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  1. This is why I adopted a Goldbot-mandatory policy for any SF park I care to ride anything of any worth more than once. Sorry you had a "standard for me" SFNE day.
  2. Tommy has a fat ass and he made it through it. God bless those peeps that put themselves through that. Marathons on either of those woodies now would be suicide.
  3. You rode in the magic row. Amazing how differently the front of 2 bench PTC cars ride from the back row.
  4. I thought you did awesome for your first time! It takes practice and patience. I have good rides and awful rides. Alicia weighs nothing so it's easy for her.
  5. You're right, Ted. Those are great rides for kids. Moser makes a ride like that, as seen here that adults can ride too. Honestly, as small as it was (Seabreeze, in Rochester) it was much more fun than any S&S tower I've ridden! http://www.flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/springride.html
  6. Huss was a much bigger loss, IMO. Multiple quality flats are lacking at almost every major park other than PCW, and Huss was easily the leader in thrilling attractions outside of the Intamin drop towers. S&S's coaster efforts were iffy. Powderkeg was fun, but not amazing. I've heard wonderful things about Avalanche and J2 is one of the most aggressive wooden coasters I've even been on. The other coasters like the new 4D and Hypersonic opened to rave reviews, but I wonder how Eej will hold up. IMO, Hypersonic has not held up that well at all. Their flat ride selections is rather broad, but most of their offerings are done better by other companies excluding the shot towers. What is exclusive to S&S like the Sky Swatters and the Screamin Swings are plagued with downtime. I wish the folks at S&S the best, and hope any amusement company doesn't go under, but IMO, the saddest part of this is how their wooden coasters seemed to have just turned the corner and the rug was pulled out from under them.
  7. I'm not but one man, but there is absolutely nothing but SFNE RoS 4th hill quality airtime on El Toro. That's the definition of ejector airtime my friend. The hill into the infield of RT is the most insane airtime hill on any coaster, and you're reading the post of a guy who's favorite wooden coaster for years on end was the Georgia Cyclone. El Toro has many moments that surpass Voyage intensity-wise. Those moments are the opening sequence airtime hills and the twisty track after the aforementioned hill into the infield. I prefer those over the first 3 camelbacks on Voyage, but while El Toro peters out after the sidewinder turns and coasts back to the brakes, Voyage gets MORE furious as the ride progresses. You're talking 1-2 favorite wooden coasters in my book and I fully believe you can't go wrong with either one as your favorite, but there's no question in most peoples mind that I've spoken with is that El Toro is a bookend coaster compared to Voyages feverish trek through the woods that NEVER lets up. One final point. I can't shake the notion that El Toro truly FEELS like a steel coaster, and while nobody likes their head bashed in by wooden nightmares, nothing about this feels like a wooden coaster. The rolling stock themselves hardly feel like a trailered wooden coaster train. Close your eyes on El Toro and you could easily be on any Intamin steel hyper masterpiece. Voyage is a wooden masterpiece.
  8. Losing my flip flop would have been better ANYWHERE than on the tiny dip out of Nyquil's station. It taunted me with "hey douchebag, I'm in a lockout/tagout zone but I'm right here!"
  9. Timberwolf + night time + sprinklers on = tons o' fun
  10. *snicker* Ok, I'm not gonna do it, girl.
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