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  1. Teaser for the Dragonville area for 2023 Screen_Recording_20220718-165323_Facebook.mp4
  2. Tusenfryd sent out an survey today with concept arts of the new themed area "Dragonville" and the new coaster "Storm the Dragon Legend" They have already teased the theme with the new Coke Freestyle booth that arrived a few weekend back. It has the same Dragon logo.
  3. Construction on the new inverted coaster is moving forward. Station has started to go vertical The park has now started to use the new Park music in the two themed areas Route 66 and Expedition Lost Kingdoms.
  4. Speed Monster will from today only be available by Virtual Line. Some construction update on the new coaster This year TusenFryd introduced Coke Freestyle at the park. And also Express Pass, that can be bought for 399 NOK (42$), that can be used at Speed Monster, Loopen, Thunder Coaster, SpinSpider, Western Expressen, Super Splash, SpaceShot and Ragnarok. The park feels fresh with the new changes and theming. There are still some finishing touches that are beeing done. I just love the look of the Fire Station. Huri Huri, new Zamperla compact spinning coaster. New Sign for Ekom Nkam (Log flume) The Dungeon, new haunted house.
  5. Just one more day until Tusenfryd will open as a Theme Park. Today they tested the Park Music. https://youtube.com/shorts/AJojFgmbdzE?feature=share
  6. ^The Dungeon will be located up by Sky Coaster in a building they used a few years back for a haunted house during Halloween. The Fire Station used to be Nightmare and it will now have the Kids Bumper car inside.
  7. One of the first New Rides is the new Zamperla Spinning coaster Huri Huri The Tusenfryd Gift shop becomes Around the World shop. The food court Sulten & Tørst becomes Wharekai Jungle Sweets The new Explorer Society restaurant Cirkle K Traffic School New haunted house The Dungeon
  8. Tusenfryd making upgrades for 250 million NOK On Saturday 23 April, Norway's largest amusement park opens for the season. Tusenfryd announces the largest investment in the park's 34-year history. Over the next three years, large parts of the park will be significantly upgraded, and several new attractions will be built. In a normal year, we have 500,000 guests inside the gates, and we have regularly launched new attractions and individual upgrades. What we are now publishing is a long-planned and comprehensive reinforcement of our offer. 250 million NOK enables a future-oriented investment our park has never before been the subject of, says CEO Bjørn Håvard Solli in Tusenfryd. The overall move is that "New TusenFryd" is transformed from a traditional amusement park into a theme park with new and clearly defined zones. Several big thrill attractions will also be built. Already this year, approx. 50 million NOK will be spent. The first work started earlier this winter to ensure that the first new attractions are ready for this year's season. - What we can reveal from new rides for 2022, is a new water slide in addition to the fact that we open "The Dungeon" - a labyrinth of scary experiences where actors also appear to really get the pulse of the guests. In addition, we are introducing two completely new themed zones, says Solli. The first new zone is called "Route 66" which is built as a small town just along the legendary "Route 66". New rides here includes a new bumpercars and motorcycle carousel for children, a new traffic school and an expanded and upgraded "Rockburger" restaurant. In the second new zone, "Expedition Lost Kingdoms" is being built, an area where you embark on an adventurous voyage of discovery on different continents. Here you will find a brand new roller coaster for children as well as other exciting experiences and activities guests can take part in. At the same time, Solli emphasizes that the park will not be perceived as a construction site. The public will not be significantly affected by the work as this will mainly take place the part of the year the park is closed. All the measures are otherwise based on customer surveys and evaluations from the guests. - It will be fantastic when everything is ready in 2024. The investment lays a solid and important foundation for Tusenfryd to be Norway's largest theme park for exciting and pleasant experiences with family and friends for many years to come. In addition, we are proud that we as a social actor in this way also secure hundreds of jobs for young people and contribute to creating significant value in accommodation, catering, trade, transport and in the tourism industry in the region in general, says Solli.
  9. Tusenfryd shared some concept arts of a retheme of the former Enterprise area in a survey sent out on Facebook today. The upgrade is gonna be a retheme to an American smalltown located by Route 66 in the 50´s Mc-hopp, Trafikkfryd and Minibil will be moved to this area. Nightmare will be closed and Minibil will move in to the building that will be changed to a Firehouse. I think the new coaster will be pushed until their 35th anniversary in 2023 and that we will get this retheme next year 2022. Here are some before and after pictures
  10. POV of the new coaster coming to TusenFryd. It looks really good.
  11. I went for a walk around TusenFryd to see if there has been any construction going on. I found some markers for the 2021 coaster Station/launch Station/launch Second inversion? Second inversion? Marker F30A Does anyone know the difference of a marker with a red top and a fully orange marker?
  12. Looks like we are getting a inverted coaster at TusenFryd for 2021. I wonder if it will be Intamin or Vekoma.
  13. ^ Keep in mind that the layout is not final, they might change it before construction start.
  14. I haven't tried Gold Rush myself, but I think this type of coaster will be a good addition to the park.
  15. We finally got a ride layout for the 2021 coaster, which looks to be a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster. This layout look very similar to Gold Rush It looks like TusenFryd will add their very first Singel Rider line to this ride.
  16. TusenFryd to make their biggest investment ever for a single attraction the ride is stated to open in 2021. They will also get a new attraction for 2020 season, which will be announced in January. "It will be something new next season, but we are working on something very big for 2021. This will definitely be the park's biggest investment ever, for a single attraction", says Solli "Does the attraction you plan for 2021 need more space than the park today can offer?" "Maybe", says Solli, with a big smile. Considering them announcing that something will happen for 2021(17 months in advance), amount of money and the need of more space, I think we can expect to see a new roller coaster for the 2021 season. TusenFryd will be giving hints during 2020 season. Here are the other largest investments the park has done: Speed Monster - 70 million NOK Thunder Coaster - 50 million NOK Thors Hammer - 40 million NOK Ragnarok - 50 million NOK Sourcehttps://www.ha-halden.no/tusenfryd/nyheter/fornoyelsespark/tusenfryd-forbereder-seg-til-tidenes-attraksjonsinvestering/s/5-20-734969?access=granted
  17. TusenFryd has started preparing for Halloween season. This year the Zombie Laboratory will have more Zombies than ever before. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  18. So now that we get new trains and a renovated station, will we also get magnetic brakes? , that has been in the talks for many years.
  19. Were have you found this information? Someone posted it on Lisebergs Facebook Page
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