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  1. I couldn't find another thread on here about this for some reason, so here we go. I was wondering if there are any good roller coaster tour groups for adults in the USA. I was only able to find a tour group for teens and a tour group in Europe. Neither apply to me or what I'm looking for. So, if anyone has any good ideas on where to find a good tour group for roller coasters in the USA for adults, that would be amazing! Anyone got ideas?
  2. So, I just visited this park for my first time around a month ago right before hurricane Ian hit. To my surprise, Manta ended up being my favorite coaster there and not Mako (still a good ride though) like I was expecting. Does anyone else feel the same way about Manta? That thing is legit amazing!
  3. I just realized I forgot to give an update after asking for advice on visiting the park about a month ago. So, I went right before hurricane Ian hit Florida and, to be honest, I still feel torn on whether or not I like this park or Hersheypark more. Regardless, Iron Gwazi is my new favorite coaster and I actually fit into it surprisingly well. On another note, Montu is easily the second best coaster in the park. That thing is amazing! Overall, it was a good visit and a good park!
  4. So, now with Six Flags going down the path that it is lately, is SFDL just going to stagnate now in regards to additions? Like, how bad is it going to be for the next decade or so? Also, is it now confirmed the Warner Bros. IPs are never coming to the park?
  5. Any news on the progress with the shuttle loop? Like, how confident are we that it will open next year? Also, are they adding a more larger scale drop tower than the kiddie one they already got?
  6. So, I'm going to Busch Gardens Tampa for the first time soon and had some questions I wanted to ask before I go. 1. If I fit on everything at Six Flags Darien Lake and Hersheypark, should I have any problem fitting on anything at Busch Gardens Tampa? I am admittedly on the slightly bigger end. Like, how different is fitting on those RMC trains like on Iron Gwazi compared to fitting into an Intamin Mega Coaster train? 2. Any cool natural places to check out nearby? 3. Any good food in and around the park?
  7. So, I'm going to Hersheypark a couple days after fourth of July, and I heard Storm Runner is currently closed. How likely is it that Storm Runner will be open by then? Also, any advice for when I visit the park?
  8. Stuff like this just makes me cringe. The dude in (Link removed because it's stupid) basically harassed one of the ride ops at Predator (and even tells on himself like it's something okay to do), and then calls it "racist" when they confronted him about it. Ride ops should never be harassed. No one should receive unsolicited flirtations when they're doing their job. And, for gosh sake, it ain't racist to call it out when it happens. The dude who made this video is actually disgusting.
  9. Has anyone seen progress on the amusement park from the water park? I'm surprised how few updates there has been on that topic. How far into construction is the amusement park portion of it?
  10. They announced it here on their Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cb-JMeOAqP3/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=a6fe9e3c-d8ca-4c52-92f7-3f3b838abd60 Also, you've already seen the track? Like, at SFDL or somewhere else?
  11. GCI announced that 700 feet of their Titan track is being installed somewhere, but didn't say where exactly. How likely is it that this is going on at SFDL?
  12. Does anyone know if there will be improvements in the park other than the waterpark for this season?
  13. Screamscape is now saying there are still possible plans to remove Ride of Steel and for the true owners of the park to sell it back to Six Flags to relocate to another park. This is despite the park literally coming out on Twitter to say they are not removing Ride of Steel. What is Screamscape even doing at this point?
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