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  1. I have to admit that like most enthusiasts I'm always disappointed when a new coaster is not destined for my home park, however I completely understand this addition. Currently, H.H. is most consistently getting people through the gates at SFA and considering (as previously mentioned) how pathetic their current lazy river is, this upgrade is actually a great idea and makes me want to make the effort to hit up the water park in 2018. That being said the biggest problem holding this park back has absolutely nothing to do with it's line up of rides but lazy staff members, specifically in the
  2. The track is not black. It appears to be wrapped in black plastic to protect it. Not sure what they need to protect it from but you can tell it's not painted because there is no visible gap between the spine and the rails.
  3. I don't understand how there was no mechanical failure found when the video clearly shows the restraint opening right up...
  4. You can see how one end of the track will connect to the box lift support and the other end will connect to the double spine of the first drop.
  5. The crown should go up within the next two weeks since Clifford the big red crane is only at Hershey for another two weeks (according to Keystone Thrills). With regards to the look of the lift hill, I don't see why everyone is complaining seeing as it's the same style of structure as the two towers supporting it. And I honestly think that the look of the lift is going to change rather significantly once track and catwalks are added. This picture was added within the past couple days (the date is wrong) to AllAmericanThrills and it shows the cross beams which will hold track and catwalks.
  6. If you look at one of the video updates posted earlier, there is an access road that runs along comet.
  7. In real life the footers are a lot bigger than they appear in the pictures.
  8. How many times are you going to post "I told you so!" here? There's lots of people on this forum that have been saying this is a great ride all along... Agreed... I apologize. I didn't mean to annoy anyone.
  9. How many times are you going to post "I told you so!" here? There's lots of people on this forum that have been saying this is a great ride all along... Only twice. And yes there were people who had faith in this coaster, however the majority of people couldn't get past the poor quality and inaccuracy of the simulation.
  10. I think the layout, including transitions and airtime hills, is going to be a lot quicker and more forceful than you think. Having seen the construction site in person, the amount of space the main part of this coaster is going to take up, its much smaller than the simulation would lead you to believe. At the height this coaster is supposed to be I think we can expect transitions closer to that of I305 than the Intamin mega coasters of old. Especially considering that the first drop goes immediately into a turn unlike every Intamin mega coaster I know that either fully or almost fully pulls ou
  11. Do you really think Hershey would spend all this time money and effort on building a ride and not take into account the fact that the area floods so often? I'm sure the footers are fine and if any of them weren't you bet they would have taken a jack hammer to it and started over.
  12. No it's not, that is an over-banked turn. The reason people are calling the element on SkyRush a Stengel dive is because it's going to immediately straighten out after the over-banked portion currently shown. The turn is ending right after the track currently installed. Otherwise it would just be an over-banked turn.
  13. I find it hilarious that back before vertical construction began, I said that this coaster was going to end up being a lot more intense than everyone thought. Only now that the track is going up, helping to put the pictures into perspective is is clear just how tight the layout is going to be. So to all those people who were doubting and knocking this ride based purely on the NL rendering..... I TOLD YOU SO!
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