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  1. Local Newspaper "Diari de Tarragona" states that PortAventura World is set to re-open in July (day TBA) after the end of the state of alarm in Spain caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, with changes that are yet to be disclosed. Presumably strong sanitary measures will be taken in order to fulfil the resort's goal of being recognized as a safe destination in the country. Link (spanish): https://www.diaridetarragona.com/costa/PortAventura-se-prepara-para-abrir-de-nuevo-en-julio-20200525-0047.html
  2. You're probably right, in fact I don't think they may be putting such limits over what clients want from them as may be extrapolated from the OP, your question still could make for a thread. I understand that 7 inversions is a good standard for the number of elements it implies but still, it's been 24 years and no park has ever asked for one? EDIT: Woops, saw your edit right now, I just can't disagree with how price is something to take into account, they're paying for some top-notch quality after all, I'm not sure if it would make *much* of a difference but it's for certain that 7 inversions are well enough, so why bother I guess. This whole conversation would beef up the theory of Dragon Khan having 8 inversions as a remanent of a previous project that was discarded for B&M to come in, and that makes me kind of happy seeing the amazing skyline that it end up bringing when Shambhala was built, haha.
  3. This is a doubt i've had in my mind for quite some time, for there are so many possible answers that would be really interesting if true... Dragon Khan first opened 1995 and B&M hasn't ever made more than 7 inversions ever since. Did the project not end up being what B&M expected it to be, even if it was the coaster with the most inversions at the time and quite an important reason for the park's success, or is it some kind of sense of "specialness" they may still be trying to give DK for whatever reason? Also: Years ago, I read on the internet that PortAventura's initial project included something like one more coaster or such, and that Dragon Khan was actually supposed to be a Vekoma Multi-Looper with interlocking loops. Apparently, they went for the more expensive B&M at the end, but with the zero-g-roll interlocked with a second loop (making for a reason for the additional loop to exist), as a tribute to what Dragon Khan was initially meant to be. I don't know if this last bit is true, but oh would that be beautiful.
  4. A lot of information for only 3 answers, thank you so much!!
  5. Hey there. I've finally achieved the opportunity to cross the Ocean for the first time in my life (so much excitement ). I'll be visiting New York from the 18th to the 25th of July. Those aren't much days for a city such as the one we're talking about, but anyways, what are the most important tourist attractions appart from the following? I guess I'll visit the "common ones": the Statue of Liberty, some famous skyscrappers (Empire State, Rockefeller, UN building, One WTC...), a walk by Manhattan, Times Square, Central Park... But I don't think that will be enough for the 5-6 days I'll be able to really stay in the city, I feel like I'm leaving important things which I've heard of a lot of times to put in my to-vist list now... Hmm... And, of course, any theme park with some credits INSIDE of the city? I won't be able to get out of the city only for a theme park, so I heard one of the Six Flags was there (I know them, just don't know where most of them are) but I also heard that it wasn't really inside of the city, so... . Then there's Coney-Luna? Not sure, but it seems to have a decent amount of credits, I just don't know if it's far, close, or in the city. Finally, if you could give me some general advice about the city (car rentals, how to move without a car, security, queues for the hotspots, etc.) it would be EXTREMLY HELPFUL. Thanks!!
  6. KumbaK This is the main problem, solving it will solve most of the other problems of this ride. Period.
  7. We're speaking of InvestIndustrial, I doubt that a lot (and it's true that it wouldn't have any sense to make the thrid park free to enter), so I hope that was a misunderstanding... As far as I know, a while since the park opened [Anheuser Busch] , MediterrĂ¡nea was called Catalunya, but the name was changed for political reasons. Although, the small catalonian village essence is still there, so that would be senseless...
  8. TRANSLATION [handmade]: According to Choni Fernandez, Ferrari Land will be one more area of the park that will be integrated into MediterrĂ nea since Italy is part of it # EAS14 Choni Fernandez is PortAventura's Purchasing and Logistics Directress. Hope this is an error, I wouldn' t like another cultural incongruity...
  9. First look at the project, I hope it gets reduced...: Spanish Website: PAC
  10. I know there is already a thread for it, but as the complex is related with the park, I'll quote myself... BCN WORLD: If it ends up built like this, it will be visible from a lot of places inside of PA... Hope it gets reduced, too huge for me.
  11. WOW! Quite surprised about an official TWD walkthrough, I'll be watching this thread!
  12. It probabbly was, wanted a sentence to go with the pictures, but wans't kind of inspired. Well, let's just say that it was an excuse for posting the sign pics.
  13. I guess this is a full confirmation... Yup. Images from pa-community.com
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