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  1. Friends in Japan just went there and they got super lucky. It rained in the morning so it kept the crowds away in the afternoon - "tiny lines" was the description. Absolute miracle. Edit: just got this morning's update - only 1 coaster open, huge crowds, won't sell fastpasses for closed coasters.
  2. Thanks for the great updates Ken, some of the artistry in those exhibits was breath taking. I wonder where rock monster will go this year at Scary Farm given End Games is no longer? Can't wait for Haunt season, hopefully I'll be there again. One of the greatest marvels of City Museum is how do they get insurance? Such an original, crazy place, like 1000 Ways To Die meets Alice In Wonderland.
  3. I have some friends in Japan right now, they were planning on going to Fuji-Queue, praying for them. I guess a good day at Fuji-Queue is like Hailey's Comet, and all the credit whores hope. Sorry you had such a bad day, this report made me seriously question if I should ever bother. R & E would be the only hope of a good day at the Queue.
  4. In terms if the sum of all parts definitely the Maverick, Dragster, Millennium Force trio at the point stands out for me. Al three coasters are in my top 15, no other park gets that rating from me.
  5. Looks like such a fun coaster, Dollywood just gets better. Now if RMC could make a wood sibling for Thunderhead...
  6. Just saw a new Carlsberg ad featuring Walibi World's Goliath, here's the details: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2431726/Carlsberg-release-new-Premier-Leage-advert-featuring-Robbie-Fowler-Gareth-Southgate.html
  7. Yeah the ballot list seems a lot more compact this year with the enhanced groupings. It wouldn't surprise if El Loco is on next year's ballot in it's own right because it is so unique. Only gotten through my top 30 so far, though I can't see any challenger to Goudurix at the other end. Having had a large number of rides on Maverick (or Mavershark, if you ride it during Shark Week) last year, it has been huge mover as I only previously rode it 3 times in 2007.
  8. Leviathan was originally planned for Knott's...let the mass debate begin.
  9. Great report, thank you so much for posting. Relocate Mean Streak to the bottom of Lake Erie. Funnily, it's a very picturesque coaster, a bit like a hot girl who's awful in bed.
  10. North Korea has one, that doesn't surprise me. These awful cages of metallic should be outlawed.
  11. Still Duelling Dragons for me. Harry Potter is amazing for what it is, but I prefer real life over a simulator, even a cutting edge one.
  12. Here's the best IMO that I've actually ridden: Alabama - Rampage (SBNO) Arkansas - Xcoaster California - X2 Connecticut - Boulder Dash Florida - Montu Georgia - Mind Bender (sorry Goliath) Illinois - Viper Indiana - Raven (sorry Voyage) Kentucky - Kentucky Rumbler Maine - Excalibur Maryland -Superman Ride of Steel Massachusetts - Bizarro Missouri - Outlaw Run Nevada - Desperado New Hampshire - Untamed New Jersey - El Toro New York - Ride of Steel North Carolina - Afterburn (haven't been on Intimidator) Ohio - Maverick Pennsylvania - Phoenix (haven't been on Skyrush) Tennessee - Thunderhead Texas - New Texas Giant Virginia - Flight of Fear (haven't been on i305) Wisconsin - Avalanche
  13. You need to be proud of credit whoring! Yin, in America, a grown man walking around a kiddie park on their own would not be a good look - it would arouse suspicion of the authorities.
  14. It's looks like a cool little coaster, though I'm too ashamed to go to the park by myself even though I've stayed at that other larger park on Beach Blvd many times.
  15. I couldn't care less if the supports were made of Lego (as long as it was safe, only a hypothetical pedantic people), it looks like a righteous ride. If I get to ride this next year, it looks like Outlaw Run will only last 1 year at the top of my rankings. The proof will be in the actual riding of course, but looking good so far.
  16. I'll live if the Bumper Boats aren't there. While an RMC or terrain coaster would have been sweet. I like the new coaster, and it's not so big that it will overwhelm the park. Should be fun.
  17. Looks like Wet and Wild has done pretty well so far according to this article, but who knows if there'll be a backlash next summer. Key points: *160,000 season passes sold before opening December 12 *400,000 attendance to January 31, 2014 (since opening Dec 12) *$5.8 million pre-tax profit for the six months to January 31 (impressive from a 12 Dec opening, albeit with pre opening season pass sales) http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/west/wetnwild-prospect-posts-a-6-million-profit-weeks-after-opening/story-fngr8i5s-1226830766828
  18. Back in the day, when Cedar Point still ran big coasters in the rain. I rode Millennium Force 12 times in torrential rain (in the era before fast pass, no line was gold). One of the Cedar Point lap counters (he had a little piece of paper and small pencil in a plastic sleeve to record each lap), shouted at me that the lap didn't count because I covered my face from the rain (damn those rides were painful). The bottom line is as long as MM behaves himself then there's no cause for complaint. But in saying that, it is still TPR's duty to take the piss out of anything and everything. Were the Skywalker twins foamers or coaster nuts?
  19. Does every park have a token creepy dude(s), who's sole purpose in life is to ride the major coaster or coasters as many times as they can? I've seen this at several parks including Cedar Point, and Carowinds. The guy is clearly deranged and should be avoided at all costs. If he breaks park rules: throw him out of the park; and if he breaks the law: throw him in general population at Chino where he'll be the one getting ridden all the time.
  20. Well done the dome on an excellent addition. I can only wonder what they'll do next, would they dismantle the mountain structure to add a new ride?
  21. What about Winjas, that's like coaster someone put in their attic. The Flight of Fear coasters are excellent IMO. Van Helsing's Factory was a pretty groovy custom layout compact coaster.
  22. ^There's a Uwe Boll movie called Postal which is quite possibly one of the most offensive movies ever made. I mean what other movie has Verne Troyer being sexually assaulted by 1000 monkeys and the director appearing in the film and admitting the film is funded from Nazi gold.
  23. Swamp People River Ride 1000 Ways To Die Ghost Train Robocop Shooting Dark Ride (the original, not the pussified remake) Postal The Ride Cannibal Holocaust Adventure Ride
  24. The excalmation mark in "Jaguar!" coaster name always intrigued me. I'm 6' 2" and I couldn't get on the Wild Mouse at Rye Gunplayland because I was too tall.
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