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  1. Just announced on the parks Facebook page & on it's website, Smiler will not be opening over the Bank Holiday weekend http://www.altontowers.com/the-smiler-faqs/
  2. One's from memory that I have seen are Carowinds Thorpe Park Mirabilandia Tibidabo
  3. As of typing this message - The coaster has been removed from the parks coaster listing on IMDB. Link here The coaster is in RCDB limbo The coasters page on RCDB
  4. I voted for Coaster Expedition, always loved them. They are always great fun to watch.
  5. GCI - I remember from last years IAAPA, you announced the "Big Fun" Concept. Which I thought was a great idea & solution. Is this still available for potential customers ? and will we see it at park soon ?
  6. There are plenty of hotels close by to Hong Kong's airport. The park is easily reachable by Metro (MTR) by changing at "Sunny Bay" Here is a helpful website showing a map. I have stayed here at the Novotel Hong Kong Citygate. It's very close to the airport and well connected to the MTR Hope that helps
  7. Some of the quotes I totally agree with. Nemesis is world class, I'd like to add Megafobia as a honorable mention
  8. Good one If that was the case, then it would be Saw without a doubt Even if it's not listed, Speed is my favorite overall. For fun & re-rideabilty, The smaller Eurofighters like Rage are excellent for their size IMHO
  9. Excellent shots Hanno - Look forward to future updates
  10. Totally agree with all the parks listed & reasons given. Some really great parks there. Would like to add a couple of more possibles Tibidabo - Barcelona, Spain. Some average rides there, but some are totally unique like the "Plane on a Stick". Also the awesome views of the city below Plopsaland De Panne - Belgium I had a real fun day there. Anubis is a great coaster.
  11. No surprise that the park is very busy today. From people there today, the queue line for Swarm reached 60 minutes + after 30 minutes of the park being open. Swarm will do very well for the park.
  12. Yes the Merlin annual pass is valid at both Alton Towers & Thorpe Park Other benefits include Chessington & the London Eye Official site for the pass is here
  13. Found this article about this park euroweeklynews.com I do hope things get better for this park.
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