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  1. POV of the new coaster coming to TusenFryd. It looks really good.
  2. I went for a walk around TusenFryd to see if there has been any construction going on. I found some markers for the 2021 coaster Station/launch Station/launch Second inversion? Second inversion? Marker F30A Does anyone know the difference of a marker with a red top and a fully orange marker?
  3. Looks like we are getting a inverted coaster at TusenFryd for 2021. I wonder if it will be Intamin or Vekoma.
  4. ^ Keep in mind that the layout is not final, they might change it before construction start.
  5. I haven't tried Gold Rush myself, but I think this type of coaster will be a good addition to the park.
  6. We finally got a ride layout for the 2021 coaster, which looks to be a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster. This layout look very similar to Gold Rush It looks like TusenFryd will add their very first Singel Rider line to this ride.
  7. TusenFryd to make their biggest investment ever for a single attraction the ride is stated to open in 2021. They will also get a new attraction for 2020 season, which will be announced in January. "It will be something new next season, but we are working on something very big for 2021. This will definitely be the park's biggest investment ever, for a single attraction", says Solli "Does the attraction you plan for 2021 need more space than the park today can offer?" "Maybe", says Solli, with a big smile. Considering them announcing that something will happen for 2021(17 months in advance), amount of money and the need of more space, I think we can expect to see a new roller coaster for the 2021 season. TusenFryd will be giving hints during 2020 season. Here are the other largest investments the park has done: Speed Monster - 70 million NOK Thunder Coaster - 50 million NOK Thors Hammer - 40 million NOK Ragnarok - 50 million NOK Sourcehttps://www.ha-halden.no/tusenfryd/nyheter/fornoyelsespark/tusenfryd-forbereder-seg-til-tidenes-attraksjonsinvestering/s/5-20-734969?access=granted
  8. TusenFryd has started preparing for Halloween season. This year the Zombie Laboratory will have more Zombies than ever before. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  9. So now that we get new trains and a renovated station, will we also get magnetic brakes? , that has been in the talks for many years.
  10. Were have you found this information? Someone posted it on Lisebergs Facebook Page
  11. Looks like Flumeride will be replaced for 2023 season
  12. Where does the singlerider line start? For me it looks like the main entrance is just regular and express?
  13. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] The Norwegian Tv Show Newton did some experiments on the new VR coaster at TusenFryd. @ 2:17 you can see clips from the ride. Steampunk Hunters is one of the better VR coaster and is an great addition to the park. Only downside is the wait time to ride.
  14. Liseberg just announced that Valkyria will have it´s opening day on August 10th. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  15. Liseberg added a picture of the control panel for Valkyria
  16. A small photo update from the park today. Had an amazing day in the park, the lines were not to bad, but unfortunatly a lot of the rides were experiencing a lot of technical problems. Helix were down for most of the afternoon. They were doing a lot of test runs for Valkyria today, they also added a second train to the track during test runs. Helix having a bad day. Valkyria giftshop sign Theming around the tunnel One lucky guy. Finally doing test runs with two trains running.
  17. Good news, 1/3 of Thunder Coaster has been retracked now and the retracked part is verry smooth. Within the next two years they are going to retrack the rest of the coaster, so when they are done Thunder Coaster will be one smooth ass Vekoma Woodie
  18. You can take bus 500 Drøbak to the park it leaves every 30 minutes and there is also an Express line 500X TusenFryd that also leaves every 30 minutes, so there will be a bus every 15 minutes.
  19. ^ Tusenfryd has only used 50 % of the land that they rent, so it is possible they will expand the park if they will build a new coster. They did expanded the park a little when they built Ragnarok.
  20. It´s been sent as a newsletter. Rumor has it to be that tusenfryd is going to invest 70-80M NOK in a new attraction(speedmonster did cost 60M NOK), most likely for 2019 which I guess is for the attraction they sent a questback for. There still might be a new attraction for 2018, but I would guess a flatride, something that doesn´t take a long time to build.
  21. https://response.questback.com/isa/qbv.dll/ShowQuest?QuestID=5107666&sid=XtxY0ngW73
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