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  1. You do realize Coasterbill is always edgy, right? That's kinda his thing. If you don't like getting trolled then don't feed the trolls. I thought most people on the internet should know this by now. lol
  2. To everyone who typically posts here, what are your favorite defunct Six Flags Darien Lake / Darien Lake rides? I'll start by saying that my pick is a tie between UFO and Twister.
  3. They did. I remember riding it many times. Ranger was an interesting ride. It moves at around the same speed as a Zamperla Hawk model. In fact, in general, it was similar to the Hawk model. However, it was certainly a much more uncomfortable experience in a sort of nostalgic way. The ride used very thick, "heavy duty" lap bars to keep rides in. Instead of the ride unit being upon like a Zamperla Hawk, it was essentially a metal and plastic cage (just look up images of it to see what I mean by that). Above each row was a black (maybe leather?) bad. The pad was there because, when riders experienced hangtime, the heads of riders would bump into the ceiling. Being as tall as I am, this certainly added a little bit of discomfort. The worst part by far were the lapbars themselves. The lapbars came down automatically, and wow, did they come down tight. Sure, Zamperla Hawk harnesses are not exactly comfortable, but the lapbars on Rangers were certainly more painful. This was partly because of how tight the lapbars came down. However, the location of the lapbars also made it very uncomfortable. Basically, because of how thick the lapbars were, it would cover both your lap and your abdomen. So not only did this ride mildly bang your head if you were tall, but a left the ride feeling like you just did 50 sit ups (if you are upper 200 pounds, such as myself). Maybe more skinny people were not as bothered by that. However, that ride did hurt quite a bit overall. I still sort of miss it because not only was it unique, but it was my first "upside down ride" back in the day. So I do feel some nostalgia towards it. However, I still think that Roller Thunder is, at least, a slightly better version of the same concept. The harnesses may hurt a little on Roller Thunder, but at least it is almost impossible to come off with both the head and stomach feeling like it was pummeled for a couple minutes straight.
  4. Is it safe to assume that if they are retracking Predator still under Six Flags management, that must mean they will probably never give Predator the RMC hybrid conversion treatment?
  5. There is already a POV of Sky Screamer up. Not gonna lie, this may be the first time in about a decade I have been legit intimidated by a ride. Slingshot towards the front of the park doesn't even bother me that much. But there is something about watching this pov knowing that they are being held up 200 feet in the air by chains. Does it feel as bad as it looks? Maybe I'm wrong?
  6. If this kind of stuff bothers you this much then I’m super excited for the future of this park as a Six Flags Park and the years of entertainment that this thread will provide us. I can only imagine.
  7. LOL, this was my reaction to that whole "Give Ride of Steel a birthday" argument as well. But seriously though, its Six Flags. Just saying.
  8. How likely is it that Six Flags begins to buys one of those newer Vekoma launch coaster models in bulk? Or is it more likely for them to buy S&S launching coasters in bulk if Maxx Force goes well?
  9. This does seem rather realistic. I am honestly hoping this is what they go with. As much as I would like an RMC Raptor to come to Six Flags Darien Lake, maybe that is quite unrealistic. As I have stated multiple times earlier on this thread, I'm just curious to see how long it takes for Six Flags Darien Lake to get an S&S Freespin.
  10. Okay, time for a more Positive Trip Report : I know almost everything I am about to bring up has already been mentioned, but I will give my opinion anyways. So, I honestly thought they did a better job this year as far as opening days were concerned. I have been on other opening days before and had worse experiences. With that being said, it was not the best it could be either, but it was nice I thought. Okay, on to the main points now from my trip earlier today. So, to start, I went to Boomerang first and noticed some of the wheels were new. Boomerang was actually a little smoother today which probably has something to do with the wheel replacements. Also, another odd plus was actually the Mind Eraser train. Now, I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but bear with me. I think doing that to the Mind Eraser train actually made that ride a little bit smoother too. I rode Mind Eraser twice, once in the last row and the other in the third last row and expected the usual rough ride. However, it was not as rough as it used to be weirdly enough. This may be a result of the park taking the better parts of both trains and putting them together as they did. It does not look good exactly, but the ride does feel better when you are on it. So in short, both Vekoma coasters in the park are slightly smoother. Also, back row rides on Mind Eraser are among the most underrated experiences in the park. Ride of Steel was sort of a nice experience. However, the experience became slightly less good because of something I will admit is kinda my fault. I went on the ride with my wallet, and my wallet sat in my pocket right where the lap bar came down on one of my legs. Because of this, the ops had to push the bar down harder leading to my wallet pressing into my leg for almost the whole ride. Ouch! At least it was still a fun ride though. Viper is the same, pretty much. And yah, that's all I got to say about Viper. Skyscreamer does not look as big in person if you are close to it, but when you are further away from it the ride looks taller for some reason. Not sure how that was possible, maybe my eyes are just wierd. lol Tantrum was still the second best ride in the park and very smooth. Motocoaster and Predator were both closed. Probably for staffing reasons, I would have to imagine. Something else that was interesting is how much they pushed the Six Flags brand while still seeing the old logo make appearances. The Six Flags logo was all over the place, but especially all over the front area. Also, a couple of the food stands had Six Flags touches added to them, most notably six metal flags standing up on the Pretzel stand near the entrance. I decided to see what the hype over Fascination Parlor was about, so I tried that for the first time. It was actually really friggin fun. On top of that, you can play four games at Fascination Parlor for a dollar compared to the riduculous prices at the majority of the other games at the park. Also unlike the majority of other games, you get to sit down in a slightly cooler building too. If you want to kill a half hour, I definitely recommend Fascination Parlor. Rolling Thunder's harness hurts. Moving on. Remember when there was talk about the back area behind Boomerang no longer being part of the park? That didn't happen. I noticed people posting about the food in the park being a problem. I can't exactly speak on that as I ate before and after I went to the park, thus not eating there the whole time. They had some fun looking new games by Mind Eraser. One of them was a bar in which if you hold yourself up on it for two minutes, then you get a Six Flags Darien Lake pillow. Me and the friend I went with had some fun with watching other people try it. Some other people had the same idea, so it was kinda also a new side show at the same time. Right next to it was the soccer darts, but I barely saw anyone play that one as the bar game was clearly more popular for both people playing the game and onlookers. They also have a new area for upcharge Massage Chairs near Fascination Parlor. In general, they did clearly invest a lot into the park this year. If you know where to look, there are subtle differences all over the entire park. It does look rushed too, but at least they did a decent job I thought. The park does have a different vibe to it. It feels more like what I would think a Six Flags would feel like, but mixed with the Darien Lake most of us already knew. What also made this an interesting experience is that this was also technically my first time to a Six Flags branded park at all, and I can't say I don't like it. It fits the park. I just think Six Flags just needs time to work on the park a bit more to make it into something even better. As long as you go in with realistic expectations, then it is a rather fun experience. If you are looking for something like Six Flags New England, then you will inevitably be disappointed. It is a fun park with a slightly new character, and I like where it is going. Six Flags Darien Lake is nice. (Edited for typos)
  11. Nice photos, Haymaker! I actually may potentially go this Sunday. BTW, this is technically going to be my first trip to an actual Six Flags park. However, I am guessing that the park won't feel too different anyways. Maybe I'll be wrong though.
  12. Link ... I don't even have any f*cking words, I really don't. Is this still going on, or was it (hopefully) dropped?
  13. This thread is fantastic. Between the gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts over signage and skyscreamers and now this guy who can't find the quote button and is just posting random combinations of words into ether, it never fails to entertain. Why is he so upset on here again?
  14. You’re going to be eat your hat because you won’t believe which site posted this rumor. I can confirm, Screamscape actually reported on this for some reason.
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