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  1. I have to agree that the supports seem too blue. Even though it's already been done on SFOG's Goliath, I think teal would look much better.
  2. Just finished RAGE. Damn, that ending was disappointing.
  3. Looks great! It's a shame the ride is so short though.
  4. This looks great! Nice to see B&M doing something original for once.
  5. A B&M giga-coaster? I never thought this day would come!
  6. I think Montu's track is more of an indigo colour. That and the rails are grey.
  7. I've never ridden it but I'd have to say Infusion. I hear everybody saying how amazingly awesomely wonderfully amazing it is...But it's an SLC. Isn't that uh...bad?
  8. On the second picture I was going to make a Gabe Newell joke, but I'll hold it back. After reading that, all I can say is... ...You sir, are officially awesome.
  9. ^I don't there's a "pro" version, I think they modify NL itself. As for the other 3D program, If I remember correctly they're produced in 3DS Max by a company called Virtual Image Productions.
  10. Ah I see, thanks for answering my question guys! I guess this thread may as well be locked now so it doesn't get bumped back up to the top five years later.
  11. Rattler at SFFT? I though that one used to be good, perhaps my logic is flawed.
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