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  1. Yin, it's usually around 400-600 ballots after they've weeded out Voyage and Prowler fanboys. I'm not sure if it's still up, but you can see what people voted and how many votes. On Voyage, I last rode it in August 2007. And it had no airtime and was absolutely pulverising at the turn around. I rode it front and back and everywhere else - no good. Love Holiday World though.
  2. ^^Kristen has ridden Phoenix, OMG that's impressive. That's a crazy enough ride for adults.
  3. So it's not just me with Outlaw Run? It's short, but the whole ride, every element is exceptional. And the terrain aspect adds some flavour. Hades 360 was 360 degrees of pure spleen rupturing brutality, like 50 Shades of Being Dragged along Gravel. Once you hit the bottom of the first drop it's 100% hell, except for the new bit. I loved it in 2007 and now I'd happily pour some petrol and light a match. I hear the Wisconsin Dells mafia now uses Hades 360 as a standover tactic with great success - confessions extracted, drug money paid...
  4. Here's mine, no suprises at the top: 1.Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City 2. El Toro - SFGAd 3. Balder - Liseberg 4. Phoenix - Knoebel's 5. My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere 6. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 7. Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer 8. Colossos - Heide Park 9. Raven - Holiday World 10. Wodan TimburCoaster - Europa Park 11. Cornball Express - Indiana Beach 12. Rampage - Alabama Adventure 13. Apocalypse - S. F. Magic Mountain 14.Thunderhead - Dollywood 15. Viper - SFGAm The least: 97. Gwazi-Tiger - Busch Gardens-Tampa 98. The Bandit - Movie Park 99. Hurler - Carowinds 100. The Grizzly - Kings Dominion 101. Wildcat - Lake Compounce 102. Hades - Mount Olympus
  5. Outlaw Run should be making a major impact this year, and now that I've ridden Hades for the first time since 2007 this year - it's top ten ranking will be going down to the darkest, dankest most bottomless pit of hell - damn you Hades!
  6. Apparently, the park was so packed on the weekend there were signs on the freeway saying the park is full and to avoid the area. Not surprising, the temps were getting to 40 degrees celcius (110 approx) and school's out. We might visit in Feb, once it quietens down a bit. No big deal to me to visit straight away, I'm not a big water park fan.
  7. Definitely agree that a POV doesn't convey the forces of a coaster. I think POV's make a coaster seem less exciting, on front view, drops look a lot less steep and shorter than they actually are. I think one of the best POV's that came a lot closer to representing the coaster experience was Robb's reverse POV of Expedition GeForce from the front of the train. At least with reverse POV's you get a sense of how big the drop is and the speed of the ride. Seeing the riders and their hair going up from airtime and their expressions was compelling. Don't get me wrong, I still love POV's and I think the POV's are something that really sets TPR apart. They at least give me an idea of hat the ride experience is like.
  8. Kyle, are you sure Merlin own Holiday Park? If so, they should close Holiday Park and relocate Expedition GeForce to Sydney to compliment their existing properties here.
  9. Cedar Fair: Maverick Six Flags: El Toro SeaWorld Entertainment: Montu Merlin: Nemesis (Alton) Herschend: Outlaw Run Universal: Duelling Dragons Disney Parks: California Screaming (don't have all the Disney credits) Parques Reunidos: Boulder Dash Compagnie des Alpes: Goliath (Walibi Holland)
  10. Outlaw Run, it's short, but has so many great elements. Just ahead of El Toro, Phoenix, GeForce, Ntag, Dash and NE Bizarro. There are a few coasters I haven't ridden that would be up there.
  11. Largest Theme Park in the world based on Vikings, is Marineland or Alton Towers been contracted to their publicity? It's a shame that it won't be ready for next year's Scandi tour, it looks interesting. But I guess that gives TPR an excuse to come again.
  12. This coaster is very energy efficient because the mad (or just plain bad) scientists at Togo worked out how to convert human pain into energy to power the coaster. There's also a program to give the occasional good ride to lull haters into a false sense of security, next time you ride Kyle, Manny's going to snap your spine in 20 places. I hear this ride makes good money for MGM (and local doctors and chiropractors) and when you do the math, say hypothetically they average 1000 riders a day at $15 a pop, that would be over $5 million a year gross revenue. The Manhattan Express pov is my fave TPR video of all time, when I met Gregg a couple of years ago I thanked him for suffering for the sake of comedy gold and demanded a sequel.
  13. I've only been on one standard El Loco, and I thought it was okay, but the custom layout on this makes me think it will be exceptional.
  14. Just got back from another visit to Haunt, excellent this year. The Academy of Villians show which replaced Elvira for the last two days of Haunt was spectacular, I'm glad I stopped by. The dance numbers were super impressive, and that's coming from someone who hasn't watched an episode of Glee ever. Wound up doing Gunslingers Grave Skeleton Key room a few times. 3 actors the first time, 4 the second, then back to the regular two the last time. Gotta say all the Skeleton Key rooms impressed me except Slaughterhouse. End Games was simple, but the performances I saw were great. Got great value out of the boo-fet early entry, 6 front row rides on Xcelerator without even having to get out of my seat, and then a couple in the back row. Considering what the lines were like all night once everyone got in, I was pleased. The Hanging was so much fun, I watched it twice. Luckily, when I used the bathroom, there were hand towels and no dryers.
  15. If I see you tonight I'll say hi, thanks for helping BTW.
  16. ^Damn, you beat me to it, I just took some photos about an hour ago (more like Mr Adventuredome). I also saw some track in what looks like a staging area just outside, near a roller door at the back. Gotta say Hotel Argento was excellent, the collector and Thirteen were also strong. Zombie and Chainsaw were very good. Clowns was average. Coolio played last night, I didn't even know who he was, til I saw it on face book. I saw Andy Dick there too watching some comedy act. I think we met DoubleOKevin, you were helping my friend with a problem with their fright dome ticket if it was you.
  17. I just went and had a look about an hour ago. Took some photos, but nothing new to what's already posted. That drop looks pretty killer. They certainly cover up most of the Frightdome stuff well during the day.
  18. ^Thanks, good to know. I think John would put up a hell of a fight if they tried. I'm presuming the event is a big money spinner for the Universal, and that's what talks to corporate.
  19. Rode Ghostrider in places other than the front row, didn't die, has been worse. I used to feel my back spasm when it was really bad, and the only thing I'd be thinking was please make it stop. The Hanging was really sharp this year, enjoyed it. I've got mixed feelings about Mirror Mirror, it was interesting, but I didn't mind if I didn't do it again. I guess it's a real change up from a typical haunt maze.
  20. The Hanging at Knotts seemed to have extra gay jokes (and Universal references) last night, glad that guy didn't go there. I'm hoping someone at Universal doesn't decide to tone down the whole event. It will be interesting to see what impact this has on next year's event.
  21. ^For sure, we'll be making a bee-line for GR as soon as we're done with the Boo-fet. Damn, that line was so huge for Ghosty last night once Haunt started, 2 hours in my estimation? We walked by on the way to the mazes out back and went "damn".
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