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  1. Think they'll survive this? It'll be terrible for the industry if they went belly up.
  2. Or they could do a massive refurbishment like Wildwood did with the Nor Easter
  3. Hey anyone think that area around blizzard river is prime real estate for a potential coaster in the future, or are the trees a problem?
  4. I was wandering around the six flags website when i noticed the shocking absence of the words temporary closed from Goliath's page on the website. Also a little birdie told me that corporate wont let them get rid of it. Can anyone verify this?
  5. Oh I forgot to mention that the small rails on the grass in the photo might be from the station in order to take off the train. I read this on reddit though so take it with a grain of salt.
  6. Someone on reddit says it's because they ordered parts for it that haven't arrived yet.
  7. Be careful asking ride OPs or Dollywood employees. A lot of times, are just as informed as we are meaning not at all. Last Sunday there were no OPs around but one of my walks past there was a Dollywood employee looking at the ride. Another guest asked her what was wrong and she simply replied "it's being replaced because of the new area" We all know this is 100% false but it's ashame that dwood employees are also left in the dark and that helps spawn these rumors Like mentioned earlier, this is nothing out of the ordinary for MM. It happens almost every year haha. I'd imagine there is no activity because they are waiting on parts so no reason to test if they know they issue BUT I do hate that crap when places remove honest comments.. that's shady, very shady if true Dollywood. Don't hide it!!! Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk How do we know its 100% false?
  8. Can anyone here think of any theme park ride types that used to be popular but are not around anymore?. If so which ones do you miss the most? Thank you
  9. Screamscape now says that Aquaman might reopen and that they have 3 boats in some maintenance building waiting to be used so take that as you will.
  10. Was it at the event at epic waters or a different one? Also were you there?
  11. Is the part about Yosemite Sam really true? Because I cant find any Winterfest update that says that. Thank you in advance
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