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  1. How do you know it is going to be a proslide? Do you work for them? If you don't know for certain, then this is not the best place to be spreading rumors.
  2. Kinda curious to see some of these comments, not gonna lie. Do you have any screenshots of the madness?
  3. Six Flags St. Louis posted a teaser on their Facebook account yesterday. Six Flags Darien Lake still hasn't posted anything teaser related on any of their accounts from what I can tell.
  4. Agreed. That way, we can maybe get that S&S Freespin. (Gosh I hope they add one)
  5. Still no teasers yet? Even Six Flags America has already begun to tease their 2020 attraction.
  6. I am going to Seabreeze with a couple of friends soon for the first time in 2 years. Has the park changed much in 2 years, or not really? Anything I should know, or is it basically the same?
  7. This is probably not accurate anyways, but I thought I may as well put this screenshot here to generate some discussion. What do you all think of this?
  8. Do you have the link to where you got this screenshot from? I was not able to find it on the SFDL website.
  9. I'm especially hoping for an S&S Freespin. I have heard great things about those rides.
  10. What... the heck?! Tantrum was an amazing addition for Six Flags Darien Lake! I typically ride that at least 3 times (most likely more) whenever I go there. It is the best ride added to the park since Ride of Steel 19 years before it. A solid small thrill coaster for the kind of medium scale amusement park it fits great at (such as SFDL), and you're still here expecting more?! You know what? Everyone saying this thread has gone crazy is right. Here, this is the new anthem of the TPR SFDL thread, for all the people thinking that SFDL has to paint their coasters better than Cedar Point (and the people saying Tantrum was a bad addition.... )
  11. That's what I'm saying lol, a decent sized attraction could go there. A decent sized attraction... such as an S&S Freespin?
  12. It appears that the announcement date for the 2020 attractions across the Six Flags parks will be August 29th. Anyone still betting S&S Freespin roller coaster?
  13. Maybe it is a bit optimistic, but I really hope they do eventually install one of those. A Freespin coaster would fit very well into the park. Is it too optimistic to say next year though? I'm honestly not even really sure. I'm rather confident in saying at the most within the next few years.
  14. This was posted on the SFDL thread after someone else on there got upset over other posts made to the thread that were more cynical. I guess whoever this is does not seem to understand that getting mad on the internet and telling the "trolls" to leave you alone is probably not the best idea.
  15. In my opinion, it is not that hard to imagine Six Flags installing a Freespin coaster in the near future. However, I do agree with the second half of your post. Six Flags Darien Lake has a history of adding short cloned coasters (more than half of the coaster lineup consists of short length cloned coasters). On top of that, as already mentioned on this forum, Six Flags has not exactly been adding the longest coasters as of lately lol. However, at least MaxxForce looks nice. Also, not giving names, but just some internet advice... it is a terrible idea to go almost anywhere on the internet and tell other people that they are being "mean" and should "leave you alone". Maybe coasterbill could have said it more nicely, but this is the internet. Expect it LOL . I feel like this forum would be less toxic if more people on here understood that. But oh well.
  16. True, but I at least would like to see DC comics theming. That is still relevant, after all. Also... lowkey hoping they do add a Freespin coaster, but that's just me.
  17. The Six Flags chain typically makes all of their new ride announcements a little over a month from now, correct? August 30th? Are there any rumors already about 2020 additions to Six Flags Darien Lake, or is there no real discussion on that topic yet?
  18. Nah, I'd rather just see them add another roller coaster. Also, sleighride was running when I was there around 2 weeks ago. Its cycle seems short, but it works. I hope they focus on building up SFDL's roller coaster selection to be at least on par with other Six Flags parks. Really hoping for an S&S Freespin or an RMC Raptor.
  19. SFDK's Batman the Ride actually does look like a nice ride! I like how there is a decent amount of theming in the queue as well. I'm really hoping that Six Flags Darien Lake gets an exact clone of this with the theming as well. Hopefully next year, or is that wishful thinking?
  20. LOL! Nah, I'll pass on such a bet.... unless I'm on the side of the bet for that never happening again.
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