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  1. Wow! Vekoma is sure upping their train game! Those trains look great and the restraints look extremely comfortable and a nice progression from the standard sit-down Vekoma lap bar. I am really intrigued to see what the layout looks like and what is the giant shed (KI is probably jealous of it right now as this is a proper shed xD)
  2. I mean, Pipe Scream is just a Disk'o'Coaster, and it runs on a powered track. Why close it? Most Zamperla rides have a standard 30 mph wind limitation but that one is not even that tall...
  3. Great trip report! Some of your captions were hilarious as well! It's so weird to see Nagashima as empty but I had a similar experience as yours when I went in 2018. It was mid-summer and the only place where I had to really join an actual line was for their Mine train and Steel Dragon. I am glad that you had the chance to ride Hakugei, as it was under construction when I was there. It looks so majestic with the massive white structure combined with blue rails. I must agree that Arashi is completely nuts. I had ridden Joker at SFGAdv but boy does the Japanese clone ride differently!
  4. Apparently, PortAventura in partnership with LaLiga (Spain's professional football league) have decided to open a new land/park themed to football (soccer, for Americans). These news come a bit as a shock as no one was expecting this move on their part, not even die-hard PA fans. Here is the link to the article in Spanish: https://www.lavanguardia.com/economia/20200913/483444069204/portaventura-laliga-futbol-egames-gamers.html And here is the link to a video in Spanish talking about The Beat Challenge (an experience similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom) that will be available
  5. As much as I love Efteling I am wondering that too. There is really not much themeing besides some props in the queue area (which looks tiresome being a cattlepen) and gorgeous station design. The ride is "cute" but I feel like we would bitching so much about this ride if it was at another park but since it's located at Efteling it gets a pass. Max & Moritz sure looks "fun" but it's nothing else than two glorified powered coasters on a field full of weeds. Bob felt special and unique whereas this doesn't. Hopefully, at least running both sides, capacity will be through the roof!
  6. I wonder what the maximum capacity for Volcano Bay is now that it has been limited.
  7. I saw this at Fantasyland when Mine Train was down! Those times when attractions went down and we got creative were the best ones!
  8. Post of the year. Coronavirus is the greatest example of lack of common sense and hysteria created by the media. Hopefully, people will learn that sanitizing their hands and using a mask is not a matter of coronavirus, but a matter of everyday health. I would also enjoy parks at this time, as they will probably be less crowded, and thus much more enjoyable.
  9. I really like the way you are reviewing Japan, because it's not just about the parks but also about the cities. As for Kyoto, I much prefer it to Tokyo as it is busy, but still manageable, and has plenty of traditional shrines. I also did the Fushimi Inari tori trail but it was mid-summer and it was exhausting and had me completely dehydrated! I also agree that Arashiyama is a nice area to visit while in Kyoto: I visited the bamboo forest and got to experience hot springs (I seemed to be the only foreigner venturing them lol). If you are into railways, Kyoto had a very large and interactiv
  10. Oh, Universal, one of your new year's resolutions for 2020 should be not to include any more attractions requring glasses.
  11. This is like playing RCT2 in sandbox mode. I love it!
  12. The extreme house is still unknown to me since it was too crowded for me to get in. However, I can tell you a couple of things I observed or gathered from people that have been there: - People get in alone and there are three modes: unmarked, marked with an X or marked with a triple X. The regular mode is a very intense haunted house; marked with an X allows actors to be very physical but you have a safe word in case it gets too extreme; marked with XXX you have to get in NAKED or in your underwear and there are virtually no limits, plus there's no safe word. - In all cases, people mus
  13. Last year, Horroland debuted as southern Europe’s first scream park to rave reviews, which got them the award for Best European Independent Event. Unfortunately for me, in 2018 I was unable to attend yet my expectations sky-rocketed reading reviews of people who visited it. This year 4 friends (one of which is also another park enthusiast) decided to go, so we booked tickets in April! [if you want to read about the houses, skip the next paragraphs.] [Disclaimer: most of these pics are not mine. Credit goes to Adrián, from Horrorland's marketing team] Before getting into what is Hor
  14. ^And most importantly, Orion's brake run must be as tall as Racer's lift hill structure.
  15. How long does it take for a Site controller to be fully trained? Are there different positions while operating a Skycoaster? I am really tempted to go on one of these, as I enjoy drop towers a lot, but it's the terrifying moment of having to pull the cord that puts me off... Any tips for first time riders? Thanks for starting such a interesting thread! It's always nice to read from other people people working (or that have worked) in the industry.
  16. Zadra looks Europe's Hagukei/Steel Vengeance! The rate at which this park is expanding is just insane. I wonder what will happen when the EU cut their funding...
  17. I am happy to have trimless Can Can Coaster! That thing was running seriously fast in its previous incarnation and I can't wait to experience it again in a few weeks! Europa-Park really knows how to make the most of everything and keep their rides in tip-top condition!
  18. Wait, what was that metal thing on the first drop? I hope it's not a small trim, because Colossos, if running smoothly, was easily one of the best wooden coasters in Europe. If those were not trims, why would they place sensors there?
  19. Glad to read that they have removed the VR from this coaster. As if flyers were not slow enough to load to need one of these headsets. And this will allow for guests to ride at least something else, since the park's operating schedule is limited to like 2 hours a day, which I guess is the estimated queue time Galactica normally had.
  20. I wouldn't be mad if that's forgotten. I see what you did there. It's in the Netherlands after all. You know, pot is legal over there... Jokes aside, I don't really like the graffiti on the façade. The owl I can understand, but the random graffity around the windows and walls... just no. I am really craving some pictures of Untamed; we know so little about this project that I need to how construction is progressing...
  21. Plus, a well-operated B&M Flying coaster is a capacity monster, just like Cedar Point likes them. Phantasialand is going to build a flying coaster prototype by Vekoma that could potentially start a comeback of said model? Personally, I really like these rides, and GPs always love the idea of flying (just look how freaked out they are at the station when the seats tilt backwards into flying position). I think given the good relationship that Cedar Fair has with B&M, and given CP's coaster portfolio, a nice intense B&M Flying coaster could be the icing on the cake on Cedar Po
  22. Basically this. If you are going to a Halloween event and don't want to get scared, just don't go. You can't fix stupid... These No Boo laces sound a bit over the top, if you ask me. I would just roll on the floor if parks made you sign a waiver before getting into their houses, just to avoid this litigious situations... People must be really desperate to be looking for this kind of money, and it's because of those people that we can't have nice things (well, not me, I live in Europe ).
  23. Am I the only one who was excited to see the first dueling Raptors? Oh well, a new-gen slc is not bad taking into account Vekoma's recent projects but RMC is RMC after all... Oriol "They can always RMC Cú Chulainn!" Monroig
  24. Just send the damn SuperLoop to a crappy SF park that already has one and slap a "World's First Dueling Loop coaster" and call it a day... I can't wait to see what RMC has in store for GAdv!
  25. I get what you mean by calling it Maverick but I think this one will be tamer yet tons of fun. I love Mack coasters and this will be an amazing addition to Carowinds! Cedar Fair just crapped all over all Six Flags' 2019 additions. Well done!
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