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  1. Just announced on the parks Facebook page & on it's website, Smiler will not be opening over the Bank Holiday weekend http://www.altontowers.com/the-smiler-faqs/
  2. One's from memory that I have seen are Carowinds Thorpe Park Mirabilandia Tibidabo
  3. As of typing this message - The coaster has been removed from the parks coaster listing on IMDB. Link here The coaster is in RCDB limbo The coasters page on RCDB
  4. I voted for Coaster Expedition, always loved them. They are always great fun to watch.
  5. GCI - I remember from last years IAAPA, you announced the "Big Fun" Concept. Which I thought was a great idea & solution. Is this still available for potential customers ? and will we see it at park soon ?
  6. There are plenty of hotels close by to Hong Kong's airport. The park is easily reachable by Metro (MTR) by changing at "Sunny Bay" Here is a helpful website showing a map. I have stayed here at the Novotel Hong Kong Citygate. It's very close to the airport and well connected to the MTR Hope that helps
  7. Some of the quotes I totally agree with. Nemesis is world class, I'd like to add Megafobia as a honorable mention
  8. Good one If that was the case, then it would be Saw without a doubt Even if it's not listed, Speed is my favorite overall. For fun & re-rideabilty, The smaller Eurofighters like Rage are excellent for their size IMHO
  9. Excellent shots Hanno - Look forward to future updates
  10. Totally agree with all the parks listed & reasons given. Some really great parks there. Would like to add a couple of more possibles Tibidabo - Barcelona, Spain. Some average rides there, but some are totally unique like the "Plane on a Stick". Also the awesome views of the city below Plopsaland De Panne - Belgium I had a real fun day there. Anubis is a great coaster.
  11. No surprise that the park is very busy today. From people there today, the queue line for Swarm reached 60 minutes + after 30 minutes of the park being open. Swarm will do very well for the park.
  12. Yes the Merlin annual pass is valid at both Alton Towers & Thorpe Park Other benefits include Chessington & the London Eye Official site for the pass is here
  13. Found this article about this park euroweeklynews.com I do hope things get better for this park.
  14. Properly for me the most overrated ride will be Swarm, I'm looking forward in riding it however it's gonna be overated I know it :S For Elissa & Robb, I'll take a guess it's the B&M Inverter at Parc Asterix ?
  15. Did not quite reach 30 parks this year, 29 parks is not too bad I'm pretty sure I've not missed any off, Thorpe Park & Alton Towers were visited multiple times. Plus Liseberg was a 2 day visit. All the USA parks were new parks for me. Well here is the list, enjoy ! Adventure Island Alton Towers BonBon Land Camelot Theme Park Chessington World Of Adventures Clacton Pier Clarence Pier Drayton Manor Fort Fun Amusement Park Funland Amusement Park Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Harbour Park Joyland Amusement Park Kemah Boardwalk Liseberg Little Amerricka Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Pavilion Fun Park SeaWorld San Antonio Silver Dollar City Six Flags Fiesta Texas Six Flags Great America Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags St Louis Thorpe Park Timber Falls Adventure Park Tivoli Gardens Worlds Of Fun
  16. This is great news & I hope it does really well for the park. I've not been to this park since 2004 & they were talking about adding a log flume sometime in the future then. It will certainly make 'Heiße Fahrt' look less barren
  17. Good to know LWV ran The Ultimate with 2 trains, otherwise the queue would of been very tedious. I've rarely seen the park run 2 trains in recent years, hence my question. Like you say, it's nice to see the park so busy. Did not manage to get to LWV this year, hope to make up for in 2012.
  18. Blimey, that was a real big queue for The Ultimate, was it running with 1 or 2 trains ? 1 train would of been 45 - 60 minute wait ?
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