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  1. Valhalla is apparently going to be SBNO for 2020, not sure on whether this is true but a true shame. Apparently it needs 900k in renovations and obviously has the high running costs as it is.
  2. Love the list, felt like quite a wait but its pretty sweet! Noticed there may be an error, or maybe its intended due to how some coasters are wood or ateel but on the overall top 25 and the steel 25, one of them millennium force is > twisted colossus and then on the other its twisted> millennium force. If this is wrong seems like a lot of other parts may be messed up to so I just wanted to inform you. Thanks for the hard work put into making this nonetheless! Edit: was answered before actually so disregard, will leave this though is thinking the same thing. Top 25 - Taron Intam
  3. I think its more whats the point that anything else, why bother with a B&M 7 looper when new designs from Vekoma are much cheaper, or get a Gerstlauer with maybe 5 inversions but you get a beyond vertical drop as a bonus for half the price. I think B&M is just a bit too expensive really for growing parks, almost all B&Ms are now only going to established parks or Chinese new builds with lots of money to spend.
  4. Agreed. Saying you're a respected carny is like saying you're the tallest dwarf. While I very rarely ride these types of attractions, I always pick and choose very carefully any ride I will board at any US carnival or fairground because I simply do not think that any of them are remotely "respectable" in any way. Would you say the same about Europe out of interest? I know its a lot more regulated here especially Germany and the Netherlands
  5. Icon, Wickerman is it for this year unfortunately - never really get around to riding opening year rides outside the UK.
  6. Hes going on the very last week of school there will be tons of reward trips and because its offpeak, most rides will have one train unless they plan ahead which is kinda unlikely.
  7. Merlin has shops in most of their queuelines and this happens sometimes, not often but it does happen - some staff members try and stop it usually when I buy something i just get my group to completely block the path so nobody can even try to overtake. Its quite nice honestly as for Saw:The Ride half the queue between the shop and station entry is empty often so you get a nice walk to break up the queuing. I think toilets would be hard to manage really, they could maybe make the exit to the toilets come out like 10 metres further down the queue allowing people to rejoin their group.
  8. Yeah now you say it, I thought I saw that too. Oh well!
  9. It had VR for less than a year, but they've removed it now and I think its on something else instead (slc?)
  10. short question for you AJ, but how many ballot were completed?
  11. First Coaster - Flying Fish maybe First Steel Coaster - Flying Fish First Woodie - Tonnerre de Zeus First 100 ft coaster - Nemesis inferno or colossus. First 200 ft coaster - Stealth First looping coaster - Nemesis inferno or colossus First B&M - Nemesis Inferno First Intamin - Colossus First GCI - yet to ride ;/ will be wickerman near certainly First B&M Invert - Nemesis Inferno First Hyper - Shambhala if we don't count stealth First Spinning Coaster - dragon's fury First Wild Mouse - rattlesnake First Launched coaster - stealth First Flyer - air First Wing Rider - swar
  12. Prepare for hoards of school trips, one train operations and really - the worst! I think the unlimited fast tracks unnecessary maybe get the one which is 1 ride on every major coaster, on a school trippy kind of day, barely anyone uses fastrack so it should work well. Don't queue ages for the walking dead, i'm a celebrity or DBGT as you will most likely be disappointed but if you catch it with a short queue DBGT is definitely worth a ride. Good luck
  13. translation: "A copy of what exists at other parks (in Europe) would not be a good idea. However, Fantawild can bring us something very different, with Chinese themes and atmospheres that don't exist anywhere else in Europe." [attachment=0]B9715353258Z.1_20180411080613_000+GF7B2QK4E.1-0.jpg[/attachment] source: NordLittoral (French newspaper) There goes my Intamin Wingrider dreams - I was really looking forward to a hopefully smoother version of Furius Baco, one of my top rides!
  14. I would say it's definitely B&M's. They design the ride, after all. Also, if this IS a straight clone of Griffon, then that layout would call for the old trains anyway, even though these are 8-across instead of 10-across. The park definitely get some say in the restraints but honestly with the much slimmer and smaller Asian demographic, the big (and not very nice) vest restraints are pretty unnecessary. I don't know why more parks haven't got the restraints OzIris has which are 1.3m invert ones (or maybe Merlin just bumps up the Nemesis's height restrictions to be inline with ever
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