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  1. Well I'm sure they are getting a wavepool because you suggested it.
  2. I hope that we don't get a Wavepool, the water park does need work but, I would like to keep the log flume over a wave pool, I love the log flume. If they are going to remove it which it looks like they are I hope they put a coaster or something worth wild in its spot.
  3. thanks everybody for your input, I just picked up a 360, me and some friends played it for 30 min. and torr. I'm taking it back for a PS3, I have been playing video games my hole life and the menu system in the xbox is the wrost in the world, it is set up just crappy, does anybody know if the PS3 menu is the same way? Thanks again everybody
  4. I have a Wii I love it but I'm looking to play more hardcore games, I have never been a huge fan on sony or microsoft, but I want something other then Wii. I like the Blu-Ray player of sony, but almost all the games on PS3 are on 360, unsure of which system, to buy, I don't care about price or anything?
  5. I would say Cedar Point, because if you have never been on Maverick, you need to go to Cedar Point, Maverick itself is better then all of kings island.
  6. Does anybody have a picture of the hill after the first drop before they took it out in 99'?
  7. My favorite park is Cedar Point. Best Ride: Raptor Worst Ride:Magnum XL 200
  8. Great photo's I'll be there in a week I can't wait to ride Maverick.
  9. Magnum XL200 at Cedar Point is by far my least favorite coaster.
  10. OK, I have a huge feeling that VF is much cleaner then most Six Flags park. I go to VF about 10 times a year and never see trash on the midways. I agree partly with you on the paint jobs although none of the coasters are looking that bad except for High Roller, but who cares about that one. Thats true about the six flags parks, I was thinking that Corkscrew could use some paint.
  11. Renegade was a great add to the park but valleyfair really does need an inverter. Hopefully when they add the next coaster in another 3 years or so they won't cheap out for a wood coaster. They also need to clean the park up a little bit they don't really take care of it very well, some of the rides could use some paint as well.
  12. My favorite element is the Zero-G roll then the cobra roll.
  13. I like the speed of the ride, because it is the fastest coaster and the longest coaster in the park, I also like the tunnel. I like Renegade but its a bit short.
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