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  1. Lapbar only on Tantrum, unless something explainable or really strange happened to it in the year of shut down it was perfectly smooth in 2019, a very nice small Euro Fighter. The two really rough coasters at the park are Predator (if you're in the front it really isn't all that bad but anywhere else is unpleasant) and Mind Eraser, but that's to be expected. Yeah, DL was my "home park" for a lot of my life. I am 33 now, but my family started camping there when in 97 when I was 10 and Mind Eraser was brand new. That three year stretch of Mind Eraser, Nightmare, Boomerang, and Superman is
  2. Any word on how nearby Seabreeze is doing through the pandemic? Will that park open at all this year?
  3. Does that include the Amusement Park? If not, have that not announced the opening date of the park yet?
  4. Does anyone have any videos or photos of Nightmare at Phantom Cave on the inside while it was at Darien Lake? A POV video would be great!
  5. The Company Man uploaded this video on Six Flags recently. I feel as though its a bit out of date though despite being uploaded yesterday.
  6. I don't know if memes are allowed here, but I found this on the obscure side of YouTube recently. Thought some of you folks may like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPu44i1ZmDY
  7. Just found this on YouTube. It is about a month old, but this is at least a bit of a visual update. Also, be prepared for cringey editing.
  8. So, is the new slide never being set up then, or are they storing it for next year? Also, is it safe to assume there won't be a new attraction next year either?
  9. Don't they have to get a new train to pass inspections at this point for Mind Eraser?
  10. BTW, for anyone wanting to do something outside while the Amusement Parks are shut down (if they remain shut down for a while longer), this SubReddit might help. Hiking is fun, right lads? https://www.reddit.com/r/WesternNYHiking/
  11. When is SFDL actually going to open this season? I would have to assume the Coronavirus outbreak will delay its opening day, right?
  12. For some off season entertainment, I may as well ask about this. If this has already been asked, my apologies, but my life is busy enough that I sometimes forget about those sort of things. Anyways, so how likely is Six Flags to add a roller coaster to Six Flags Darien Lake within the next couple of years? Is it nearly impossible, or at least a little bit plausible? Also, is RMC Predator never happening?
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