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  1. ^It was the Green Flash Brandy Barrel Aged Barleywine. And Kim won't mind at all that you didn't post any pics of her. She hates when I do it! I'm glad that you and Ray and Lauren were able to meet up with us. We had a lot of fun hanging with you guys!
  2. ^Allright, Hop Trip! Well it's been a while, but I'm hoping to get caught up over the next couple of weeks. I still need to share some Oktoberfest beer pics, I'll save the Pumpkin Ale pics for the week before thanksgiving, and I still need to post the pics from a couple of Pumpkin Ale fest that we were at around Halloween. We'll start out with something local though to get me back into the swing of things... And then finish up with the first of what will be many mugs of their cask Susquehanna Stout. Good stuff! The first order of business is to naturally fill it up with some of
  3. Alright, time for some more beer pics! October is always an exciting time of the month for beer, with not only all kinds of Oktoberfest beers making the rounds but also a style that's starting to basically become the American version of that style, the Pumpkin Ale. Everybody seems to brew one now every Fall but luckily we don't live too far from (IMHO) thee best out there. And I finish up with a warming goblet of Organic Tripel. This is similar to their Stealth Tripel but with naturally all organic ingredients. A good closer for this visit! Look for more Pumpkin Ale pics coming soon...
  4. I thought that I'd thrown up a couple pics of some of the more hoppy offerings that I've checked out recently. And boy, this actually lived up to the hype. Pretty much the quintessential West Coast IPA with huge note of pine, grapefruit, and a grainy malt backbone. Freaking fantastic stuff! Finally, Derek made an impromptu trip over to the house last night, so we split something that I had received via a trade just that day. The #27 rated beer over at BA. The Ballast Point Sculpin IPA. This was brewed purely with locally grown hops and was quite awesome! There was a total all-aroun
  5. Wow, looks like it's time to start posting again! Last Friday, they tapped their Pumpkin Ale over at the Iron Hill in Lancaster and invited the area Muggers to come on out and give it a try. Who are we to say no? November 22nd. We'll be there. Good stuff too. Lots of yeast, spice, and citrus with a pretty nice tartness to it. The man himself, Paul Rutherford, came out to pour us Saison samples from a hand bottled jeroboam. For round # 2 I go with the cask Pumpkin while Derek tries a 10 oz of their new Bourbon Porter. Since we're here, I've got to go with my stand-by pesto c
  6. This past weekend was PPP of course but it was also a continuation of another annual tradition that's now in it's 3rd year. The Pre-PPP visit to the SGB on the way to Knoebels. Derek and Nicole were naturally there with us but as a bonus this year, both Jeff and Deuane were able to stop by as well for a couple as they were each passing through the area. Afterwards it was on to PPP and the Covered Bridge Fest, where we of course had to get some pumpkin rice pudding. Yum! Jeff and I then go for our own goblets of the Peche Saison. This stuff was seriously awesome. Juicy fresh peachs,
  7. Since we weren't going to be able to see Derek on his birthday today, we had him come over last night and treated him to a little pre-birthday hanging out. We busted out some cool beers, had some tasty eats, and watched some High Def goodness. All in all, I think he had a good time. Happy 29th Dude! And we're happy to report that it's held up just fine! Lots of deep chocolate, coffee, dark fruits, and roasted malts with a nice tingle of smokiness to it that reminded us a bit of a gunpowder smell. Really nice stuff from COAST! Why is it so rare? Because they only bottled 4 cases (4
  8. It's been a while since I've done a BTR but hopefully I'll get more up here in the future. So last Friday, with the day off from work, Kim and I were supposed to make a stop at the SGB and then go up to a concert at the Bloomsburg Fair. Well unfortunately, they canceled the concert the night before, so we now had some free time to check out something else. We decided to make the most of it and make our way up to two areas that we haven't visited in a while. Naturally I had to get a few to go! Thanks for reading and look for an SGB update after the weekend. And here's something
  9. Happy First Day of Fall everyone! I haven't been around here in the thread lately but I'm hoping to post a little more regularly now that it's time for all kinds of delicious Fall beer offerings. And with Oktoberfest kicking off in Munich on Saturday, it's definitely that time of the year for some tasty Oktoberfest/Marzens to be had. And the Trogner Bros. have done very well by this style. Bready toasted grains and caramel sweetness that are well balanced by a touch of spicy Noble hops. Very tasty and hugely quaffable. Well done Troegs! We'll kick things off with something REA
  10. Thanks for coming out and hanging with us Chuck! Count me in as also being impressed with the way that BGE has continued to grow this event. I wish that we had another free weekend this fall, as we'd love to come down again and see it's doing a little later in the season. Considering that this was just opening weekend, I thought that they did a very nice job with the event.
  11. Been pretty quiet in here the last few days. Thought that I'd break the silence and show off a couple of the more exclusive Bell's brews that have come out so far this year. WhoooooWheeeee!!! They definitely didn't skip the Bourbon in this guy! Fortunately the cherry tartness and chocolate of the Cherry Stout could still be tasted underneath all that booze. Finally, another brewery exclusive, a Bourbon Barrel Aged version of their Cherry Stout. The rumor is that this is just a repackaged version of their Amber Ale. Well, it's a pretty pedestrian effort either way. Up next is a
  12. ^^^Sweet action Bubba! I can't wait to try some of those canned offerings! So as Derek has all ready posted our Sunday adventures, I'll put up what we did on Saturday evening. It had been awhile since we all got together so we thought that we'd have Derek & Nicole come over for a party. But this wasn't just any old party... This was a Pizza "Port" Party! And was it good? Just take a look at those smiles. Thanks for reading. And finally, since the last couple of beers all ready tasted like dessert, I decide to put the cherry on top (literally) with a bottle of New Gla
  13. ^ You are correct Chuck, it is Sinestro and he's actually become a big part of the Green Lantern universe again over the last year or so. OK, now I'M getting too geeky for my own good! Anyway, it's cool to see members of the Legion of Doom roaming around the Six Flags parks. Awesome TR as usual Ted. I wish I had known that you guys were in the area this past weekend. Kim and I probably could have come out and met up for a bit.
  14. Well with the Discovery Channel airing their annual Shark Week marathon last week, I thought that I should have an appropriate theme for the beers that I would be drinking while watching it. Hence, intermingled between episodes of Myth Busters and shows about shark attacks, I bring you... STOUT WEEK! This definitely isn't for the faint of heart but, my oh my, is is tasty! Big notes of chocolate, coffee, and dark fruits intermingle with some definite Belgian yeast character. That huge ABV is definitely there but it never seems to become stinging. Great stuff and I'm looking for
  15. Thought that I'd put up some pics from this past weekend. Starting out Friday after work and ending up on Sunday. And this was very good! Lots of resinous pine bitterness were in there but it was all about the sweetness with this guy. Tons of honey and malts notes and some of the juiciest citrus character I've tasted in a long time. This reminded me a lot of Bell's Hopslam, which is definitely a good thing! Finally, all day Sunday, I got into my Captain Lawrence growler of goodness. The Captain's Reserve Double IPA. They have great burgers here too, as I'm about to devour mine and
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