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  1. Hello fellow TPR members, it's been many many months since I have posted anything on the forum. I've been busy with training for my Air Force career and haven't really had time to browse or post. After taking some leave to Denver, I decided to get a little nostalgic and visit Frontier City. The last time I was here was in 1999 when I was 7 years old. View from the highway driving up Logo is still the same Diamondback, I actually never rode this back then, I was still afraid of riding roller coasters with loops. Moving on to Mindbender, which was not here way back. Prairie Schooner swinging ship was not working today. Steel Lasso, a nice little hang down family coaster The foundation from either the old swings or the tomahawk ride that used to be here. Nerd shot Moving on to the Silver Bullet, again this was my first time riding since I was afraid back when I was 7. Also the track back then was painted teal/aqua with red support beams. Brakes looking a little rusty these days In '99 this was my favorite ride. It was a little busy but I just had to ride again! While in line for Wildcat, you can look up and read some historical information and fun facts about rollercoasters. Though some may be a little outdated. In Chadster's 2012 report, it was said by August 2012 these towers would be gone. However they still stand. The vehicle still remains rusting under a tree The old entrance to Eruption, with a sign explaining why I could not ride it today. This ride, now closed, in 1999 was called Terrible Twister, a Chance Rotor ride that spun while you stood against the wall, then the floor would drop but you would stay in place. I miss this ride. Ferris Wheel atop the hill provides a great view of the surrounding park. Sky Sling, I miss working this ride in the Florida Panhandle. Mystery River Log Flume is an old but classic ride Wild Kitty, rare credit? I like how much red paint is caked on the track Part of their summer concert series, Theory of a Deadman is playing tonight. Sound check going on in this photo. I personally cannot leave a park without getting some Dip N Dots, I just love em so much!
  2. Here is mine, as you can tell from the picture and various icons, I am quite the nerd
  3. Hey all you TPR fanatics It's been about 6 months, maybe more, since I have been on the TPR website, or anywhere near a theme park. I just wanted to post that I am trying to get back into things after a long winter. I moved out of Orlando sadly and am currently in San Antonio, TX. I left to join the Air Force and am currently in tech training for my job. Today, I finally was able to visit Fiesta Texas and get my rollercoaster fix. It felt good, even though Iron Rattler isnt open yet and I will most likely be gone before it opens. Anyway I just wanted to post a random thought to get back into things. -Snowboard
  4. I enjoyed Jaws, having different captains of your boat decided wether your voyage was interesting or a total bore. I will miss Jaws and all of Amity, but I do agree it's time for a change.
  5. You pretty much said it all in a nutshell Jake, I never got to see Death Drums last night but there will be plenty of opportunities for that. By far my favorite was a tie between The In-between and Winter's Night. They have stepped it up this year for sure.
  6. A couple decides to tie the knot on what other than a rollercoaster! Which one? Only The Intimidator at Carowinds! Here is the yahoo video http://news.yahoo.com/video/charlottewcnc-15750615/couple-ties-the-knot-on-a-roller-coaster-26376409.html Article from wcnc.com
  7. My last concert was Anberlin and We the Kings. Next in my line up this year: Blink182 and My Chemical Romance Linkin Park and most likely more that I have not found yet
  8. From thewrap.com full link to article: http://www.thewrap.com/media/article/comcast-will-buy-blackstones-stake-universal-studios-27803 ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and merged this into our existing thread on the topic. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  9. There are a couple places in my area that offer laser tag such as Big Kahunas Water Park and The Track. But I feel the best homemade one I have seen is the one at the place I work, Destin Laser Tag. The business opened October 2009 and has prospered since. The owner designed and built the 18 hold indoor black light mini golf course on his own with the help of the employees such as I.
  10. God Bless America, the reign is finally over. We still have to be careful though, because there are still people out there that can retaliate for his death. His ideology isn't dead yet, overseas military and others please take care and be safe.
  11. I agree with you, Most Wanted was an awesome game and the rest that followed are not that great. They need one like underground again with free roam and lots of customization options and SUV races again. Make it night time again or maybe even one that goes on a day/night system. As for tthe cops I do like them in the game but they need to add more of a challenge to outrun them.
  12. Cedar Point Universal Studios Hollywood Dollywood Six Flags Over Texas The rest of the parks would be in Europe, not sure which ones to go with
  13. Def need to watch those star wars movies Elissa it will be good for you
  14. Great trip report! I love the scoop on those kinds of rides, such a simple addition and design that puts out a cool effect for people both on and off the ride.
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