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  1. I was at the park today. Got there around 10:30. With the thermometer inching close to 100 degrees, most people were heading to Hurricane Harbor. SFMM was primed for a typical Sunday -- Revolution running one train, Riddler's Revenge running tests for hours but never opening, Ninja closed all day, wind shutting down Drop of Doom, Colossus trains dispatching too slow to race -- everything proceeding as expected. It was probably between 12:00 and 12:30 when I exited Batman and there were huge plumes of smoke billowing from the brush area on the far side of the park entrance. The sky tur
  2. It's also much more difficult to find open single-rider seats on trains with only two people per row. Sometimes you just get continuously unlucky. Rides with four per row burn through the SRL like crazy.
  3. Hey everyone, quick question. Does the double-sided Revolution exit still exist in the aftermath of the opening of New Revolution? (I.e. if I walk in the park when the gate opens and want to take the old shortcut up to Tatsu, it's still there?)
  4. Didn't see this posted already, but the LA Times has a piece today on SFMM President Bonnie Weber.
  5. Glorious news! This ride might finally enable me to block the election out of my life for a solid two and a half minutes. MAKE REVOLUTION GREAT AGAIN
  6. As selfish as this sounds, I hope this tragedy accelerates implementation of a plan to just "fix" Revolution.
  7. True. Consistency was also an issue. The drives this season were either first down, first down, first down, or three and out. But as you said with the depth back, hopefully this problem will go away.
  8. Was that 2011? If I remember correctly Kiffin went 1-2 against Oregon, surprisingly winning in Eugene and losing at the Coliseum two times. Oregon should be beatable next year without Mariota, but our defense needs to step up. We miss you Clancy Pendergast. Also, someone tell Sark to stop calling plays. Make Clay Helton do it, and send clay to the press box.
  9. As a political crackhead, I thought this was funny. Nevada Senator Harry Reid's YouTube channel used the same song as SFMM's Twisted Colossus video, in obvious attempt to ramp up the intensity in this riveting, engaging three and a half minute video on clean energy projects.
  10. Hello from Mission Viejo, CA, the definition of SoCal suburbia. Winter: Summer:
  11. I haven't read this thread for a while and was skimming it. A few pages back people were discussing the Sky Tower's potential removal, I don't know why they were talking about it being taken down from the SFMM site, it's still there. https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/attractions/sky-tower If that was already established, then:
  12. Noticed Riddler's got some love when I was at the park on the Sunday of President's Weekend. The facade in the front was redone (the previous one had chunks missing and parts were peeling off). All seven of the station question mark lights were on and functioning, and the station DIDN'T actually have piles of trash everywhere.
  13. I just called the park to clarify the season pass upgrade deal. The guy said that you must purchase the four passes by January 5th, but you must process them at the park by JANUARY 26TH, and you don't have to process all four of them at one time either. I can't find any information on their website to confirm this.
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