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  1. "you don't see any one of these three attractions in to many parks these days." Apart frmo Blackpool PLeasure Beach which oddly has all three. Not sure if that's good or bad?
  2. I remember The Ranger. I'm sure it's the one that used to be at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Nice ride - a bit squishy sometimes with those pads. Best fun to be had was hearing people lose all their change as it sat upside down.
  3. Hi I seem to have a problem with RCT scenery - especially the tress. They seem to be very blocky. I have recently upgraded my PC and can run RCT3 at max res with all the details turned up and it still makes no difference. I have seen parks here that have much better looking tress and other plants than mine do. Any help would be appriciated.
  4. There is no Yes/No answer to that it would be 50/50. Do you think that Monday is a horrible way to spent on seventh of your life?
  5. I feel really ill. I think there is too much blood in my alchole stream.
  6. No, It seems not. Is there a reason for Wasps.
  7. No pics but I'm currently drinking some fantastic Mulled Wine. Hic... Very nice and warming in all the best ways. Also I have homemade mince pies made by my wonderful wife.
  8. Had one of these fab items for a few months here. (Damn hard to get hold of one here in the UK). Love Zelda, Love Exite Truck, Love Wario. By the way Rob looks like he's playing Warios (page 28) with the Wiimote on the end of his nose . Having endless problems getting 'on-line' casue of my provider. Looking forward to downloading old games when I get this sorted out.
  9. Hi all Just turned into the 25th here so happy yule to all. Hope you all get your wishes at this time and in the future. Also I wish you all a great new year and I hope you achieve all you wish and have good health and happiness.
  10. Because there is not enough bat droppings in the world (thats what their made of honest) Why don't we all do the opposite of what our Sat Navs tell us and try to drive them insane?
  11. Heard a couple at Pleasure Beach Blackpool over the years. 1. (heard on several differnt rides) Do I really have to wear the safty belt/ use the lap bar. 2. (Heard on Pepsi Max Big One) I heard that if this had once rolled back down the lift hill and killed six people in the station. 3. (Couple talking on the Flying Machines). One of these snapped off once and landed in the sea) 4. A guy has to walk round the whole monorail track every day to check it. 5. (Someone stood under the Revolution Track talking to his partner). Don't touch the track you'll get electrocuted.
  12. Don't rush you've done a damn good job as it is. Great updates, great photos. Been laughing ourselves sick. Thanks again.
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