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  1. OMG! We kept wondering how they’d top the Aquaduck, and here it is! I love that they’re leaning into more entertainment at dinner - Animators Palette was always a highlight, and I’m sure these will be mega popular too. The Marvel restaurant reminds me of the “Star Wars Takeover” on their themed cruise days. Really curious as to Hero Zone - like a more themed sports court? Family competition activities are a big win! And does this make it sound like there’s going to be two smaller movie screening rooms instead of one big theater? Ready to get on this ship ASAP!
  2. I mean, let’s be clear - the list of attractions here are absolutely place holders based purely on: a) the latest lands Disney is building outside California b) attractions that aren’t in California The only thing they’re asking here is for the right to actually plan on the existing land, but in a different way than they agreed to almost 30 years ago. No way this list of “inspiring attractions” should be considered as anything serious. I’m personally weirded out by the idea of DL and DCA “annexes” being built across giant bridges from the existing parks, instead of a 3rd gate on the giant parking lot down the street, but I’m sure Strategic Planning has some righteous spreadsheets showing that “this is the way”.
  3. Thanks for posting that - hadn't heard about this before. The scale is... little? But compared to what Merlin is charging for at shopping mall attractions, it's proportionately huge! Oh absolutely true - and like 5 ticket / pass levels to entice you to upgrade! And I'm glad that by the time this opens, my kid probably won't care? Who am I kidding, if we go to Legoland, I'll be forced to hear all the voices from this ruddy show all over again. Any parents who avoided the Pig Family trap, congratulations.
  4. I get why Merlin - and especially LEGO - would want Peppa to be a separate experience. The accounting alone for this, if they're looking to pay some % of revenue is going to be massively simpler as an upcharge/separate gate... let alone the completely separate theme. Any thoughts on where this is going to go physically? Whatever else you can say, Merlin isn't afraid to spend money in Florida for sure!
  5. Legoland Florida has a similar 10 minute time throttle on their Freestyle machines. And yes, it's a ridiculous lawsuit, but he's not technically wrong. Look a menu description change to remove the word "unlimited" or maybe an asterisk and some tiny type that no one will read. Progress!
  6. Eh, I wouldn't look too far into that, those slides are only 48" so a lot of kinds under the age of 10 can and will go on those especially the tornado slide, they'll fit the demographic just fine. Agreed - my 5 yo loves any slide he can get on. Notably Sesame Street was the most memorable part of his visit to SWO earlier this year - he still talks about the parade. I'm still kinda shocked about this, mainly because I hadn't even comprehended that they had a water park out there in the first place!
  7. YES! This exactly! My kiddo is way past Rollerskaters, but it'll be a couple more years before we get to 54", let alone him wanting to do 7 loops... but he is going to be super excited about Ice Breaker!
  8. Disney owns ESPN and ESPN does a lot of work with the NBA. So that part makes sense. And yes, that is Kareem! D-Wade, Mike Conley, one of the Lopez twins, Victor Olidipo, Aaron Gordon, and Adam SIlver were there as well from what I could tell in the pictures posted to various socials. Looked like a nice event. And a TON of other players attended... I follow the NBA (mostly my hometown team) and the "stars" of official media releases were all hanging out with other less famous NBA players as well. One example: Mike Conley was hanging out with Jeff Green and Brandan Wright at the Magic Kingdom. It's the NBA off-season still, so I'm sure there are lots of players getting their family vacation time in right now. And are there seriously people upset about this? Let's review advice I always tell my 5 year old: "It's OK if people like different things."
  9. Totally agree - not every attraction should be an E-ticket. This looks really cool, especially for the hordes of tiny Cars fans out there. And heck... it's air conditioned. If it had seats for the audience, I'd be all in! Love that it's right beside the two big draws on that end of the park - will provide some nice balance to RnRC and ToT.
  10. Well... that looks pretty darn cool. The controlled car turn is going to open up some pretty cool possibilities, very interesting! Thanks for posting!
  11. I'm convinced Cedar Fair is just using names of Pacific Rim jaegers for their new coasters now. I actually happen to like this one though! And this layout is far and away more original and better than I think anyone expected. I don't care how mediocre I thought Valravn was, Striker Eureka----I mean Yukon Striker looks incredible. I am very glad I wasn't the only one making the Pacific Rim Jaeger connection with this! (Also, ride looks great, love the name, good job, very exciting!)
  12. A&W Canada was bought out by local management at least 20 years ago - basically it kept being popular, when the US business went down the tubes. No idea why, exactly. I will say that the Canadian version is still popular - if you are only counting burger chains (and not Tim Hortons) it's safe to bet it's #2 behind McDonald's. And the Burger Family lives on! (Not to mention that Chubby Chicken got resurrected too)
  13. That Slinky Dog coaster toy is a "must buy" when we visit this fall for sure. Thanks for the report and pictures, the land looks great!
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