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  1. Anyone know where I can find the frog hopper custom ride? Been looking but can't find it or a scenario it's in. EDIT: Never mind, found it! http://www.nedesigns.com/rct2-object/3712/hopper01/
  2. At least it's an actual theater instead of a converted picnic pavilion with terrible acoustics like the Jack Aldrich Theater.
  3. That's what i'm hoping for, a nice lakeside twister. Kind of disappointed that the ice show is going away though because it was actually really fun. There were also rumors that challenge park rides were being moved into the park so this could be opening up expansion space for them.
  4. How have they not been sued yet? I don't care what kind of waiver you sign, they can't just beat you up and torture you like that.
  5. If you like Animal Crossing, a very similar game called Castaway Paradise just got released for the iPhone and iPad. It's a ton of fun, definitely check it out! https://itunes.apple.com/app/castaway-paradise/id723466226
  6. ^The animation is just that, an animation. Don't invest so much hope in the concept rendering.
  7. I went to the Hexed preview event at Cedar Point on Friday for the first night of HalloWeekends. Armed with my new DSLR, I tried my best at taking some creepy pictures of all the screamsters. The new maze this year was Hexed which is next to GateKeeper, a bewitching adventure through the witch's lair. I was sort of underwhelmed by this one to be honest. Visually it was great and there were some cool illusions, but it had no finale or real wow factor. The other new thing at HalloWeekends is the Tombstone Terror-Tory scare zone near Maverick. Pretty fun to walk through and see others getting scared. So here's a little taste of HalloWeekends this year. HalloWeekends at Cedar Point can only mean one thing, pumpkins everywhere! Cool lanyard they gave out The schedule for the night, a lot of enthusiasts showed up to the event Hexed is the newest maze at Cedar Point, you can get a nice view of GateKeeper since it's built in the backstage area If there's a gap somewhere, you bet it'll be filled by a pumpkin So long Mantis! Some people liked you, but I couldn't stand it Lines weren't bad at all, the longest line of the day was for the free food at Midway Market Spooky theming everywhere Gargoyles outside of Hexed Screamsters doing their best to scare people in Screamworks There were some cool sliders in Screamworks The new Tombstone Terror-Tory Oooooooh, ghost horse!! Sheriff stalking some people Nothing says pirates like a mermaid eating human flesh My favorite scare from that night was when a pirate jumped out and yelled "Sharknado!" Lots of pirates in Cut Throat Cove CarnEvil has taken over Camp Snoopy Wish there were more chainsaw guys chasing down screaming people Cutting up pigs in Blood on the Bayou Witch Doctor dancing in the light And that's a preview of HalloWeekends this year! Still #1 in the world GateKeeper showing off
  8. It's another pun, they are going to spill re-fried beans on people during the ride.
  9. Really? I understand wanting to promote your own video, but when discussions on TPR come from things members find online and not always their own content, that seems a bit strange.
  10. For those who were able to ride Millennium Force yesterday, how was the crew doing?
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