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  1. Looks pretty good so far. Seems as though they're going with a 10 car train at least for the prototype, and I can only assume they'll go with a similar number for the full model. One thing that mildly worries me is that it looks as though they're using an on-board motor to rotate the cars, and Vekoma tried that once before with the original Flying Dutchman model, with no success. Hopefully, the kinks of that are handled by now and the ride can operate smoothly once it's installed. I'd have to say, Vekoma's been on a roll lately, it's good to see them getting better and better. I really lik
  2. Given how great of a reception the Bermuda Blitz model (Lech Coaster) got, I can't wait to see how this one compares.
  3. The Cyclone at Coney Island is about 15 miles from me, as the crow flies.
  4. Looks like the prototype trains are using an overhead lap bar system. Front seat rides on these are looking to be a super exposed feeling experience.
  5. That element looks like a really drawn out cutback to me. Can't wait to see this thing in action.
  6. Almost anything RMC does looks like something you'll get reamed for by the community if you do it in No Limits XD.
  7. Which is why I proposed new trains/wheels as another option. Having to run that risk every night with the only way to fix it being bringing in a crane isn't exactly efficient. This accident is another issue with blocks yes, but the train valleying quite a lot is an issue in and of itself.
  8. I noticed that every time the Smiler's train valleyed in that section, it was empty. I think there needs to be some new protocol in testing (never empty) or maybe newer trains/wheels.
  9. The first defunct B&M being Nemesis. What's worse than your home park getting a used boomerang coaster?
  10. Speaking of dangerous, look at that beautifully deigned restraint system.
  11. ^ When you use area attractions (Great Adventure, Jersey Shore, Knoebels) as a reason that the park is fine it just irks me. That means that the park isn't competing enough in its location. The problem that I and most of us have is that Dorney has so much more potential than it's using. The park has 3 inverts, 2 of which are not only used, but also shuttles, as in they can only run 1 train. The park hasn't received a really new coaster since 2004! Also Wildwater Kingdom, while having one of my favorite water slides of all time (Patriot's Plunge) lacks any type of real draw. There are no specia
  12. I think they do that to increase throughput. They speed up the lift to get it to the top, and then slow it down for the desired effect.
  13. Finding out that your child got killed in a hit and run. What's worse than a TOGO wooden standup with concrete restraints?
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