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  1. The Empty Grave at the Anaheim Gardenwalk Website: www.themtgrave.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/THE-EMPTY-GRAVE/164762278637 I'm actually a scare actor here, TPR members come visit me!!!
  2. I wish I had the money to attend these events...sadly it's just not there this season. However... Shameless plug approaching...if you guys are doing any of these events and are in Southern California this Halloween season please come visit me at The Empty Grave! We're right across the street from Disneyland at the Gardenwalk, and it'd be awesome to see some TPR people come through the maze! For times and info, please visit our website and let me know if you're going to come and visit!
  3. ^ Fantastic song, even better album. Best Pendulum album IMO. It's All Gonna Break - Broken Social Scene
  4. ^ Make that top ten WORST songs. Gotta love the Macarena being on there.
  5. Funny, my friend was just there to see Thousand Foot Krutch as well. Sounded like it was fun! I had the oppurtunity to see TFK at Fish Fest two years ago, definitely started a pit for funsies and it was pretty funny to watch all the mom's of their twelve year old sons rip them back from the pit.
  6. Just attended FYF Fest this past weekend at the LA Historic Park in Chinatown. It was INCREDIBLE. Very, very dusty and lots of cigarette smoke, but it was absolutely incredible. Throughout the entire day I saw: Touche Amore, Avi Buffalo, Title Fight, The Head & The Heart, Ty Seagall, OFF!, Japandroids, Cults, Cold War Kids, Kid Dynamite, Broken Social Scene, Guided by Voices, The Descendents, and Death From Above 1979. It was incredible. I cannot wait till next year's event!
  7. Proslide continues to amaze me...easily the best manufacturer in the waterpark business.
  8. Well one of my favorites a long time ago in essentially a galaxy far, far away (seeing how much the park has changed) was the MCBR drop on Ghostrider at Knott's. But only when it was smooth and not neutered so it basically crawled over the drop. Another favorite of mine has to be Dolly's Drop on the Tomorrowland side of the Matterhorn at Disneyland. Such an insane drop.
  9. E-mail sent! Haven't been to Knott's since Haunt! Really looking forward to this.
  10. I hope the Haunt event gets officially announced soon...I really can't wait to finally go to a TPR event after a really long hiatus. For those who attended last year's event, how much did it cost?
  11. Came To My Rescue - The Great Commission Sick Hillsong cover off their new incredibly awesome album! If you like metalcore/hardcore, give this album a listen!
  12. So bummed I didn't make it to that show . Four Year Strong is awesome, but Title Fight (also playing the AP Tour) is way better!
  13. Already beginning the process of persuading my friends to go to this! I'm glad I can make this year's event it should be awesome! There should be a TPR night at The Empty Grave as well
  14. I caught Impending Doom and MyChildren MyBride at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on Saturday. If there is any explanation possible, it's the fact that there is blood on my shirt after washing it still and I have a sweet black eye. We also crushed a metal box on stage. Pretty epic and nutty show. Next up is Warped Tour this Friday!
  15. Wicked (the ride pictured) is really fun in my book. I think it would be awesome if other parks picked up on them, although the restraints are a bit uncomfortable.
  16. The best seat on Grizzly can be found in Vallejo- on R.O.A.R. at SFDK. In all reality: There IS no good seat on Grizzly. End of story. QFT...Grizzly is about as exciting as taking a nap.
  17. ^ Flying Lotus is incredible. Just sayin
  18. Thanks for the awesome in depth report of Mammoth! I can't wait to finally ride there in three weeks! You just got me super amped for my trip
  19. I've only been to Bear this season, I guess I prefer it because I'm a boarder and love doing park stuff even though I'm not super good at it. All of the double blacks at Bear are super rad also, love shredding down those things. I'm going to Mammoth for the first time in mid-April so I'm stoked!
  20. ADTR rules. So bummed I'm missing their tour when it comes here early April!
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