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  1. Why does it seem as though Mind Eraser has been closed a lot recently? Did something happen to it?
  2. I just found out the park won't operate daily until July. For some reason I remember daily operations starting in June during previous seasons. Am I not remembering this correctly or did something change?
  3. Yes, of course! Also, Scream from SFMM is most certainly going to Six Flags Darien Lake! :P
  4. Last I knew, he's right. If you disagree, can you give some evidence instead of a gif? lol On another note, yeah as much as I wish Darien Lake was getting it, that's obviously not happening. I'm assuming this will either go to Cedar Point or Dollywood, with a slim chance of it going to Holiday World.
  5. Aparently, Six Flags over Georgia has an odd new camera policy. However, that's not the main reason as to why I'm sharing this video. Later in the video it appears as though the ride ops are not exactly the best at what they do. They apparently endangered guests at least twice throughout the day the YouTuber was visiting SFOG. Is this a consistent problem or an isolated incident? Mod Edit: Sorry, we don’t allow videos from this channel on our site. Thanks.
  6. Just for fun, I'm going to post a bit of a strange rumor here that will probably never happen that I heard about on YouTube. I'm sure the conversation should make this worth it. Anyways, there's a bit of a rumor about the possibility that Scream from Six Flags Magic Mountain may get relocated to another Six Flags park. Will it go to Six Flags Darien Lake, or more likely another Six Flags park like Six Flags Mexico?
  7. Lapbar only on Tantrum, unless something explainable or really strange happened to it in the year of shut down it was perfectly smooth in 2019, a very nice small Euro Fighter. The two really rough coasters at the park are Predator (if you're in the front it really isn't all that bad but anywhere else is unpleasant) and Mind Eraser, but that's to be expected. Yeah, DL was my "home park" for a lot of my life. I am 33 now, but my family started camping there when in 97 when I was 10 and Mind Eraser was brand new. That three year stretch of Mind Eraser, Nightmare, Boomerang, and Superman is what made me a coaster nerd. I put home park in quotes because it was a four hour drive on a good day, but we went every summer for at least a few days. My parents would relax in the campground and I would usually bring a friend to explore the park with. If not, I'd at least drag my little brother or whatever cousin came with us around. It was ideal for everyone. My kid is ten now and we have only been once since he was born, and he was pretty small. I don't remember how old he was/what year, exactly, but he was kiddie ride young and I remember having fun on that stupid but charming moose ride they added. It was probably 2013, 2014. We were supposed to go back this year for a day on a road trip but it didn't pan out for obvious reasons. Predator is still by memory the roughest experience I have ever had on a coaster. I remember at one point getting very bad chest pains on it even though I was probably like... 15? It was an awful ride, but like you said front seat did make it more tolerable. The sad thing is I remember loving it in the very late nineties, very early 00s. I don't know if I just started growing up a little and losing tolerance for the roughness or if it just fell apart. And a SLC is gonna SLC. I am a proponent of RMC Predator in a big way. I'd like to see the SLC torn down and replaced eventually too, but that won't happen any time soon. As for the rest of the lineup, I don't have complaints. MotoCoaster was cute. Superman will always have a soft spot in my heart and I think at least as of my 2013/14/whenever ride it had become a little underrated. It and its clone are still good rides. Viper low key is one of the better original era Arrow loopers left standing. A Boomerang is obligatory and you probably can't do anything better with that footprint anyway, at least not with a coaster. Tantrum was a great edition on paper to round out the lineup too, though I haven't experienced it yet. Glad to hear it is lapbars only. So, I assume you have been on Mind Eraser when it was new? What was it like back then? Did it feel the same? Also, did anything else change since it first opened?
  8. Any word on how nearby Seabreeze is doing through the pandemic? Will that park open at all this year?
  9. Does that include the Amusement Park? If not, have that not announced the opening date of the park yet?
  10. Does anyone have any videos or photos of Nightmare at Phantom Cave on the inside while it was at Darien Lake? A POV video would be great!
  11. The Company Man uploaded this video on Six Flags recently. I feel as though its a bit out of date though despite being uploaded yesterday.
  12. I don't know if memes are allowed here, but I found this on the obscure side of YouTube recently. Thought some of you folks may like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPu44i1ZmDY
  13. Just found this on YouTube. It is about a month old, but this is at least a bit of a visual update. Also, be prepared for cringey editing.
  14. So, is the new slide never being set up then, or are they storing it for next year? Also, is it safe to assume there won't be a new attraction next year either?
  15. Don't they have to get a new train to pass inspections at this point for Mind Eraser?
  16. BTW, for anyone wanting to do something outside while the Amusement Parks are shut down (if they remain shut down for a while longer), this SubReddit might help. Hiking is fun, right lads? https://www.reddit.com/r/WesternNYHiking/
  17. When is SFDL actually going to open this season? I would have to assume the Coronavirus outbreak will delay its opening day, right?
  18. For some off season entertainment, I may as well ask about this. If this has already been asked, my apologies, but my life is busy enough that I sometimes forget about those sort of things. Anyways, so how likely is Six Flags to add a roller coaster to Six Flags Darien Lake within the next couple of years? Is it nearly impossible, or at least a little bit plausible? Also, is RMC Predator never happening?
  19. Just an average day of spreading rumors on the internet... https://www.change.org/p/six-flags-and-other-amusement-parks-save-tantrum-at-darien-lake?source_location=topic_page
  20. I remember reading a little while back that the Mind Eraser trains reached the end of their service life. If this is true, and they are not getting new trains, then how is the park going to operate Mind Eraser? Or are they getting new trains after all? Or was the claim that the old trains reached the end of their service life false?
  21. So, what are the updates on the claims people were making recently earlier in this thread? - Any updates on Motocoaster being relocated within the park? - Any updates on Mind Eraser getting a new train? Or a full retheme? - Any updates DC Comics IPs coming to the park? - Any updates on whether or not any of this is happening?
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