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  1. Labor Day was pretty busy last season, fair is kind of a hit or miss. During the fair, you'll have to pay $10 to park, parking is a huge hassle, and the park typically offers some special admission deal to reel in crowds. Even when it is busy, the waits are typically no more than 30 minutes per coaster.
  2. I do feel like Kentucky Flyer is getting more attention than any other attraction they've opened has. That might just be me though..
  3. Rode Kentucky Flyer for the first time about a week ago. It's a great ride and definitely a great addition to the park. There's plenty of airtime and it exceeded my expectations!
  4. Yes, all coasters and more than likely, all the rides will be open. This includes Kentucky Flyer. The 27th is a buyout day for the park and the 28th is the first day open to the public.
  5. Get used to it. It makes the park money, so the park is going to continue doing it. I love fastlane. Yes, it's expensive but I would rather splurge a couple times a year and wait 5 minutes in line than sit 2 hours in line.
  6. I was back there the other day, before the trains were put on the track. The chain is in place, the station looks nice, only a matter of time before testing begins and a little over two weeks until first rides!
  7. Thank you! I was actually looking for some good places outside the park to get pictures, so that was helpful!
  8. Last night I booked my hotel for my CP trip! I'm staying 4 days, 3 nights. I plan on going to the park 2 days, are there any other things I should look into in the area? Thanks!
  9. In all honesty, I would be shocked if Six Flags put high end attractions like an RMC in this park anytime soon. I don't think a big coaster is coming to this park, if it is, it would years down the line, kind of what larrygator was saying. I see this park being more of a Great Escape like park, but thats just me..
  10. Since we're pretty positive KI is getting a B&M for 2020, what is the likelihood that both of Cedar Fairs Ohio parks are getting a new 20-30 million dollar coaster in the same year? I'd say not too likely. It's okay to not get a new coaster every other year. If you don't expect so much you won't be disappointed.
  11. I really do wish there was a more defined path around the water park at the park. I still find myself walking through the waterpark to get to some rides.
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