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  1. Here are my thoughts (Since most people on this site know i am the whore that will go thousands of miles out of my way for one more coaster). For me it is about the experience, sure i love coasters, but it is not like i do these trips by myself. I travel with my friends and we have visited some very far and out of the way places. Its not about the Wacky Worm, or the roller skater, its about finding some BEAUTIFUL parks sometimes that are way way out there. In Indonesia we found at least 2 parks that would of been skipped if you just looked at large credits, but they ended up being LOTS of
  2. This is my feeling as well. The teaser campaign made this seem like it would be something brand new, never before seen. It is brand new. No one has ever built 3 different height S&S towers right next to each other. No one has ever built dueling Wacky Worms before, but that doesn't mean it sounds like a great idea. Wait, dueling Wacky Worms would be an AWESOME idea!
  3. Reading any new coaster thread on here always hurts my brain. How about this, go out and RIDE IT. after you do that then you can judge it. There have been many rides that i thought would be new number 1 (Wildfire, Megalites) that end up being good but not OMG blow my mind away. I don't judge a ride until i ride it, and i don't buy into this fan boy stuff where you have to ride in the left seat on the 3rd tuesday of July when it is exactly 87.2 degrees outside. In the end, stop bitching on a forum and go out and enjoy the coasters with friends.
  4. I am a little sad It would also seem they didnt pay their employees for the last 2 pay periods. I cant see this ending well....
  5. Sadly they announced on FB this park closed today. https://www.facebook.com/lakecityamusements/?fref=nf Sad it only lasted 2 months. From what i heard from a friend that went there the owners really wanted it to work.
  6. We don't have any mechanics with experience working on complex launched wooden roller coasters either but that never stopped anyone from providing us with page after page worth of unimaginable horse sh*t about how they should have built it and what the P.R. team is doing wrong during the delay. The TPR patent law experts will be here soon. It's best to just get a beer or twelve and prepare for the inevitable. This may be the best thing i have read on the internet in a long long time
  7. For me it is Mining Coaster at Taman Safari Indonesia, Gusanito de Esquilania at Esquilandia in Guatemala and Harvest Time at Jungleland in Indonesia. I then have 8 more that only have 3-5 riders, mostly in Indonesia, Guatemala and Japan.
  8. So does this park have any actual theming? From the overhead it looks like it has a nice front gate then a bunch of rides plopped down in a field... With 15 Coasters though, im sure i will make a trip over in the fall. It looks a little ambitious for an August opening.
  9. Powereds are Real Credits Also, i am looking at doing something similar to this, because of some cheap airline fares i have found. Good to know that you can do Hong Kong in a day. I did Tokyo for 2 days a few weeks ago and it is totally doable, as Robb says, you dont get to fully experience the place but if thats the most time you can get off you have to take it!
  10. I dont understand all this hate. Guess what, if you go to Dollywood and any coaster isnt open you still have Cinnamon Bread.... I have done LOTS of trips where the coaster has been closed (There is a story that i get made fun of alot for in indonesia) or flown for opening and the ride to be delayed a few days (Lagoon last year). All that gives me is an excuse to go back to that park and see it again. When you already know how great Dollywood is, why would you complain because one ride isnt open, when it just gives you a perfect excuse to go back later in the year!
  11. I was there yesterday, All of Twist coaster is now gone, just the footers remain. They were testing that weird autopia ride and it looks great. The new area of the park looked to be really nice and clean. Sad that all the new rides seem to be opening NEXT weekend
  12. Yes, locals were very much against Disney's America and felt that park would ruin the "historic" character of the Bull Run battlefield and the town of Manassas. Of course, now the area is covered with housing developments, suburban strip malls, and Cracker Barrel restaurants. Oh, well . . . Spot on, Chuck. It's really sad what the area has become. Fortunately, the Manassas National Battlefield is still pristine when you're on the property. It's a shame everything else went to hell. Getting there is a combination of driving thru a Nascar race on the highway and a ghetto filled with endless
  13. That is the plan, Europe is generally a time i would stay away from ALLLLL European parks, unfortunately with the new job it was written in to my contract that i could no longer take time off in June..... I think my old job got to them about me doing that To the OP, Europe is also one of the most expensive places you can take a trip. The US is much much cheaper after you pay for the flight to get here.
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