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  1. Nothing wrong about that. If PETA and other radical animal lib groups can protest and flaunt their beliefs in a public forum, then there is no reason us omnivores shouldnt be able to do the same.
  2. Youre not too far off, apparently this guy is former Hitler Youth.
  3. Wow! Excellent choice! I have a lot of favorites, and they change often. As of now, the list is: Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame Gentle Giant - Octopus Dead to Fall - Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces
  4. Depends on how you want to look at it. I am either a janitor, or the Vice President of a family owned and operated janitorial company. Either way, I scrub shitters all day. Robb...you make video games...wow. Just...wow.
  5. I am here to break the trend of good looking people!!! Me rocking out at the Fireside Bowl. At CP. My camera has a phone on it!!! The lady and me at CP.
  6. Age: 23 Middle Name: James Pet Peeve: Work Color of your bathroom: Grey Best Movie of ALL time: Dr. Strangelove, The Blues Brothers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, This is Spinal Tap, The Big Lebowski, Silent Movie Best Song of ALL time: Moonlight Sonata Best TV Shows: Anything on the History Channel, Conan O'Brien, Simpsons, Gilmore Girls (guilty pleasure) Favorite Band/Artist: This changes a lot, probably Mahavishnu Orchestra or Dead to Fall right now Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Never been to a Disney Park (WDW this Oct.) Yummiest Ice Cream: Karmel Sutra, althought I can only eat a few bites If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Whoever is willing to buy Morning Person or Night Person: Night Pets: A guinea pig named Vincent "Piggy" Van Gogh Favorite Color: Blues Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Cubs or Sox game Coke or Pepsi: Coke Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: I like mine without the J Best Vacation Spot: Cedar Point Cook or Go Out: BBQ at home Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Beach
  7. No, men are only incorrect because women want to be right all the time. Is string theory a viable bridge between quantum mechanics and general relativity?
  8. Make sure to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. That place is kingly.
  9. I dont know who is into what kind of music...but I am a huge dork, and I listen to lots progressive rock from the 60s and 70s. Recently, my fiance and I acquired a turntable from her grandpa, so we went and bought some vinyl. Among the purchases was The Mahavishnu Orchestra's breakthrough debut record from 1971 "The Inner Mounting Flame." Anyway, I threw this record on while I was cleaning up and hiding the wires in my new PC case. I finished up and kept listening while I fired my system up to make sure everything was working ok. I literally had to stop browsing the internet to give my undivided attention to the song "The Noonward Race." HOLY CRAP! If any of you play guitar...no matter what style you play...I sincerely suggest you either download that song or go purchase that album. It is absolutely amazing, and almost incomprehensible to think it was made over 30 years ago. This reccommendation extends out to drummers as well...because Billy Cobham is a MONSTER. That man could play. I just felt I needed to share...we need to keep the prog flame burning!!! More info on The Mahavishnu Orchestra, including free MP3s.
  10. For our honeymoon, the lady and I are staying at the Polynesian Resort. We get in early, so, hopefully, we wont have to worry about this. P.S. VERY excited!!!
  11. Jam & Marmelade Maxx Unlimited Stomp To My Beat Tsugaru Radical Faith My Generation Healing Vision Matsuri Japan Paranoia (all the mixes) Rhythm and Police Many more...cant think of them all right now.
  12. SFGAm. I think every single employee that works there hates their job and their life. Having recordings in the station instead of giving the Ops mics doesnt help, either.
  13. ...I notice something interesting in the "Cool New People" section. LMAO! Unfortunately, the account had already been deleted when I clicked on it, but not before I was able to get a screenie.
  14. Here are my rules about drinking: 1) NEVER go get drunk at a bar or club or restaraunt...unless you are rich. 2) NEVER drink and drive. Hide your keys, or lock them in a fire safe and hide the fire safe keys. 3) ALWAYS stay up for 2 or 3 hours after you have stopped drinking. 4) ALWAYS eat while you are drinking, and after you have stopped. 5) ALWAYS "break the seal." Dont try to hold it. What was said about staying hydrated is very good advice as well. Once you have stopped drinking, eat a lot of food and drink a lot of water before you turn in. I always follow these rules, and I am able to have a good time and not feel like a zombie the next day.
  15. Yeah, I am still getting emails. Some are filtered into my bulk folder, some go to my regular email.
  16. Im sorry if there is already a thread dedicated STRICTLY to on-ride photos. I searched, and after I got through the first few pages, I assumed that it would be ok to just start a thread for it. Anyway, I figured I would start a thread in which we can share cool/fun on-rides. I have a few that I have not scanned yet, but I want to share one with you of my friend (and best man) Rico. We went to Cedar Point for Halloweekends. It was late October, it was cold, it was rainy, and it was right around park closing. Anyway, we are on the MF lift when I hear Rico behind me start chanting and yelling. I turn around and see that he has taken his shirt off and is swinging it around his head. Not teribly shocked, as Rico has always been an impulsive and off-the-wall person, I eagerly anticipated what kind of post he would strike for the cameras. The result was so precious, that I purchased a copy of his photo for myself.
  17. 0mg t0t4l 1337 h4x!11!1!!!111!one!!! Yeah, this sony thing is odd. I cant believe they cant use the dualshocks anymore. Theyre so distinct.
  18. LOL! When I said that I wish I could do it...it meant that I cant. I have DDRMax, Max2, and Extreme for PS2, but I dont have Stepmania or any other dance games. I was working on custom steps for Stom To My Beat when my memory card decided to corrupt.
  19. I have done MF at night, in the rain. It is really fantastic, my only suggestion is that you have some sort of eye protection. I wear glasses, so I was fine, but all my friends said getting rain drops in the eyes at 90+ mph is no fun.
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