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  1. Last post on TPR: I am really sick of all the "it looks good, but the ride itself is decent at best" comments. Do you REALLY THINK engineers design roller coasters for the hell of it and not because they have a passion for it? Maybe they WANTED to try and build re-rideable rides that aren't balls to the wall intense. Just because a ride doesn't need your ludicrous standards doesn't mean it was just put together to look good. B&M stepped out of their comfort zone on this ride, and all I see when I read this thread is "wahh it's not good enough! MOAR AIRTIMEEEE" and of course you don't see this attitude because you're too blinded by the ride's shortcomings (which there are barely any). Fury 325 will be a hit with most enthusiasts. You know what, how about ALL enthusiasts, because NORMAL enthusiasts don't complain about a giga coaster. I'm done with the idiocy.
  2. I can't wait for tomorrow! I will be peeking at the web forums from school to read reviews of Fury 325.
  3. Awesome view! So jealous that I live 30 minutes away from Carowinds and people from across the world get to ride before me! Also, from the park's instagram:
  4. Is that the height of the lift? Can't tell with Steel Dragon behind it. Oh, and SD2K, Fury 325 says hi.
  5. I'm not denying that it's a great ride, look through my posts in this thread and you'll find the complete opposite. I'm just saying that to enthusiasts, the general public's opinion might be completely different from ours. I think I need to stop posting.
  6. 1. This was not the first rider auction because there would have been an empty seat in the front row. 2. You have to remember that those people probably aren't enthusiasts, so their smiles probably aren't an accurate measurement of how good the ride was for enthusiasts.
  7. Probably strong floater, where you can definitely tell that there's airtime, but it's not throwing you out of your seat.
  8. When the thread about selfie sticks came out, The Oatmeal published a comic about owning a selfie stick. Also, you seem to be a big fan if his too. We're selfie sticks just popular at the time, or did he see the thread and make a comic about it?
  9. Will,Thunderbird have rollbacks or is that more of a strata thing?
  10. I don't know if I like being Wild Airtight (EP). Plus those two names contradict each other.
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