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  1. Well Ive been on KK/TTD so if I cant choose those my next tallest in steel would be Millennium. As far as wood go, Ive been on Son Of Beast & next would be El Toro.
  2. I know theyre not big on the market anymore but that truly mean nothing... Look at MF(2000) then I305(2010). I have always thought SFMM would be great with an impulse coaster. Now that DejaVu is gone, I think it would be a great "replacement" but also a great addition to the park. Simple ride design, intense & thrilling.
  3. & thats whats so great about it...it didnt NEED to be done at all, but theyre creating a new experience & in reality creating a longer life cycle for the coaster by making the old new again. Basically The spike is still large. If people scream goin down a 50ft drop, theyre gonna scream lookin straight down a 200+ft drop.
  4. Thanks guys so much!! Im stuck on what to do, cause I do wanna do the eye too. So youre talkin about itd be less expensive to do 2day tix at EACH park(4tix) over a pass?? Just wanted some clarity is all, sorry
  5. It is my dream to visit Alton & Thorpe(its literally on my bucket list to do before Im 24) & at 23 years old, never have left the US, I am doin all I can to make it there this August 1st!! I will be "leisuring" in London with friends for 2weeks, but the parks are my focal points, soo... Would you happen to know what finances I would need total to be there?? (not including passport cause I've got the papers for that 2weeks ago) I was interested in gettin their annual Merlin pass but does it work at both parks?? Because I will be at each park for 2days. Also, I will be stayin with friends MOST THE TIME except for the days at Alton/Thorpe so lodging is not an issue the entire trip, just the 4park days & food costs will be minimal due to home cooking most the time, so my friend says He says Ill need about $1600 after flight & Ill be set if I dont go crazy on souvs haha.... Im hoping these parks are everything I've dreamt to be...god Im like a little kid, sorry! Im just really anxious & nervous about $$$ PLEASE give whatever advice you can about the park, $$, etc.
  6. I oddly said this exact same thing to myself... I just want that B&M to be saved!! :/ This is such great news that the park will not only reopen, but reopen with such management...the park is going to do well now & hopefully lose its terrible rep it had prior.
  7. Our new coaster is gorgeous. Simple as that. It looks amazing in the park's skyline too!! The current view of the webcam makes her look so flowy...that turn goin into the corkscrew/2nd zeroG is beautiful. I hear she looks massive up close in person. Cant wait. I have full faith shell be ready opening day May 5th!! That was a lot of sentences.
  8. Disagree...It worked for SFStl but here it would ruin the entire appeal of this coaster. Its a lot smaller of a plot of land than you're prob thinkin. They got rid of the arcade on that midway along with those remote boats/cars just to squeeze the turn in. This midway is significantly smaller now but I will say, yes its goin to be photogenic. I see no way on how they could have saved the cars with this layout. I mean, yes theres always a way...but again, I think it would have ruined the appearance of the ride, wouldnt have fit in that sense.
  9. Wow so much negativity, damn. No, I am not the wonderful man & I say that cause for those of us who dont get to see all this progress in person, he allows us to, so I am thankful for it. Its an exciting view for me, we have a new skyline. That area was obviously empty before so to see these photos makes me happy my park is expanding with a great new addition. As for that article that came out a couple days ago, very exciting! I know SFGAm always goes a level up in comparison to the other parks in the chain. I was hoping there would be more to the ride & I knew there had to be so again, I'm thankful! I have a feeling there will be a plane somewhere too...
  10. SERIOUSLY I AM SO GRATEFUL Look at that skyline. these pics were taken by a wonderful man named Rob who posts on sfgamworld, so thanful for him takin these, I hope its alright I show them to you guys:
  11. No, ours rolls the opposite of the Swarm. Swarm rolls left, Xflight rolls right (as seen in the webcam or pics/vid I posted in links). The support that appears to be under the lift will be the ZeroG. & heres this video by Rob Cassiere again:
  12. Why does this kinda ugly ride intrigue me?! It looks neat in a skyline. I'm just wondering what other parks this insane Intamin creation would work at... ??
  13. Congratulations to my beautiful park on our new skyline!! Im a little excited can you tell? haha Heres a video a sfgamworld member (Rob) posted :
  14. They may angle the camera up more in order to view it, who knows?? ... However, Im pretty sure SFGAm will take tomorrow seriously if its crowned meaning expect to see a topping off ceremony deal on their FB page, which will be exciting to see high res pics over webcam.
  15. We all have opinions & I know others have already stated, but those trains are ugly. The station & the ride look fantastic. Its location is great the sculpture, the colors etc but yeah, I agree, after seein Swarms/Raptors trains, this was not what I expected. Its due to how impressive Dollywood has made things in the past, the trains here just are lacking that appeal. Maybe those beams under the eagle will be painted with the ride/park logo or be covered. So I hope its doesnt remain that bare. & I still think X-Flight whether I'm biased or not has the best layout of the four. It still seems Wild Eagle has the prototype appearance of Raptor. Its gotta be the straight drop & loop. Swarm/XF have the more modern day drop that impresses me. Regardless, WE will be a great addition & I look forward to the amount of work dolly will have to it in the future & riding it. Im sure it will be enjoyable.
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