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  1. I have no way of confirming this (I don't work at the park nor do I know anyone that does... pure speculation on my part). I believe that Le Monstre has been closed the last two years because of COVID restrictions, not because of poor maintenance. It had actually started to run fairly reliably again in the last few years before the pandemic hit. I think they're keeping it closed because the capacity of the PTC trains is only 20 riders per train at best, and they usually ran a single train per track, alternating dispatches to lower stress on the structure, so the capacity was atrocious. If the
  2. It's hard to say, they have not announced anything regarding closed rides this year. Last year there was a list of rides closed for the season on their website, but the list is gone now. If I had to guess, Le Monstre will probably stay closed again for the year, which is fine with me, it sucks with its PTC trains.
  3. It could be worst, imagine if Vipère was also opening The canadian-american border is still closed though, so La Ronde will have to do (for me) for the moment...
  4. The Ferris Wheel at the Great Escape is possibly one. Someone in the GE thread noticed it disappeared from the park's website late last year.
  5. ^Yes, I believe they also received all of the track, supports and cars, and they already started to repaint the track. At this point they might as well finish the project when they'll have the funds, instead of leaving an unfinished concrete slab over there.
  6. ^I think the main complaint is that they removed another coaster when there was already space available elsewhere to build it (Cobra's old spot, near the Batman clone if you're not familiar with the park). Imo this location is a good move because Super Manège was a rough, dated ride, it looked horrible in its last few years and it sat in a very busy part of the park, whereas Cobra's old location is tucked away in a corner where nobody went. So they get to fix an area of the park prime and center that really needed some TLC in the process.
  7. It will be installed where Super Manège used to sit, between Le Monstre and Chaos (Larson Loop). I posted a pic of what the construction site looks like a few months ago. As for "Are they removing a superior ride", I guess that's a matter of opinion . Personally, I wasn't fond of Super Manège, I did not ride Green Lantern at SFMM but I'm aware of its reputation... I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt until I get to see it for myself. Hopefully they fix it and it runs like the Zacspins in Europe.
  8. Green Lantern haters rejoice, looks like Vipère won't be opening in 2021 They only posted the message in french on their Facebook page, but it says (roughly, translation by me):
  9. I got to go to La Ronde yesterday for the first time this year (and it will probably be the only park I will visit this year considering the Canada/USA border is closed indefinitely), so here's a small update for the park, although if you follow Screamscape, very little of this will be new to you The COVID measures are the same as in other Six Flags parks and very similar to other non-six flags parks as well, so there isn't much to discuss on that matter. Many rides are closed this year due to COVID related reasons: Minirail, Spirale, Aqua Twist, Catapulte, Dragon, Bateau Pirate, Monstre
  10. Here are the missing sign pictures for Gravitor and Aquatwist at La Ronde : And another small update, Super Manège permanently closed in 2019
  11. Not much to see yet but construction has started on Green Lan Vipère (sorry for the not-so-great picture, the sidewalk on Jacques-Cartier bridge isn't open yet)
  12. ^Nice to have a confirmation of Outlaw's location, up until now I couldn't see where they would fit it in. I'm also glad that they'll fix the animatronics in the Plunge, they all seemed to be broken in the last few years and it looked pretty depressing. Blizzard's dome being repainted is great news as well.
  13. ^After reading the article, I am under the impression that they will let the park build the ride but they will have to do a bunch of studies afterwards to check for noise and environment. Now I don't live in the area, but how loud can (maximum) 8 people scream for Glen Lake residents to be able to hear them? Sounds like these guys weren't against the location of the ride, they just hate the ride in general.
  14. I haven't seen it for myself, but my brother crossed Jacques-Cartier Bridge recently and told me that they started digging a big ditch for the foundations of the ride. I'll try to get some pictures eventually but it'll have to wait a bit as the sidewalk on the bridge is closed during the winter, and it's pretty much the only good spot from which we can get pictures of the construction outside of the park itself (and anything interesting will probably be covered in snow anyway).
  15. ^It seems like there is a model available that is 40 meters high (roughly 130 feets), which would respect the height limit. Vomatron on the manufacturer's website. If it isn't too late for TGE to modify their order maybe this could be a good compromise.
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