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  1. I'm at the Quality Inn about a mile away from CGA and I'm planning on hitting up this park for the first time ever tomorrow. Looking forward to a fun day, glad to hear Invertigo is back up! ---Brent
  2. Paco Di Bango's World (Deadmau5 Remix) - Orlando Voorn ---Brent
  3. ^ RBF!! One of the funniest live bands I have ever seen. Aaron Barret is hilarious! I'm bummed that I'm going to be missing out on Warped Tour this year. ---Brent
  4. Last night I went to the Ship of Fools tour w/ Streetlight Manifesto, The Supervillains, The Wonder Years, and Dan Potthast at the House of Blues Anaheim. This show only strengthened my belief that Streetlight is the best live band that I've seen. They absolutely blew it out of the park. Dan Potthast and The Supervillains were also quite good. I cannot wait till Streetlight comes back again, they put on the best show everytime! My next show, providing all is well money and time wise, will be Warped Tour in Pomona on August 11th. ---Brent
  5. One (Congorock remix) - Swedish House Mafia ---Brent
  6. I agree, bring Ghostrider back to it's amazing opening year form. That ride was insane. Now it's just insanely painful. ---Brent
  7. Yeah I felt the brake run sway quite a bit when we were stopped there for about a minute. It was a pretty cool feeling. ---Brent
  8. I'll be seeing you there sir! ---Brent
  9. I was at Magic Mountain yesterday, in fact I was on Goliath when this happened. They let us finish our circuit and then they shut down all the rides in the park for about 30 minutes. Pretty interesting to be inside SFMM and not see any of the rides running. ---Brent
  10. The Reward is Cheese - Deadmau5 (Live at Electric Daisy Carnival 2010) ---Brent
  11. Seriously, if you have the chance, you should def go to UMF. This year they had one of the most amazing lineups for any EDM festival I have ever seen. ---Brent
  12. Hitting up the park tomorrow, haven't been since February so I'm looking forward to it. About the Colossus refurb Texas Giant style, that would be awesome. I would love to see Colossus get some love, I think it's an overlooked and under appreciated ride. ---Brent
  13. Good Lord, I wish I could make it to UMF! Always has the sickest lineup. I like your taste in Afrojack, that guy absolutely destroys live. ---Brent
  14. YAY! I'm gonna have to go with the staples like Justice, Daft Punk, and The Chemical Brothers, along with stuff like Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Afrojack, Savoy, Armin van Buuren, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, MSTRKRFT, Boys Noize, Above & Beyond, and a lot more stuff. Hardstyle is also one boss genre. I was just at EDC so my interest in EDM has grown tenfold in about two weeks. How about you, what are your favorites? ---Brent
  15. Anybody on here big EDM fans? ---Brent
  16. I totally saw them in April on the same tour. They were absolutely phenomenal live. This weekend was pretty much the holy grail of concerts for me. I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival at Exposition Park on Friday and WOW. Words cannot describe my experience. It was totally surreal and absolutely amazing. The artists were fantastic, the art exhibits blew my mind, and just everything was perfect. Afrojack threw down as well as Savoy, Swedish House Mafia, and Deadmau5. It was an amazing night, something that I will never ever forget. And then yesterday, I headed out to Ska in the Park in Pomona. Big D and the Kids Table were amazing as usual, along with Mustard Plug, See Spot, Two Tone Lizard Kings, and The Mayors of Sexytown. Overall this was a weekend I will never ever forget and I can't wait for my next rave! ---Brent
  17. Better Run (Afrojack Remix) - Tocadisco feat. Nadia Ali ---Brent
  18. Me = jealous. Insanely jealous. ---Brent
  19. It's good to see parks already announcing their Halloween events. Makes me extremely happy . ---Brent
  20. Last Saturday I got to see a band that I've wanted to see for the LONGEST time, The OC Supertones. They did not dissapoint me at all and put on a fantastic live show. Contrary to what I thought would be a mellow crowd, it was INSANE. I almost broke my nose, I lost my phone, and I have huge cuts on my arms. It was amazing, totally unexpected. And now that it is summer, might as well put up my summer concert calendar! June 25th - Electric Daisy Carnival (Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Infected Mushroom, Steve Aoki, and WAY more) June 26th - Ska in the Park (Fishbone, Big D and the Kids Table, Mustard Plug) July 15th - Streetlight Manifesto w/ Dan Potthast August 11th - Warped Tour (Dropkick Murphy's, Reel Big Fish), not entirely sure if I'm going to this one yet August 20th - Bad Brains, don't know if I'll be at this one either ---Brent
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