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  1. Any LR updates from the past few days? Plan is to go tomorrow for my first ever DW triP. Would love some insider news on LR.... One train? Not open at all? Etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. Planning my first ever trip to Dollywood for this weekend. Only planning on going Saturday as it open from 10-9p, I feel that should be plenty of time to enjoy the park. Imagine should be a little less busy since schools are starting to be back in session? Also, I know it's a gamble with LR, but how has that been lately? Operating daily with 1 train? Thank you!
  3. Very very impressive. Can't wait to see what CP has in store... I have a feeling they are keeping details from us for a reason and have something up their sleeve! Is the hard hat tour still going on or was it just for an hour or so this morning?
  4. The track isn't finished from the station to the first drop. They barely have track on the lift. Do you have prooof of that? Granted I can't prove it's finished from station to drop either, but I cant disprove it either. Love when new pics pop up!!
  5. I still love the 2017 vs 2018 war. Is this is the most advanced coaster RMC has ever created causing CP to close Mean Streak before the operating season ends, have all necessary structure removed, and track ALREADY finished from station to first drop. Yet it won't open for 15 more months? Seems fishy!!
  6. Wow..... I'm sad and shocked. 2018!!!! I'm hoping this is the most epic RMC with extensive themeing, tunnels, etc. Closing a coaster before 2016 operating season and it's for 2018. Very surprised. I was a 2017 Meaner Streak this entire time. CP is killing me with anticipation.
  7. Well I got two new RMC credits in the past two weekends: Joker and Twisted Colossus. I've now hit 5 of the 11 RMCs and rank them as follows: 1. Iron Rattler- love how it plays with the terrain and last drop is GREAT! It is a bit short, but so unique. This was my first RMC, but I rode it over 5 times and it never disappointing. 2. Twisted Colossus- I was afraid it would be a let down, and it wasn't! Rode in the front and very back- both provided EJECTOR air and the dueling aspect really does make it so fun. Upside down while another train is going over an airtime hill, and these crazy sideways "high fives" are SOO fun. Even when not dueling, the coaster packs a punch and is very unique. 3. Joker- so much airtime in back and front. Proves taller doesn't mean better. A good length and fun from beginning til end. 4. NTAG- Love its length, but wished more crazy and intense elements and I don't necessarily mean upside down. Airtime was there, but not even comparable to TC or Joker airtime. 5. Goliath- wayyyyyy too short which is no excuse because it was built from scratch. Sure the first drop is great, but seems shortest of the above four and should have one more lap around. Can't wait to get on more of the RMCs. Such an innovative and AMAZING product that really delivers. I look forward to Mean Streak RMC and predict it will be the tallest, fasted, and longest hybrid coaster out there.
  8. Went on my 4th RMC this weekend and hopefully TC will make it my 5th next weekend. As of now: 1. Iron Rattler- love how it plays with the terrain and last drop is GREAT! 2. Joker- Rode this weekend, so much airtime in back and front. Proves taller doesn't mean better. 3. NTAG- Love its length and airtime, but wished more crazy elements, not necessarily upside down. 4. Goliath- wayyyyyy too short which is no excuse because it was built from scratch. Looking forward to TC this weekend hopefully to change my ranking, although without riding it I assume it will be before or after NTAG in the ranking.
  9. I know this has been discussed before, but I was surprised to see SFGADV operating dates so far into Nov and December. I know the holiday lights will be occurring, but my question is what coasters typically operate this late in the season, say first weekend of December? My apologies as I know it's mentioned in here but I can not find it. Is it worth going first weekend of December if I just want to ride the big coasters (Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro etc?) Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you guys for the tips! Looked at the park map as well, and looks like the four I want to hit are near the front of the park. Will do Superman first to get it out of the way. Glad that Joker has such good reviews about dispatch times. Can't wait to ride my 4th RMC and will head to SFMM the following weekend to make it 5! Look forward to hitting a new Six Flags park! Any unique thrill rides I should hit here or just stick riding Joker over and over again?
  11. Good morning everyone, Planning on going to SFDK for the first time ever this Saturday. A few questions: 1. What type of crowd can I expect for a Saturday (opens at 11am?) 2. Are there any big events or anything to be aware of that day? 3. I only want to get on four of the coasters- Joker, Medusa, Superman, and Vertical Velocity. Is there a certain order I should hit to avoid crowds or a coaster that always has a longer wait. slow loading times? Goal is to ride all those once and Joker a few times. Any advice would be appreciated!
  12. Who wants to see the first video testing of LR?!?!? Looks like it's running pretty well! [vimeo] [/vimeo]
  13. I love this!!! Very very creative! Could be used for a variety of things!
  14. I thought Tobu Zoo was closed on Mondays though? Can anyone confirm?
  15. Heading to Tokyo this weekend for the first time and have two quick questions about Tokyo Dome/La Qua and Tobu Zoo. I'd love to hit both of these, but after researching I have some questions. 1. Is it true that Tobu Zoo is closed on Mondays? I want to ride my first Mega-Lite, but according to their website, park is closed on Monday. Didn't know if anyone knew anything different. 2. Tokyo Dome/La Qua: Does Thunder Dolphin run in the rain? Is the operation truly so horrible that it dispatches every 15 minutes? I'm considering getting a day pass only so I can ride it 5+ times on my birthday! However, if the operations are so bad and rain may shut it down, maybe I'd be better of with just a one time ride pass. 3. Is there anything else in downtown Tokyo area I'd be missing for a quick fun coaster experience? Not looking to do any of the big parks this trip. Any help/further information about both parks greatly appreciated!
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