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  1. Definitely do Pre-Scare at Knott's, that has always been the best experience for my personal visits during Haunt. The extra 30 minutes gets you through the two most crowded attractions before the park even opens to the public. Also, if you have extra time, I hate to whore myself out, but you should come visit the haunted attraction that I work at, The Empty Grave. We're across the street from Disneyland! ---Brent
  2. Hector! I would love to see you come through man, that would be great! Either Jeremy or I can answer any other questions that anybody has. Please come by and visit the premier haunted attraction in Southern California! ---Brent
  3. Never Lose Sight of Your Goals - For Today ---Brent
  4. ^ That's great, thank you so much! If anyone is curious, we have already made two people cry, one person pass out, and another dry hack. So I'd say that was an impressive opening weekend! Come visit us if you're in the Southern California area! ---Brent
  5. Aww wish you could've come through! Glad you enjoyed the couple actors that were outside, they have an awesome time. Opening weekend was great and we had quite a large turnout for a weekend in September! ---Brent
  6. Come visit me this year at The Empty Grave in Anaheim, CA, just across the street from Disneyland at the Gardenwalk! ---Brent My costume for this season
  7. ^ Just a reminder, there is no Sinister Pointe this year. The guys who have run it for the past couple years have moved on to run Queen Mary Dark Harbor. Hope to see both of you come through this season! ---Brent
  8. Hello fellow TPRers! I work at a haunted attraction called The Empty Grave. It would be awesome to see some TPRers come through seeing as I know Halloween events are something that most of us enjoy! We are literally one block away from Disneyland on Disney Drive in the Anaheim Gardenwalk, right underneath the movie theaters. This Friday night is our opening night and from here on out, we are open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until October 31st! Admission is ten dollars, which may seem a bit steep for an individual haunt, but I can assure you that our haunt is very professional and well worth the price of ten dollars. Our whole layout has changed from last year and we all believe that this will be the best year yet! So if you're at Disneyland or just in the general Southern California area this Halloween season, stop on by and visit The Empty Grave! You can visit our website at www.themtgrave.com. Looking forward to seeing some TPR faces come through! Have a great Halloween season everybody ---Brent Me scaring last season - Photo courtesy of Theme Park Adventure
  9. Kisses Over Babylon - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ---Brent
  10. Show Me Love (Afrojack Remix) - Steve Angello/Laidback Luke ---Brent
  11. Oh man Robb scaring? Wish my parents would let me go places on school nights . Well if anyone is in the Socal area, or even the Anaheim/Buena Park area, come by and visit me at The Empty Grave at the Anaheim Gardenwalk! I'll be working there as a scareactor and it would be great to see some TPR people come through! Bummed I'm missing out on seeing this in person, but I look forward to seeing all the pictures from this event of epic proportions! ---Brent
  12. ^ Random fact, the college pastor at the church I go to is Dustin Kensrue, or the lead singer from Thrice. ---Brent
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