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  1. Man arrested after base jump from the top of Red Force Last Monday, two men broke into Ferrari Land to perform a base jump from the top of Red Force, the Intamin LSM giga coaster at the resort, at 112 meters. After sneaking past security and jumping over the security fencing (lol), George King (a guy that has attempted other crazy climbs and jumps), aged 22, climbed to the top of Red Force using the coaster's track. I assumed that he would have used the maintenance elevator that leads directly to the top of the top hat, but he decided to use the drop of Red Force as a ladder instead. When he reached the top of the coaster, he performed a base jump landing on the neighbouring car park, where he was surrounded by a swarm of security and police. Apparently, he has given a warning against doing another stunt like this again in Spain, or else the next time he will be facing prison. This is what he posted on his Instagram account: If anybody wants to see the video, it has spread like wildfire in social media. There are some IG Stories of him climbing Red Force's track and the most viral video is him performing the actual base jump. Even though you can see all of this in his IG account, there is a complete video of his climb and jump on Youtube: If you ask me, the fact that somebody can so easily break into the park makes me wonder how lousy security is at PortAventura. I am sure the insurance will not be happy about this. Hopefully this will encourage the park to take action and guard their perimeter more closely and get better fencing or monitoring systems. As for the stunt itself, I cannot understand how someone can risk his life for some thousands of likes and social media praise: he could have easily died.
  2. I wish they themed/dedicated the ride to Daft Punk. It could go with a more futuristic theme and even a change of name.
  3. To be honest, I think skip-the-line passes should be A LOT more expensive than they are now. They should be a premium service, not an alternative line. This way it's a win-win: park gets a significant revenue yet lines are not that affected because there will be fewer people buying them (of course, parks should really limit available units). I hate when parks basically give away those passes. You either make them completely free, like Disney's FP or Europa Park's return time for Voletarium or just don't bother at all.
  4. I am hoping for the S&S Axis prototype. After all, this would be a world's first, which would be perfect for the park's anniversary!
  5. Sorry, what? Last time I checked wasn't there some kind of local regulation preventing them from running both at the same time? What happened? Anyway, I am so glad they can run Ka and Zumanjaro independently. I am sure this will boost capacity for both rides as well as provide unique experiences like being on top of Ka with a train rumbling down the launch track, which sounds amazing! Thank you for the honest review. I am sure, over time, with expectations in check Jersey Devil will fall where it belongs, right in the middle of El Toro and Nitro.
  6. I am intrigued: besides construction work, why is it that they cleared SO many trees around Lightning Rod? Is there any other reason why they cut so many?
  7. Hopefully if Kondaa turns out great, we could see an Intamin megacoaster renaissance. About time we saw such a lengthy and interesting coaster get built (without a launch) by Intamin.
  8. Wow! Vekoma is sure upping their train game! Those trains look great and the restraints look extremely comfortable and a nice progression from the standard sit-down Vekoma lap bar. I am really intrigued to see what the layout looks like and what is the giant shed (KI is probably jealous of it right now as this is a proper shed xD)
  9. I mean, Pipe Scream is just a Disk'o'Coaster, and it runs on a powered track. Why close it? Most Zamperla rides have a standard 30 mph wind limitation but that one is not even that tall...
  10. Great trip report! Some of your captions were hilarious as well! It's so weird to see Nagashima as empty but I had a similar experience as yours when I went in 2018. It was mid-summer and the only place where I had to really join an actual line was for their Mine train and Steel Dragon. I am glad that you had the chance to ride Hakugei, as it was under construction when I was there. It looks so majestic with the massive white structure combined with blue rails. I must agree that Arashi is completely nuts. I had ridden Joker at SFGAdv but boy does the Japanese clone ride differently! It span so many times I left the ride shaking. It was really intense and quite fitting for the ride's name (Arashi means 'storm' in Japanese). One of the funniest memories was doing the horror walk-through with a Japanese bunch of school girls. They were screaming their heads off and sort of hiding behind me (as if I was a sort of human shield "Let the Western boy die" ) while I was just casually strolling through the maze.
  11. Apparently, PortAventura in partnership with LaLiga (Spain's professional football league) have decided to open a new land/park themed to football (soccer, for Americans). These news come a bit as a shock as no one was expecting this move on their part, not even die-hard PA fans. Here is the link to the article in Spanish: https://www.lavanguardia.com/economia/20200913/483444069204/portaventura-laliga-futbol-egames-gamers.html And here is the link to a video in Spanish talking about The Beat Challenge (an experience similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom) that will be available throughout the property: https://videos.elmundo.es/v/0_sybz267u-del-cesped-al-parque-de-atracciones-laliga-sigue-la-senda-de-disney-la-nba-y-ferrari?count=0 Thi is a bold movement, to say the least. FerrariLand (which opened in 2017) has been underperforming and doesn't even feel like a half-day park, yet management wants to invest money on a fourth gate. What do you think? On the one hand, sports, football and LaLiga, are extremely popular, so it seems like a great move from a business perspective. Football has such a huge fanbase among Spaniards (it would be the equivalent to NBA in the US or even Nascar), so I am sure this will get people talking and speculating, as the idea seems innovative. If only we got something as cool as Kennywood did with Steel Curtain lol On the other hand, if a well-established brand like Ferrari couldn't pull off a decent park, how can LaLiga (which has no connection whatosever with parks) think they will be up to the challenge? I am really skeptical about this project.
  12. As much as I love Efteling I am wondering that too. There is really not much themeing besides some props in the queue area (which looks tiresome being a cattlepen) and gorgeous station design. The ride is "cute" but I feel like we would bitching so much about this ride if it was at another park but since it's located at Efteling it gets a pass. Max & Moritz sure looks "fun" but it's nothing else than two glorified powered coasters on a field full of weeds. Bob felt special and unique whereas this doesn't. Hopefully, at least running both sides, capacity will be through the roof!
  13. I wonder what the maximum capacity for Volcano Bay is now that it has been limited.
  14. I saw this at Fantasyland when Mine Train was down! Those times when attractions went down and we got creative were the best ones!
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