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  1. More importantly, it looks like a credit. I'm really intrigued by this ride, can't wait for a POV.
  2. Granted...but it's Valleyfair...and all the coasters are closed. I wish that someone would build a coaster with a thousand foot drop.
  3. Granted, a skate-board themed Zamperla Volare. I wish My Chemical Romance would get back together.
  4. A few I forgot: Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley My Own Worst Enemy - Lit Chop Suey - System Of A Down Since You've Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson Ready To Go - Republica I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots Alive - Pearl Jam Girlfriend Is Better - Talking Heads Anastacia - Slash (with Myles Kennedy) Tangled Up In Blue - Bob Dylan
  5. Granted, they will add duelling Zamperla Volares to celebrate. I wish that all wimpy B & M coasters (most of them) would magically transform into kick a$$ RMC or Intaimin coasters.
  6. ^Granted, but everyone moves there and you can't afford to live there anymore. I wish Europe and the USA were only a 1 hour flight away from where I live.
  7. Granted, but the G-forces render you unconscious for the entire ride. I wish that the majority of coaster enthusiasts were hot, nymphomaniac, hetero females.
  8. More I forgot: Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order Transmission - Joy Division Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day Surf's Up Tonight - Midnight Oil You Just Like Me Cause I'm Good In Bed - Skyhooks Hand To Hold On To - John Cougar Mellencamp Cheap Wine - Cold Chisel I Wish I was Queer, So I Could Get Girls - Bloodhound Gang No Sleep Til Brooklyn - Beastie Boys Love Rears It's Ugly Head - Living Color I Write Sins, Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco I'm Like A Lawyer, Always Trying To Get You Off - Fall Out Boy Edge Of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks
  9. One I forgot: Helena - My Chemical Romance
  10. Playing rugby or touch football, and extreme fitness involving running mostly.
  11. Vegas - it always has so much going on in the one place - bands, shows, and even some sport. New York - just love Manhattan. New Orleans - Bourbon Street is another planet at night. San Diego - love the Mission Beach area. Yosemite - absolutely magnificent, especially from the top of Half Dome. Paris - love this town , even the French can't spoil it. London - love the history, even if it's a minefield of disgruntled exes who moved there. Rome - amazing history, even though it's hotter than the surface of the sun in summer.
  12. It takes a hell of a lot of practice to make it look that easy and I love his PRS guitars. He plays in weird tunings too like open D, so he has transpose everything to a completely different note layout on the fret board. Tremonti says in interviews that he plays all the time when he's not on stage, on tour as well. Playing guitar is like being an athlete, you have to work extremely hard to get to his level, and then you've got to practice all the time to keeping playing at that level. I've read about guys who have to warm up for an hour before the show to be able to play their own songs. Other ones I forgot: You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC Cryin' - Aerosmith Department of Youth - Alice Cooper I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys Underground - Ben Folds Five Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies Tonight She Comes - The Cars Fall At Your Feet - Crowded House Girls Like That (Don't Go For Guys Like Us) - Custard Get Lucky - Daft Punk Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac The Fallen - Franz Ferdinand Special - Garbage Mr Brownstone - Guns and Roses Beer - Reel Big Fish New Sensation - INXS Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction I'll stop there for the time being, I really like this thread.
  13. ^Liking the Alter Bridge love, a very underrated band. A few other worthy entries I completely forgot: Hey Jude - The Beatles Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush Death To My Home Town - Bruce Springsteen Fat Lip - Sum 41 Feeling This - Blink 182 Parallel Universe - Red Hot Chilli Peppers Rock And Roll - Led Zeppelin My Own Prison - Creed Alison - Elvis Costello
  14. I'd rather own a park, because then I'd sell it and have fun with the proceeds (for me: invest wisely and generate a solid income stream). Okay, sticking with the hypothetical's intent: I'd rather design, running most businesses is very stressful, and I prefer the creative side.
  15. This is very challenging. I'm really pulling this out on the fly, but here goes: 1. Train In Vain - The Clash 2. Respectable - The Rolling Stones 3. Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World - U2 4. Hash Pipe - Weezer 5. Grow Up - Paramore 6. It's Only Love - Bryan Adams (with Tina Turner) 7. Layla - Eric Clapton (as Derek & The Dominoes) 8. Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits 9. Watch Over You - Alter Bridge 10. Just Like Tiger Woods - Steel Panther This list will probably change after more thought.
  16. Granted, but they will have 3 hour lines all the time and no fast pass. I wish Sydney would get an amusement park with great RMC and Intamin coasters.
  17. Indy for me too, I much prefer non-projected dark rides. ^Azza, you wait until you get a gander at some of the kinky Scandi dark rides, did I say - boobies!
  18. Thanks for the excellent photos, the new coaster looks so much better than the Maurer Sohne skyloops. Love they have fast passes now, I'm very tempted to drop by, but GeForce has a habit of breaking if I even think of going there. I fear I'll just get another evac credit if I go.
  19. Tulireki was so boring, I had to look it up to get any recollection of riding it. Basically it makes a wild mouse style ride more boring - a very mild mouse. Maybe kids love it, but not jaded credit whores that vote in Hawker's poll. I think next year RMC will continue to have all it's coasters in the top ten, and the year after. The only doubt being around getting enough riders on the Mexican RMC who vote in the poll. I hear murmurs that Thorpe Park might get an RMC on the island, one can hope, and then I'll have a reason to return to the park.
  20. The thing is the CGI in Jurassic Park stands up to this day, it still looks impressive IMO. I don't know if you'd call this a franchise, but the original Romero zombie trilogy for me: Night of the Living Dead (1968) Dawn Of The Dead (1978) Day Of The Dead (1985)
  21. A season pass purchased at La Ronde could possibly be cheaper than separate admission at each of the 3 Six Flags parks you are going to. Make sure you get a Season Pass that admits you free to all Six Flags parks, rather than just the one park. If you are member of Club TPR check out what discounts are available there - Compounce and Quassy have discounts & the discounts on the Six Flags parks might be an even cheaper option.
  22. Wow, just wow. Monkey's riding dogs, that makes Tijuana look like Club Med. What next, midgets riding giant mutant rats? I'd love to share these photos with non-enthusiast's, this is just so hilariously bizarre.
  23. ^Ok, I'll wait until you've ridden it once. Are you going to have another try at GeForce this trip?
  24. Oh wow, a coaster that might drag me away from Balder for more than five minutes - looks amazing - making space in my top ten...
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