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  1. When you think of destinations purely in terms of how many credits they have. Me: I'm think of going to Alaska. Nerd: How many credits are there? Me: Um, none...
  2. I think this thread should be re-named : "Who will break 500 foot drop?" Maybe one of these polar coasters could add a fish hook as a second stage of the development. I don't see any park forking out for a full circuit 500 plus foot drop in the current climateurprised. I think there's only one coaster in my top ten over 200 feet (and not by much), so I'm not too worried about it.
  3. I think for most people it would be like Zed and Marcellus in Pulp Fiction.
  4. ^Nice one Yin. Scary thing is if I hadn't have ridden Hades last year, it would be in my top ten based on when I rode it in 2007 because I can only base my rating on my last time riding it. My thoughts on Hades: dear Lord please make it stop, ouch...ouch...ouch...smooth part...please make it stop...ouch...ouch...ouch...damn, the sunglasses in my cargo shorts side pocket go smashed into pieces.
  5. This is a very good point. For most of us I think we would be quite content riding any of our top 5 or even 10 at any time and depending on time of the week, day, moon cycle, situations, etc. they could all be pretty interchangeable. Great point, it would be interesting to see why people rate coasters the way they do. Once I've got my top tiers bracketed, the first thing I ask myself is: which coaster would I prefer to ride if I had to choose between the two? Then I think about specific reasons why I like a coaster over another. For me top five: 1. Outlaw Run: great first drop, equal to Toro IMO, excellent airtime executed with some very interesting elements, barrel roll was a great finish. 2. El Toro: insane first drop, 3 crazy airtime moments, at night the tamer sections were much better. Outlaw Run just ahead for more elements and original twists. 3. Balder: not as good a first drop as top two, 9 great airtime hills, no stapling. Ahead of Toro for a while until I rode Toro at night. 4. Phoenix: crazy airtime accentuated by the lack of restraints, very intense experience only slightly behind the top 3 - the airtime of the top 3 would be lethal with buzz bars. 5. Boulder Dash: terrain element amazing, especially at night, not quite as intense as the top 4 for airtime, but still great. If I could only ride this five for the rest of my life I would not complain.
  6. Phoenix was brilliant when I last rode it - I was a doubter until I experienced it. I've got it at #4, but my top 5 are so close they all could quite easily interchange (Outlaw, Toro, Balder, Phoenix, Dash).
  7. ^Yeah it was terrible when I visited the ghetto that is Six Flags America in 2008. It's a shame with that place, they had plenty of potentially great coasters poorly maintained and run poorly. Ride of Steel was terrible, so sluggish; Roar, as mentioned previously; Wild One, was just Mild One and didn't live up to it's rep; and the Premier spaghetti bowl launch was so weak and it crawled through the course.
  8. Wildcat at Compounce was my bottom coaster for years because of the coccyx crushing roughness - I last rode it in 2011. Finally, it's been supplanted by Hades 360.
  9. Top Twenty coasters I haven't been on, I've got some work to do: 2 T Express 9 Dauling Dragon-R 10 Dauling Dragon-L 11 Fireball 12 Troy 13 Wood Coaster 13 Gold Striker 17 Twister 19 El Toro 20 Tremors Where I rated the ones in the top twenty I've been on: 1 El Toro (2) 3 Outlaw Run (1) 4 Boulder Dash (5) 5 Phoenix (4) 6 Ravine Flyer II (6) 7 The Voyage (21) 8 Balder (3) 15 Thunderhead (13) 16 Colossos (7) 18 Wodan TimburCoaster (9)
  10. Have a scorpion and main sized nachos at the Peppermill before, I dare you. The ride looks sweet, it absolutely zips around that track.
  11. In my heart Hades 360 can burn in the deepest pit of hell. For me, Outlaw Run and El Toro were so close (haven't ridden T-Express) and that must have been the case for many mutual riders. I'm surprised Balder doesn't rate higher, it's pretty bada$$).
  12. IMO Jaws is one of the greatest movies of all time let alone in the series. I've seen it so many times one of all-time my faves, and the story behind the making of the film is an epic tale in itself. A lot of credit to the skill of a young Spielberg and his excellent cast. Jaws 2 was okay; Jaws 3 was mostly bad; Jaws The Revenge makes Sharknado look good, luckily I saw it for free and I still felt ripped off, it wasn't even so bad it was funny and I hope Michael Caine got some serious cash to ease the shame.
  13. Me neither, he mustn't send confirmations anymore. Considering the amount of work involved I'm grateful he does the poll at all, so I'm too worried. Anything that allows me to express my white hot hatred of Hades is good.
  14. Tivoli Gardens has magnificent theming by mother nature for starters. I love that it is this walled-in oasis in the middle of Copenhagen - it's like stepping completely out of the city. The rides aren't bad and the place still seems so peaceful even with the coasters. Rusty, the old wood coaster is the stand out. For me, just a nicely balanced and authentic mix of old and new world. Nice food as well. As long you can avoid evil little blonde Dutch girls who like to rear end you on the bumper cars and give you whiplash.
  15. Does Scenic World love to tease credit whores or what? The world will end before that coaster is running.
  16. Luna Park Sydney sits at the foot of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, and near all the Sydney CBD attractions. Apparently they've just installed their first permanent ride since 2004 too.
  17. More fear and loathing in Wet and Wild-gate. Security chief resigns after awarding security contract to a woman he lives with, the zaniness continues: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/wetnwild-security-chief-quits-after-revelation-he-lives-with-successful-tenderer-20140118-311l8.html
  18. I wonder if anyone has done a nolimits recreation of the Rocker so we can experience the awe inspiring thrill of 12m/second. C'mon coaster geeks, someone blow my mind.
  19. Damn, that was such an awesome element, I so enjoyed riding that part...okay, just kidding. So they've extended the railway down to the valley floor, that sounds interesting. So the final conclusion: ACE are more likely to give up gravy than the chance of the Orphan Rocker opening. I love the 12 m/second stat, that's not much faster than someone sprinting.
  20. You might be raising a Knoebel's fangirl there, that would make you parent of the year material. Has she been in the haunted house at Knoebels? Hopefully Hades will not only be last, but the worst performed coaster in the history of the wood poll. May it spontaneously combust when the results come out.
  21. Liseberg has a haunted house that operates all year round that is as good as anything at HHN. Gronalund is also pretty good. Horror Hospital at Fuji Queue sounds interesting as well. I haven't been through the horror house during the day for a long time. I'm glad they've upped their game, some pretty good sets, but very dull.
  22. I think the only issue there is some douche involved in running the place has given his inept mates a security contract. Otherwise, the park looks a bit haphazard and small at the moment.
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