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  1. From my experience staying at WDW, the EMH were hands down the most overrated aspect of our visit there. Super crowded and just no fun to deal with all of the crowds. Of course, it might have changed since my visit in 2005 (and it probably has) but I do remember the EMH not being worth it at all. The meal plan however has to be one of the best deals I've ever gotten at any visit to a theme park ever.
  2. Refined In The Fire - Winds Of Plague New song just released today, so brutal!
  3. And my ever-changing concert schedule morphs once more...Pendulum sold out before I was able to get tickets so that one is gone, but shockingly, another door was opened to go and see the Fleet Foxes on May 7th at the Palladium instead! Yeehaw!
  4. So now that Coachella has fallen out from underneath me, my plans are looking pretty rad for the next couple of months leading up to summer. I have at least one show a month all the way through May! February - Pendulum w/ Innerpartysystem at The Wiltern March - California Metal Fest w/ As I lay Dying, Winds of Plague, Sleeping Giant, The Great Commission, + way more April - Facedown Fest w/ For Today, War of Ages, A Plea for Purging, + way more May - Fleet Foxes at The Palladium ---Brent
  5. Although it's pretty lame, I gotta hand it to Merlin, they put more effort into hyping small things up than anyone else in the industry that I know of! ---Brent
  6. I feel like the name for this park does not fit it at all But in all honesty, this is an amazing looking park! The detail on the construction is extraordinary.
  7. Siiike on Coachella. It sold out before my dad could give me an answer . Well now that Coachella isn't happening for me, I'm going to see Pendulum with Innerpartysystem on February 25th, as well as going to California Metal Fest on March 19th (As I Lay Dying headlining!) and Facedown Fest April 8th and 9th. So these three shows should kind of sort of make up for what I'm missing at Coachella.
  8. If all things go according to plan, Coachella in April! For those going, you guys down for a TPR meet up? ---Brent
  9. 1.) Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley - 259 times (what can I say, I like to Rick Roll!) 2.) All Summer by Kid Cudi - 89 times 3.) Another F.U. Song by Reel Big Fish - 47 times (aggression) 4.) Babylon by Congorock - 42 times 4.) The Cave by Mumford and Sons - also 42 times 6.) The Big Sleep by Streetlight Manifesto - 39 times 7.) Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons - 38 times 7.) Here's To Life by Streetlight Manifesto - also 38 times 9.) Sleepyhead by Passion Pit - 37 times 9.) Dear Sergio by Streetlight Manifesto - also 37 times
  10. AWESOME pictures! Do you board or ski? I'm finally heading up to Mammoth this year for my first visit (not till April though), and these pictures sure are whetting my appetite! ---Brent
  11. Arguably one of the best punk bands is and always will be Bad Religion. Amazing studio albums and their live show is absolutely bonkers. The Adicts are also absolutely fantastic. ---Brent
  12. The cat putting on the bunny hat is by far more relevant to the apocalypse than that other video with terrible blonde actors and lots of fake fog. It is said that cats who wear bunny hats are the direct descendants of Satan... That video just about made me die of laughter.
  13. Ahh the benefits of living in Southern California, no off season!
  14. It would be great to see the double down come back if Colossus got the Rocky Mountain Treatment, nudge nudge
  15. Major bummer about the MCBR..."the drop" was the best part of that ride! It was the only part that was enjoyable airtime! ---Brent
  16. I loved this park when I visited it this summer, but it is in desperate need of a new coaster. Besides Flight Deck, I found the coasters in the park to be nothing more than mediocre. I now understand the cry for something new and exciting to go into this park. CGA certainly deserves it! ---Brent
  17. ^ Six Flags needs to jump on this NOW! Think of all the money possibilities
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