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  1. I have one Here I also have a rollercoaster group thats new and need more members Right Here So if u want you can join And im 14 and ive had one for a while, i really don't think age is that big of an issue compared to cover up ads or posting pornographic images
  2. It is racing theme actually, but very vaguely, the only way i think of it as racing is from the website. It actually says that your racing for pink slips. So in a way its racing themed, but not as much as TTD. As for TTD vs. KK, i throughly enjoy KKs better, it just plainly blends in more with the surroundings, then the 420 ft. sore thumb known as TTD
  3. Is it one of those rides like at Speedzone? I had no idea thats how fast Dodonpa goes, that would genuinely hurt
  4. Mine would be X, Scream, and XLR8R, and Zonga, even though i haven't seen it in person
  5. Very odd about Viper. Anyone know about what'll be open or how the crowds will be on March 19?
  6. Wow. I thought the only Powered coasters were the dragon ones
  7. Sim theme Park SUCKS! Dont get it. No Limits is probably the best. I wish they would make RCT games for Macs, cause I am stuck with them!
  8. The first drop will be something to die for. I am amazed to see all the elements put into this Dive Machine compared to Oblivion, with only a drop and the one in Thailand.
  9. Nice... Theres a tornado warning for the city next to mine... Im doomed
  10. What are they doing to Deja Vu now? Any guess of when it will reopen?
  11. I think that would rock, having no track visible would be the ultimate rush
  12. Cobra does look kinda cool...better then Bubbles...best...name...ever
  13. That looks cool. My friend and I always used to take Skateboards and stuff, and ride them down the slide. It was cool until we tried a wagon, and got it stuck in the slide
  14. U was standing in line with my friend for Perilous Plunge, when the guy next to us sees a puddle and asks us "Do you get wet on this ride" as a cart of soaked riders passes by
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