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  1. That's a hefty list! But Nemmy seems to be the champion
  2. Erm, okay, what are you guys doing on this thread. If you want to ask the guy a question, ask him on your own thread- that's the logic
  3. Nemmy is brilliant but I do think it has some competition. I also believe it is the best (if not Saw The ride) But I'll see what the big one is like and perhaps I'll change my mind
  4. Definitely agree with oblivion being highly commended
  5. The Lord Of The rings by J.R.R Tolkien. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, read the silmarillion and all and love eru's world. I'll be watching the hobbit and all this winter. Part 1 is on Doomsday this year I think!
  6. Just wondering what you think the best coaster in the UK is. Some top competitors could be rides like Jubilee Odysey and Nemesis along with Saw the ride and many others.
  7. Hi guys. Im a ride/coaster fan. I have lots of hobbies and am looking for a forum where I can discuss rides and theme parks
  8. Edit: never mind: just keep me blocked. Al I can say is that I won't cause trouble if you unblock me
  9. I very well know I haven't given details, I can pm you them. I mentioned the swarm and people got fed up of me talking about a similar ride. I wasn't trying to be obnoxious, the video is of this wing rider called x something. I like your videos and have done nothing to deserve this!
  10. I have been blocked on commenting on your YouTube channel. and I was wondering why? I have not posted anything on it and I am wondering why?
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