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  1. Man arrested after base jump from the top of Red Force Last Monday, two men broke into Ferrari Land to perform a base jump from the top of Red Force, the Intamin LSM giga coaster at the resort, at 112 meters. After sneaking past security and jumping over the security fencing (lol), George King (a guy that has attempted other crazy climbs and jumps), aged 22, climbed to the top of Red Force using the coaster's track. I assumed that he would have used the maintenance elevator that leads directly to the top of the top hat, but he decided to use the drop of Red Force as a ladder instead. When he reached the top of the coaster, he performed a base jump landing on the neighbouring car park, where he was surrounded by a swarm of security and police. Apparently, he has given a warning against doing another stunt like this again in Spain, or else the next time he will be facing prison. This is what he posted on his Instagram account: If anybody wants to see the video, it has spread like wildfire in social media. There are some IG Stories of him climbing Red Force's track and the most viral video is him performing the actual base jump. Even though you can see all of this in his IG account, there is a complete video of his climb and jump on Youtube: If you ask me, the fact that somebody can so easily break into the park makes me wonder how lousy security is at PortAventura. I am sure the insurance will not be happy about this. Hopefully this will encourage the park to take action and guard their perimeter more closely and get better fencing or monitoring systems. As for the stunt itself, I cannot understand how someone can risk his life for some thousands of likes and social media praise: he could have easily died.
  2. I wish they themed/dedicated the ride to Daft Punk. It could go with a more futuristic theme and even a change of name.
  3. To be honest, I think skip-the-line passes should be A LOT more expensive than they are now. They should be a premium service, not an alternative line. This way it's a win-win: park gets a significant revenue yet lines are not that affected because there will be fewer people buying them (of course, parks should really limit available units). I hate when parks basically give away those passes. You either make them completely free, like Disney's FP or Europa Park's return time for Voletarium or just don't bother at all.
  4. I am hoping for the S&S Axis prototype. After all, this would be a world's first, which would be perfect for the park's anniversary!
  5. Sorry, what? Last time I checked wasn't there some kind of local regulation preventing them from running both at the same time? What happened? Anyway, I am so glad they can run Ka and Zumanjaro independently. I am sure this will boost capacity for both rides as well as provide unique experiences like being on top of Ka with a train rumbling down the launch track, which sounds amazing! Thank you for the honest review. I am sure, over time, with expectations in check Jersey Devil will fall where it belongs, right in the middle of El Toro and Nitro.
  6. I am intrigued: besides construction work, why is it that they cleared SO many trees around Lightning Rod? Is there any other reason why they cut so many?
  7. Hopefully if Kondaa turns out great, we could see an Intamin megacoaster renaissance. About time we saw such a lengthy and interesting coaster get built (without a launch) by Intamin.
  8. Wow! Vekoma is sure upping their train game! Those trains look great and the restraints look extremely comfortable and a nice progression from the standard sit-down Vekoma lap bar. I am really intrigued to see what the layout looks like and what is the giant shed (KI is probably jealous of it right now as this is a proper shed xD)
  9. I mean, Pipe Scream is just a Disk'o'Coaster, and it runs on a powered track. Why close it? Most Zamperla rides have a standard 30 mph wind limitation but that one is not even that tall...
  10. Great trip report! Some of your captions were hilarious as well! It's so weird to see Nagashima as empty but I had a similar experience as yours when I went in 2018. It was mid-summer and the only place where I had to really join an actual line was for their Mine train and Steel Dragon. I am glad that you had the chance to ride Hakugei, as it was under construction when I was there. It looks so majestic with the massive white structure combined with blue rails. I must agree that Arashi is completely nuts. I had ridden Joker at SFGAdv but boy does the Japanese clone ride differently! It span so many times I left the ride shaking. It was really intense and quite fitting for the ride's name (Arashi means 'storm' in Japanese). One of the funniest memories was doing the horror walk-through with a Japanese bunch of school girls. They were screaming their heads off and sort of hiding behind me (as if I was a sort of human shield "Let the Western boy die" ) while I was just casually strolling through the maze.
  11. Apparently, PortAventura in partnership with LaLiga (Spain's professional football league) have decided to open a new land/park themed to football (soccer, for Americans). These news come a bit as a shock as no one was expecting this move on their part, not even die-hard PA fans. Here is the link to the article in Spanish: https://www.lavanguardia.com/economia/20200913/483444069204/portaventura-laliga-futbol-egames-gamers.html And here is the link to a video in Spanish talking about The Beat Challenge (an experience similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom) that will be available throughout the property: https://videos.elmundo.es/v/0_sybz267u-del-cesped-al-parque-de-atracciones-laliga-sigue-la-senda-de-disney-la-nba-y-ferrari?count=0 Thi is a bold movement, to say the least. FerrariLand (which opened in 2017) has been underperforming and doesn't even feel like a half-day park, yet management wants to invest money on a fourth gate. What do you think? On the one hand, sports, football and LaLiga, are extremely popular, so it seems like a great move from a business perspective. Football has such a huge fanbase among Spaniards (it would be the equivalent to NBA in the US or even Nascar), so I am sure this will get people talking and speculating, as the idea seems innovative. If only we got something as cool as Kennywood did with Steel Curtain lol On the other hand, if a well-established brand like Ferrari couldn't pull off a decent park, how can LaLiga (which has no connection whatosever with parks) think they will be up to the challenge? I am really skeptical about this project.
  12. As much as I love Efteling I am wondering that too. There is really not much themeing besides some props in the queue area (which looks tiresome being a cattlepen) and gorgeous station design. The ride is "cute" but I feel like we would bitching so much about this ride if it was at another park but since it's located at Efteling it gets a pass. Max & Moritz sure looks "fun" but it's nothing else than two glorified powered coasters on a field full of weeds. Bob felt special and unique whereas this doesn't. Hopefully, at least running both sides, capacity will be through the roof!
  13. I wonder what the maximum capacity for Volcano Bay is now that it has been limited.
  14. I saw this at Fantasyland when Mine Train was down! Those times when attractions went down and we got creative were the best ones!
  15. Post of the year. Coronavirus is the greatest example of lack of common sense and hysteria created by the media. Hopefully, people will learn that sanitizing their hands and using a mask is not a matter of coronavirus, but a matter of everyday health. I would also enjoy parks at this time, as they will probably be less crowded, and thus much more enjoyable.
  16. I really like the way you are reviewing Japan, because it's not just about the parks but also about the cities. As for Kyoto, I much prefer it to Tokyo as it is busy, but still manageable, and has plenty of traditional shrines. I also did the Fushimi Inari tori trail but it was mid-summer and it was exhausting and had me completely dehydrated! I also agree that Arashiyama is a nice area to visit while in Kyoto: I visited the bamboo forest and got to experience hot springs (I seemed to be the only foreigner venturing them lol). If you are into railways, Kyoto had a very large and interactive railway museum some 20 minutes away from the main station. Regarding Nagashima Spaland, I completely agree: FujiQ exceeded my expectations too and Nagashima just met them. The park was nice but a bit too bland, perhaps. Operations were much better at FujiQ than Nagashima in my case. As for Arashi, it was completely insane. I had been on Joker at SFGAdv but nothing could prepare me for the sheer madness Arashi was. It was like being on a top spin on an insane German-run cycle on wheels. In my case, they did something really weird: they were running 3 trains BUT only loading one side (so they still had a ride op checking empty restraints on a side which was roped off to the public), just to make the line for Arashi appear longer than it was, thus fostering FP sales... Thanks for your pictures and detailed descriptions!
  17. Oh, Universal, one of your new year's resolutions for 2020 should be not to include any more attractions requring glasses.
  18. This is like playing RCT2 in sandbox mode. I love it!
  19. The extreme house is still unknown to me since it was too crowded for me to get in. However, I can tell you a couple of things I observed or gathered from people that have been there: - People get in alone and there are three modes: unmarked, marked with an X or marked with a triple X. The regular mode is a very intense haunted house; marked with an X allows actors to be very physical but you have a safe word in case it gets too extreme; marked with XXX you have to get in NAKED or in your underwear and there are virtually no limits, plus there's no safe word. - In all cases, people must sign a waiver before getting in. - From people that have done both last year's and this year's extreme haunted houses, last year's it was focused mainly on disgusting things (including explicit sexual references) whereas this year's, it's a more rounded experience that involves being verbally assaulted and playing with people's phobias of being admitted into a mental hospital. - I saw some people leave the house speechless and some of them even in tears but for the most part people seemed to enjoy it. Most people (mainly X and XXX-marked) also got out wet and dripping a blood-looking substance.
  20. Last year, Horroland debuted as southern Europe’s first scream park to rave reviews, which got them the award for Best European Independent Event. Unfortunately for me, in 2018 I was unable to attend yet my expectations sky-rocketed reading reviews of people who visited it. This year 4 friends (one of which is also another park enthusiast) decided to go, so we booked tickets in April! [if you want to read about the houses, skip the next paragraphs.] [Disclaimer: most of these pics are not mine. Credit goes to Adrián, from Horrorland's marketing team] Before getting into what is Horrorland, it’s story time. Horrorland is an independent scream park that was created by two of Spain’s best scare/horror companies: Insomnia Corporation and Horror Box. These two companies started rather “small” by owning arguably Catalonia’s best horror themed escape rooms. Really, if there was a “one-two punch” category for escape rooms owned by the same company, I just could NOT decide which one I would pick: Horror Box’s Jigsaw and Ouija are among the most sophisticated and genuinely scary escape rooms you can find in Barcelona, while Insomnia Corporation’s Còctel del Doctor and Xperiment take story-telling and tension build-up to a whole new level, all of this while having to go cross-country by car just to get the adventure started. Besides this, Horror Box was founded by a former actor and actress from the legendary Krueger Hotel at Tibidabo, so it was nice to see their career finally taking off with this massive undertaking that is opening a full-fledged scream park. Getting to Horrorland is really quite an experience in itself. The location of this scream park is far from any high-traffic area, next to Berga (approximately 90 minutes away from Barcelona by car). Having the park so far away from a big city with limited transportation options (aka: car) makes the journey a bit difficult for those who do not own a car or have a driving license. However, the setting in which the park sits is a hilly, densely-wooded area next to a reservoir, perched up next to an iconic and abandoned thermal power plant. Driving the last kilometers in and out of the ravine and finally seeing the ominous power plant’s chimney just sent chills down my spine. Since the scream park started as an experiment for a seasonal attraction in the area, the owners of Horrorland had to deal with what they had: a series of industrial facilities next to the plant. The park has a large gravel parking area, which is quite convenient. Attendants were extremely helpful and efficient. To our surprise, the parking fee (5 €) could later be exchanged for a discount on the park’s merchandise, for a games coupon or for an extra load of paint bullets in one of the park’s attractions (more to come on this later). On the day we visited the park (October 19th), upon arrival 90 minutes before it was meant to open according to the park’s official schedule (7 pm to 1am), we were informed that the park was sold out for the day. This would have been bad news, except we had bought our tickets months in advance. Showing great customer service, the park let guests into the park (and houses) 1 hour before it was officially scheduled so that everyone could get in as many houses as they could. How cool is that? A park basically extended hours completely unannounced. Yay! As we were about to get in, I came across with a friend of mine that has been working for quite some time with Horror Box (kudos Adrián!) who gave us some tips on how to make the most of our day. We had bought a Fast Pass entry, which lets guests into each house once (except the extreme haunted house, which requires an upgrade), lets you participate in the zombie shooting range once, and lets guests randomly do one of the four express escape rooms, skipping the lines on all of these experiences. I must say that this ticket is great value, especially if you want to take things easy and avoid the hassle of having to queue for too long and being able to just take in all of the atmosphere. Seeing how short the FP lines for the houses/mazes were, I think that park did a superb job at not overselling FP tickets, which shows again that they really care about their patrons, unlike some corporate events with a cash-grabbing approach to business. As for the houses/mazes, I am not going to review them chronologically: Zombie Killer - score: 6/10 This was technically not a haunted house but more of a zombie-themed shooting range. The park needed a high-capacity, highly-interactive attraction and that’s what Zombie Killer is about. The attraction consists of 5 huge shipping containers lined up next to each other. First you had to get your ammunition, which consisted of a load of 100 paint bullets. We used the 5-euro parking ticket to get an extra load of bullets, just in case we got loose on the trigger (which we did!). First you are ushered into the first shipping container where a member of the army informs guests of the attraction’s nature and rules. Then you are rushed out into the first of the four different levels of the attraction. Each of these containers are fitted with about 20 fixed paintball guns. Me, being clumsy by nature, dropped most of my extra bullets before I could even load them in my gun xD Have I mentioned that the attraction features paint bullets, black light and that the shooting range scenarios include both physical sets AND live actors? Yes! As the levels progress, the amount of zombies found in each scenario is greater and they seemed to be more aggressive. Needless to say, we ran out of bullets pretty soon on each level. It was so much fun targeting live zombies, while I feel kind of sorry for the poor actor/actress having to endure being shot every 2 minutes by 20 gunners eager to paint-kill! This experience was definitely not as intense as other houses but proved to be really fun and definitely original. Having a scare attraction that is a people eater is also good to disperse queues from other houses. The attraction would be perfect if there was a scoring system just to enhance competition among parties. La térmica (The thermal power plant) - score: 6,5/10 The huge chimney from the former thermal power plant is a visual magnet and dominates the park’s skyline. You can basically see it from any angle within the park. Being such an icon, the park owners and producers had to base one of their houses on the power plant, which serves as the backstory for this attraction. The ride makes guests navigate the old plant’s sewage systems, where they encounter different roaming creatures that suffered horrible mutations after being exposed to several toxic leaks from the plant. [spoilerS] I absolutely loved the use of this backstory as it is linked to the area where the park currently sits. Considering that the attractions’ show buildings are basically industrial warehouses, the sets are stunning. The sewers were made of a sort of concrete and the attraction’s layout was long and full of surprises on each turn. Even the props that the actors wore were perfectly blended with their makeup. Inside the maze were several animatronics, one of which was one of the biggest ones I have ever seen outside of an actual theme park. It was a 10-15 feet tall creature that cornered unsuspecting guests in one of the narrowest sections of the maze. Just to make things even more realistic, you were forced to wear a construction helmet. At first I thought it was just for fun, but later I found out it was for actual safety, since the layout has low-ceiling sections or never-in-America sections where guests have to crawl their way out while being chased. [/spoilerS] ç Very thrilling and disorienting. It did not score higher because I think that the experience was a bit tamer than expected, at least on our run. The sets, however, were exceptionally well put-together. Clown Town 3D - score: 7,5/10 Chronologically, this was our first maze of the night. Other reviews made it seem it would be tame and not on a par with the rest. Boy were we wrong! We were let in in groups of six people. Before entering the maze, we were given a pair of 3D glasses. The maze itself is a concept that has been done plenty of times in other scream parks and theme parks: a freak show themed attraction using black light. However, Clown Town had a couple of tricks up its sleeve! [spoilerS] The attraction’s walls are saturated with colours, which paired with the 3D glasses made it really difficult to see where the actors could be hiding. There were a couple of scares I definitely did not see coming that made me scream like a schoolgirl to my friends’ delight xD The attraction’s layout was particularly long and confusing; at one point we had navigated so many corners I was just not able to predict our position within the attraction’s show building, which I loved. I wouldn’t say I am afraid of clowns themselves but the circus always gives me the chills; however, there was one particular narrow section full of standing clowns that had my group go crazy as no one wanted to venture it. Another spectacular stunt was in one of the biggest sets within the attraction, where a bungee scare actress basically attacked us from a blind spot. We were definitely not ready for that and it was something not that common in European scream parks (to my knowledge). The attraction’s layout was also fitted with a rather large and custom-built revolving tunnel, which proved very disorienting and long! When we left the maze we had a grin on our faces, whether it was joy or fear, I leave it up to you! [/spoilerS] When talking to Adrián (responsible for the Horrorland’s marketing), he also mentioned that a single graffiti artist was commissioned to paint the walls of the entire maze by himself. Big kudos to him because the paintings were on point! La casa del bosque (The cabin in the woods) - 8,5/10 This is another example of why you should experience a house by yourself and not go in with expectations based on other people’s opinions. Other reviews made it seem like this was one of the weakest houses, perhaps because it is one of the most conservative ones, in terms of scares and story-telling, but again, we were greatly surprised by its length, original scares, and superbly themed sets. So much so we ended up doing it twice. [spoilerS] As you enter the house, you are greeted by a mountain hiker who gives us, lost hikers, directions to the nearest cabin. The effect of going through a densely-wooded area was rather complicated to pull in a warehouse but it was neatly achieved by having many medium-sized trees on both sides of a narrow path, which forced guests to slalom their way to the cabin’s entrance. There was one particular scare involving a tree, followed by a really in-your-face kind of scare achieved with a big flying animatronic that has to be one of the biggest two-punch scares I experienced that night. Once you enter the cabin, you go through its different rooms, which featured detailed props that made the sets look very solid and real. Another scare that will haunt my dreams was a very mean use of a series of teddy bears which prevented from seeing the actual scare actor waiting for us at the end of a corridor. Even some of my most daring friends got scared shitless thanks to the clever use of space that helped actors achieve many scares within the same group of people but from different angles at different times. [/spoilerS] Survival Maze: Battle Royale - score: 8,5/10 Have you watched the classic Japanese movie Battle Royale which inspired other dystopian series like The Hunger Games? Well, Survival Maze is basically this but in this house you are the star of the show. Well, I wouldn’t call it a house because it’s more of a maze, and it’s not meant to be scary but it’s such an adrenaline rush, it is becoming this year’s sleeper hit! [spoilerS] To be fair, when I heard about the concept of a maze with a large group of guests I thought it would detract from the experience: well, again, don’t judge a book by its cover! Survival Maze concept is simple: 40 guests are the participants of a live reality show in which they are released in a maze with 8 different killers they need to escape from. The attraction starts in a tent where 40 guests are divided into 4 groups of 10 people and assigned a team colour (blue, yellow, green and red) using a necklace of fluorescent tubes. After this, all 40 guests are led into the preshow/briefing area where the TV host introduces them as stars of the macabre show as well as their potential killers (it was fun to watch the profile of each killer and what weapons it could potentially attack with, specially the Diva SheMale killer, who had a dildo as a weapon LOL). When the preshow is over, the participants are led into the maze for up to three survival rounds: each round starts with a countdown “Survive in 3, 2, 1…” and then all hell breaks loose. Just imagine 40 people trying to hide from 8 killers in a confined space (the ratio is almost 1 to 4), so during the first two rounds most people are killed and sent to jail where they can safely watch the action happen to their helpless comrades. With each round, which lasted for about one endless minute, the killers seemed to move faster and get more aggressive. Running away from them and trying to find a safe place to hide was a rush of adrenaline like no other. At the end of the last round, the team with the most survivors wins the show. I almost made it alive but when were 10 seconds away from finishing the last round I was cornered by a Japanese ninja girl and the Diva SheMale Killer, and the dildo-bearer pulled my fluorescent blue tube! [/spoilerS] As far as I know, this concept is completely new. While not scary, the combination of strobe lights, loud EDM music, thick fog, intense interaction with actors and mental stress, made this one of the most WTF-inducing mazes of the night. However, even though the park stressed not to run it was impossible not to. As a result, when I was running away from a killer I tripped over someone else and fell to the floor. I hope Horrorland takes this great concept even further because I think it has so much potential! Matadero (Slaughterhouse) - score: 10/10 This house is the only returning one from last year’s edition. This house was actually awarded Spain’s Best Haunted House and it’s a fan favourite. I thought it would be your regular chainsaw-filled maze and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Matadero could be summed up as a vegan’s wet dream come true: what if animals were in charge of running a slaughterhouse and instead of butchering their own kind chose to butcher humans instead? [spoilerS] The house starts right before you get into the actual warehouse, when the attendant asks if any of the guests wants to be marked. If you agree to be marked, you will get into the house wearing a necklace of fluorescent red tubes. That means that actors inside can assault you and you are at their mercy. Of course I chose the more extreme option! Once inside, you are facing a humanoid pig who breaks the group apart while loading us one by one, pieces of meat, inside a cargo lorry meant for animals. Inside the lorry, you need to crawl your way out. What comes afterwards is a mess of insanity and rooms that otherwise would be to process animal meat but are instead ready to process your flesh. At some points of the maze, you encounter animals meant for human consumption like rabbits, pigs, sheep, chickens, cows wishing to take revenge by pulling individuals from the group to separate pods/rooms and giving them a horrible “special treatment”. I went in twice and the first time I got my hair cropped (the effect was really neat!) and the second time, a rabbit made me bend over and shot an air-compressed bullet down my ass. It was absolutely bonkers. What was even better is that your group couldn’t wait for you, so after you got your share of individual torture you were on your own trying to find a way out. The last bit consisted of a maze made with a series of transparent industrial-looking curtains where everyone was splitted once more, just to find your final demise when you faced an animal with a chainsaw that chased you out. [/spoilerS] I can understand why this house is so popular. It is quite intense without being balls-to-the-wall insane (unless you want the marked treatment), it has a very original backstory and the props and theming are superbly done. I loved that they didn’t just throw some scare actors with chainsaws, which would be the easier option, but chose to refine and redefine what you could expect from a blood-filled maze instead. Escape rooms: Houses aside, since the park is owned and produced by companies whose main target have always been escape rooms, the park boasts 4 different what they call Express Escape Room experiences: these are 4 different highly-themed games (Elevator, Torture, Circus and Subway) lasting 8 minutes each. With your regular ticket, you are randomly assigned to one of these. If you feel like doing the 3 remaining experiences, you can upgrade your tickets, which I highly recommend as all 4 escape rooms feature different challenges and don’t feel short whatsoever. I won’t give away too much but Subway is themed to an underground train that feels like it’s running. Elevator is very reminiscent of Tower of Terror and is a nod to the former professional past of Horror Box at Tibidabo, when they worked as cast in Hotel Krueger. Torture is a collaborative two-sided game. Finally, Circus is themed to a freak show caravan. The park made sure that escape rooms were both engaging yet not too long, so as not to affect operational capacity. Hence they build 4 replicas for each experience, meaning that there are 16 escape rooms operating AT ONCE. Groups were never larger than 6 people to prevent the experience to feel overcrowded yet Horrorland seemed to manage lines at a steady pace. Myself, being completely obsessed with park operations, I saw the way they kept track of each group throughout the entire process using something as simple as a board and some magnets; very simple yet efficient! Extreme haunted house: Last, but not least, I wanted to go through Pyscho Xtreme, the park’s extreme haunted house experience. Unfortunately, due to online bookings and the park being at capacity, there were no more time slots left for this upcharge experience. Yet another reason to visit the park next year! Random thoughts: - Great customer service - every member of the staff we found was efficient, courteous and tried to stay in character as much as they could. - There were live actors roaming around queues - There are potential new spaces for future attractions - Although sold out time slots for the extreme haunted house prevented people from spending too long in that specific line, and therefore not experiencing the other attractions. - Turning an industrial facility into a semipermanent haunt installation - Location and surroundings - Non-corporate feeling - Shows with lots of impromptu every hour or so. Even if you were just chilling between houses, you were granted some kind of show in the park’s center stage. - There is a final fireworks display that goes along with a parade with many of the characters found in the houses called Blood Fire. The show was scheduled almost at park close (1am on that day), so I didn’t have time to watch it, as it started to rain and my friends were really tired. Room for improvement: - Greater food options, although the current ones are not expensive. - Public transportation to the park? Maybe even a shuttle bus from a nearby train station. - Turning the intensity of the weakest houses up a bit. However, I can see them keeping some experience tamer to cater to a broader audience. - Portable WC stations. Exceptionally clean though. If you are ever in Barcelona around Halloween time, it's worth checking the place out! Road to Horrorland with its ominous power plant Parking lot and abandoned creepy industrial facilities Left to right: Dani, me, Juanjo and Fran Horrorland's entrance Let's shoot 'em up! One of the sets from Zombie Killer. (Credit: Horrorland) One of the friendliest creatures from the plant. Don't you want to pet it? (Credit: Horrorland) This clown has some killer jokes! One of the sets from La casa del bosque (Credit: Horrorland) Us before being thrown into Surival Maze to battle for our lives. Go blue team! Want to grab a bite? (Credit: Horrorland) Operations nerd alert: The clever batching system at the Express Escape Rooms. As you can tell, there's four columns and attendants were just moving these magnets along them to acknowledge where the groups were. Very simple and effective! We made some friends throughout the night. Freak show themed escape room (Credit: Horrorland) Elevator themed escape room. Notice any inspiration? (Credit: Horrorland) Some "The shining" fun "Honey, I am home...!" This great view of the huge green chimney overlooking Horrorland is the last thing we saw before leaving. We will be back for sure!
  21. ^And most importantly, Orion's brake run must be as tall as Racer's lift hill structure.
  22. How long does it take for a Site controller to be fully trained? Are there different positions while operating a Skycoaster? I am really tempted to go on one of these, as I enjoy drop towers a lot, but it's the terrifying moment of having to pull the cord that puts me off... Any tips for first time riders? Thanks for starting such a interesting thread! It's always nice to read from other people people working (or that have worked) in the industry.
  23. Zadra looks Europe's Hagukei/Steel Vengeance! The rate at which this park is expanding is just insane. I wonder what will happen when the EU cut their funding...
  24. I am happy to have trimless Can Can Coaster! That thing was running seriously fast in its previous incarnation and I can't wait to experience it again in a few weeks! Europa-Park really knows how to make the most of everything and keep their rides in tip-top condition!
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