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  1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The Propellerheads ---Brent
  2. Anybody else here on the West Coast waking up for the 4 AM Korea game? I know it's not a super exciting game, but I couldn't miss any of the World Cup action ---Brent
  3. Just got back from the park, a couple of interesting things are in the park. There is quite a bit of Glow Fest stuff up already and surprisingly, it doesn't look horrible. I actually kinda like the look of it in Hollywood Pictures Backlot, adds a little bit to the kinda blah facades in there. And perhaps the most interesting thing I saw, all of the lights and everything ready for a WoC show to begin, and accompanying all of that was a giant mass of people, along with dozens of crowd control CMs guiding these people. Looks like there is a show tonight, something I didn't know was happening! ---Brent
  4. IOA is my favorite theme park hands down, and this seems to be a very good fit for the park. Too bad it just took over one of my favorite places in the entire place . RIP Dueling Dragons line, you were amazing. ---Brent
  5. Voting and getting my whole family to do the same! One of my favorite charities, you guys do some of the best work possible! ---Brent
  6. I knew that DCA and DL were on different loops, I was just making sure that the WoC Fastpass wouldn't be on the same circuit as the rest of the park. It would be a nightmare if WoC was on the same circuit. These crowds are going to be monstrous, and I have a feeling that Disney is totally NOT prepared for the chaos that will ensue this summer. ---Brent
  7. With Disneyland being right up the 5 Freeway from me (about a 10 minute drive), I visit the park quite often. And although I've visited WDW, I do not get bored of Disneyland at all. I try and go a couple times a month, but lately I've been falling through on that promise. I'll utilize my pass a heck of a lot more this summer, seeing as there won't be any schoolwork to hinder me from visiting. ---Brent
  8. So if you get a Fastpass for World of Color at the very beginning of the day, does that mean you cannot get a Fastpass at DCA for the rest of the day? Because I know that you cannot get another Fastpass ticket until the first time on your ticket comes around, and if the shows aren't until 9:00 or 10:00 or whenever they are doing them, does that mean you are blocked from getting a Fastpass ticket for the entirety of the day? ---Brent
  9. Those colors look like they belong on a pair of MC Hammer's pants, not in a theme park. ---Brent
  10. ^ Good call my friend Smack My B*tch Up - The Prodigy ---Brent
  11. ^ Lemme know if you're going to EDC, meeting up with TPR people there would be really fun! ---Brent
  12. A Modern Midnight Conversation - The Chemical Brothers ---Brent
  13. I'm talking about the Halloween season with my friend right now, and we are conjuring up some pretty sweet and wicked ideas for The Empty Grave this year. I cannot wait till October! ---Brent
  14. Not even fair, I missed Pendulum when they were here for Beyond Wonderland. I really want to see those guys. ---Brent
  15. Giant Robot-Birdhead - The Aquabats ---Brent
  16. 2Nite feat. Sporty-O (Original Mix) - Felguk ---Brent
  17. Took my World History AP test today, and I thought I absolutely destroyed it. I'm so glad that all those long hours of studying my brains out have payed off finally. ---Brent
  18. Raining Again (Steve Angello Remix) - Moby ---Brent
  19. Deadmau5! He's a Canadian electro artist who makes the sickest songs. ---Brent
  20. Go go go go go! I'll be there along with their two dates at the Key Club. So I'll be seeing Streetlight Manifesto three times within one week! Gonna be amazing! My concert calendar for this summer is going to be truly epic. It goes as: Electric Daisy Carnival (Deadmau5, Moby): June 25th Ska in the Park (Big D and the Kids Table, Fishbone): June 26th Streetlight Manifesto: July 12, 13, 15 Warped Tour (Reel Big Fish, Dropkick Murphys): August 11th And many more to be added! Can't wait till summer! ---Brent
  21. No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo ---Brent
  22. Got around to finally watching A Beautiful Mind today (it's been sitting next to my TV for a little over a month now) and WOW. What a stellar film. I was truly impressed by the overall quality of everything in the movie: the cinematography, the acting, and the script were all top notch and absolutely fantastic. Goes up with my favorite movies of all time, it definitely deserved the Best Picture win. ---Brent
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