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  1. Does anyone else find it ironic that the park that usually stays open when there is rain falling (SFMM) is closed while the park that normally closes when two drops of rain hit the pavement (KBF) is open? The apocalypse really is at hand, Knott's is open in the rain! ---Brent
  2. We're What Separates The Heart From The Heartless - Stick To Your Guns ---Brent
  3. I tried going to the park Saturday with another member (CoasterCrazy88) because we thought that the park would still be open, even with the medium amount of rain. We drove up and they were just turning cars around. A supervisor said "There was less than a 100 people at the gate waiting for the park to open, and it would've been silly to run the whole park in this weather, so we aren't even going to open." The rain tapered off a bit into the afternoon, but then picked up again around three or so. Would've been a fun and empty day at the Mountain, but alas, it was not meant to be. ---Brent
  4. Right This Second - Deadmau5 The new mau5 is actually really, really good! ---Brent
  5. Right In The Night (Mind Electric Remix) - Sgt. Slick ---Brent
  6. Weird tie fighters dragging utilities. p;[ernmdulum ---Brent
  7. Pendulum playing their live remix of Calvin Harris's "I'm Not Alone" at Glastonbury 2009. ---Brent
  8. Threshold - Sex Bob-Omb If you know what this is from, internet high five! ---Brent
  9. Radio Down - The Aquabats New song off their new EP that comes out November 9th! ---Brent
  10. Calendar Man would be a SICK villain for the new one. ---Brent
  11. Armin Van Buuren live from the DJ Mag Top 100 Djs party in London. ---Brent
  12. I loved tonight's episode! I thought they did a pretty good impersonation of the original and payed homage rather nicely. And Brittney, once again, quote of the episode, "I'm going as a peanut allergy." ---Brent
  13. Hume Lake (in Sequoia National Park), Yosemite (I'm pretty sure everyone who goes there loves it), anywhere in the Sierras, Pacific Northwest (Oregon, here's looking at you), Boston, Yellowstone, and Colorado. I'm a sucker for nature, I really love the outdoors. ---Brent
  14. Last night was probably the most crowded I have ever seen the park. They were parking people in front of the toll booths and on the whole road to the parking lot. Overflow was completely full and the line of cars went nearly all the way to X2's final raven turn. But regardless, I had a great time at the park yesterday, and Fright Fest is certainly a step up from years previous. ---Brent
  15. I've only gone to Knott's Scary Farm this year, but this year was one of the best they have ever done! The quality in the new mazes was fantastic and I can really see how Knott's is trying to step up their game. I actually work at a haunted attraction called The Empty Grave in Anaheim. We are literally right across the street from Disneyland in the Anaheim Gardenwalk. If you're in the Anaheim Resort area, or even Southern California, come visit us! We've been getting some phenomenal reviews this year! ---Brent Part of my costume this year. Come visit me!
  16. Anybody going to World Cup in Orlando this week? My brother is leaving on Wednesday to go play with his D3 team, pretty sweet if I do say so myself. ---Brent
  17. Toxic Is Dead (Cyberpunks Remix) - The Toxic Avenger ---Brent
  18. It's pathetic that I know what he's saying...but regardless, EPIC WIN FOR LONG HAIRED BLONDE NERD DUDE! ---Brent
  19. ^ Ahhhh best live show I've ever seen! EDC 2010 <3 This Is Our Night (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) - Sander Kleinenberg ---Brent
  20. Thanks for the great review man! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ---Brent
  21. In the Southern California area this weekend? Come stop by Southern California's premier haunted attraction, The Empty Grave! I'd love to see some TPR peeps come through, stop on by and say hi! We are open from 7-12 tonight and tomorrow and 7-10 on Sunday. ---Brent
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