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  1. TusenFryd just released the officiall name and logo for the new coaster, Storm - The Dragon Legend They also released some new concept arts from the station and the Dragonville area.
  2. There has been some progress since my last update. Exit/giftshop A small sneak peak of how the Restrooms will look like under the tarpaulin. How it will look like when finished. Scaffoldings are up and now the building of the Station has begun.
  3. They have started on theming the new Medivial area. Giftshop/Exit for the new coaster. Two of the parts for the entrance tower. Lights for the queue
  4. Teaser for the Dragonville area for 2023 Screen_Recording_20220718-165323_Facebook.mp4
  5. Tusenfryd sent out an survey today with concept arts of the new themed area "Dragonville" and the new coaster "Storm the Dragon Legend" They have already teased the theme with the new Coke Freestyle booth that arrived a few weekend back. It has the same Dragon logo.
  6. Construction on the new inverted coaster is moving forward. Station has started to go vertical The park has now started to use the new Park music in the two themed areas Route 66 and Expedition Lost Kingdoms.
  7. Speed Monster will from today only be available by Virtual Line. Some construction update on the new coaster This year TusenFryd introduced Coke Freestyle at the park. And also Express Pass, that can be bought for 399 NOK (42$), that can be used at Speed Monster, Loopen, Thunder Coaster, SpinSpider, Western Expressen, Super Splash, SpaceShot and Ragnarok. The park feels fresh with the new changes and theming. There are still some finishing touches that are beeing done. I just love the look of the Fire Station. Huri Huri, new Zamperla compact spinning coaster. New Sign for Ekom Nkam (Log flume) The Dungeon, new haunted house.
  8. Just one more day until Tusenfryd will open as a Theme Park. Today they tested the Park Music. https://youtube.com/shorts/AJojFgmbdzE?feature=share
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