FOR THE 2010s!
  3. To make it worse, someone breaks into your car and drives off with it! My laptop keeps shutting down at random. (And yes, this is actually happening, and it is a pain in the butt.)
  4. 1983 Once again, the fine folks at Snyder Lake struck gold with the new Wild West area! While it wasn't a smash hit, it still proved to be successful. In 1983, they added a new flat ride to the Midway, Triple Trouble, an Eli Bridge Scrambler. Named for the fact that it has 3 arms with 3 seats, Triple Trouble would spin you around and around. As a result of the addition, the Midway now had 5 rides: Space Spin, Dodgems, Wave Swinger, Triple Trouble, and of course, Ghost House! However, many people noticed that the park was beginning to clear land behind Patriot Wheel. A column of trees located in front of the ride had been shortened, leading many people to speculate on what the land will be used for. Many people predicted a roller coaster, since the plot of land would be too big for a flat ride. The plot of land could even be seen from Gold Rush Mine Train. If this turned out to be a coaster, then Gold Rush Mine Train would no longer be alone. People were anxious to find out about what would go into that plot of land. Luckily, they would get their answer next year.
  5. Pretty cool! I think that by the end of this story, it'll be owned by Parques Reunidos.
  6. 1982 1981 was yet another successful season for Snyder Lake, with Wave Swinger thrilling many guests! However, guests began to have complaints about the park. They began to complain that there weren't much rides for kids not ready to ride the thrill rides, and that most of the rides were in the Midway. So, to remedy this, in 1982, a new Western-themed area adjacent to Gold Rush Mine Train was opened, including some food and drink stalls and... West Wheel, a miniature version of the Patriot Wheel! As seen here, the West Wheel gave off views of it's older brother, Patriot Wheel, and the Gold Rush Mine Train. You could also see the West Wheel from the GRMT's helix. However, the Midway still remained popular, with Dodgems, Space Spin, Wave Swinger, and Ghost House still attracting guests! Finally, here's a shot of the two Ferris Wheels: Patriot Wheel and West Wheel!
  7. This one I had when I was 11 where this woman I didn't know kept threatening to kill me. What is the worst video game you've ever played?
  8. So, here's how this game works: Player A will ask what the worst (blank) is. For example, "What is the worst video game you've ever played?". Then, Player B will give their answer and then ask another question. For example: "Sonic 06. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?". The cycle will then repeat for the rest of the game. Anyways, let's get started! What is the worst roller coaster you've ever been on?
  9. Hydrus was a walk on! However, Pirate's Cavern...
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