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  1. A thread I made over two years ago still (still doesn't have to mean consistantly ) on the front page. Go me! *eats cake alone*
  2. ^ That's binary, which translates into a website. Nice. I bought it; it's awesome.
  3. I've been in both. One is dark, muggy and ugly and the other is white, muggy and ugly. Superman's is probably less etched into though.
  4. Um, so you're saying listening to Arabic music makes you a terrorist ?
  5. You are unbelievable. Some of the crap you post on TPR is amazing. Did you not realize he is from Spain?? How well do you speak spanish?? Wow, joking? Wow, nice sense of humor?
  6. It's possible... but stupid. The chain would be some disgusting weight unless it was a cable lift-hill, and in either case it would require a hell of a lot of land, unless the lift-hill was vertical... which wouldn't be fun to evacuate at 400ft. Coasters with lift-hills aren't going to die, but I think the possibility of the tallest and fastest rollercoaster ever having a lift hill again is not likely at all. - Maliboomer
  7. Must... pay... attention... in... geography... class. Maliboomer (it's in Australia, duh )
  8. Coomera? That's where Dreamworld is, lol. And now I have the word womb in my head. *shudders* Slick, Australians are very friendly with their kangaroos, aren't they .
  9. This shows off the ride way better imo, lol. http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/videos.php?vid=19
  10. ^ While Mission: SPACE and Goliath etc. all have G-Forces, the roller coasters' last sometimes split-seconds while M:S's are sustained for up to a minute. They are lower, but longer.
  11. Not spinning with G-Forces? You sort of the need the spinning for the other thing to happen, lol. Unless you mean the capsules own movements - which you don't really notice and isn't the problem. I'm not sure if you've been on it, if you don't look here http://www.therideworks.com/bigmac.php . : )
  12. The Contemporary is so fugly from the outside, but the new rooms are awesome, and so will the lobby when it's redone soon.
  13. maliboomer


    Although it's always called 7 star the only reviews of it I see are bad ones. I'm more interested in the 2300ft building thats being made. And yes, maybe PM dubaidave.
  14. Amazingness. USA UK Canada Australia New Zealand Japan Singapore Thailand
  15. I think we crossed the line from 'what makes financial sense for the company' and 'what I want' several miles ago. You're acting like there isn't enough to do.
  16. I'm pretty sure the lipstick camera is attatched to the camera only by cord and he could violate himself with it and it wouldn't make any difference to the footage.
  17. I don't want nor see a 5th park coming soon, if ever. Maybe something more unique - it doesn't have to be a park. A resort, waterpark, entertainment thingy, golf course.. etc. is another possible option....
  18. What the hell is the point in gay days? Why no straight or fridget days...? I don't see how your sexual preference makes you special, but a lot of people disagree. I'd rather you cured cancer then let me know you like boys/girls/dogs/old men in animal costumes. I guess I'm jealous cause I can't go.
  19. To me it looks like a bottle of Evian and a can of Sprite and Coke. Oh well.
  20. Beyond creepy. Cool TR! How do you say Alpengeist anyway.. I say al-pen-guyst.
  21. I remember visiting this site when it was hosted by geocities and had guess the neon coaster.
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