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  1. After reading the past 10 pages of this thread, I've learned how much of a bitch JK Rowling was about the situation good riddance.
  2. ^^ Damn that makes me hate rowling even more. Where were the skulls in the ride again?
  3. What exactly is the theme this year? And when will the announcement for adventure island happen?
  4. After about 2 years, I decided to listen to American form start to end.... and my god has it changed me.
  5. ' SOO GLAD TO HEAR ADVENTURE ISLAND IS ACTUALLY GETTING LOVE RECENTLY!Does anyone have a thought on where in the park it'll go?
  6. Great to to see the pacific northwest getting some love in terms of amusement parks!
  7. Man, that video changed everything from this discussion. RMC GIGA AQUATRAX confirmed.
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